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Quotation1 What's a Chaos Emerald? Quotation2
Quotation1 Lemme put it this way--what's your most powerful energy source? Quotation2
Quotation1 Ah...there's these crystals we use called "Energy Elements", I guess. Quotation2
Quotation1 Okay, whatever those are, multiply them by a billion and you've got the idea.

Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #249

The Chaos Emeralds are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are magical gemstones containing infinite power. Their ultimate origin is unknown, though they seem to be the physical manifestations of the Chaos Force - the all-encompassing energy of the universe.[1] They previously existed all over the universe, until the Great Harmony, caused by the Chosen One, sent all of them into the Zone of Silence. The thousands of existing Chaos Emeralds were then merged by Feist to form seven different colored emeralds: peridot (green), aquamarine (cyan), sapphire (blue), ruby (red), amethyst (purple), topaz (yellow), and diamond (grey).

The Chaos Emeralds have been the center of conflict on Mobius for thousands of years, from the Forgotten War during the reign of Mammoth Mogul and his Order of Ixis ten thousand years ago, to the recent battles against Dr. Ivo Robotnik's ten year domination of the planet.


Coming of the Chaos Emeralds

Coming of ChaosE

The green Chaos Emeralds arriving on Mobius.

The Chaos Emeralds' ultimate origin and how they came to exist across the universe is unknown. The history about the Chaos Emeralds on Mobius began thousands of years ago, during the Saurian Age. One day, the sky turned green and a large quantity of green Chaos Emeralds began raining down on Mobius from space in a mix with hail. This event became know as the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds and supplied Mobius with its Chaos Emeralds. However, the emeralds' arrival triggered disastrous weather anomalies that wiped out nearly all of the Mobosaurs.[2][3][4]

Those who survived, discovered the power of the Chaos Emeralds, inspiring cultural and technological wonders, especially among the echidnas. Three Mobosaurs who became known as the Ancient Walkers used the Chaos Emeralds to unlock the secrets of the Chaos Force, gaining god-like powers, wisdom and insight. A Mobian hunter, named Mammoth Mogul, fused with a Chaos Emerald he found and gained unbelievable power and immortality.[4][5] Seeking global conquest, Mogul used his Chaos Emerald's power to develop Ixis Magicks for his Order of Ixis.[6]

Creating the Floating Island

Chaos Emeralds Chaos Chamber

The twelve Chaos Emeralds in the Chaos Chamber on the Floating Island.

Over four hundred years ago, two echidna scientists, Kayla-La and Jordann, discovered that the great White Comet was on a collision course with their city of Echidnaopolis. The High Council of Echidnaopolis subsequently accepted Kayla-La's proposal to use the power of twelve excavated Chaos Emeralds to move their city into the sky. Bringing them into the caverns below the city, their energies were used to negate gravity around Echidnaopolis, creating the Floating Island. If the emeralds were removed, however, the island would fall back down.[7][8][9][10][11]

Some time later, Kayla-La's and Jordann's great-great grandchildren, Edmund and Dimitri studied the island's Chaos Emeralds and decided on a plan to slowly drain the power of the emeralds with the Chaos Syphon to lower Echidnaopolis back into its former site on the planet. When the High Council voted against it, an enraged Dimitri proceeded with the plan himself, only for the emeralds' power to be transferred into him, turning him into Enerjak. All but one of the twelve emeralds were destroyed as a result, though this one emerald managed to keep the island afloat.[8][9][10][11][12]

Usage for the Future

When pursuing his energy research in the Kingdom of Acorn, Nate Morgan was given a Chaos Emerald by King Frederick Acorn to work with. With it, Nate created the Power Rings, allowing the Kingdom of Acorn to enter a golden age of technological advances.[13]

When Locke tried to prepare Knuckles for the coming threat of Dr. Eggman, he used the Floating Island's Chaos Emerald to expose Knuckles' egg when it was just laid to enhance his strength.[14] This would eventually trigger Knuckles' evolution into Chaos Knuckles years later.[15]

Modern Usage

Original Chaos Emeralds

The Chaos Emeralds' first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

At some point, Sonic the Hedgehog learned that he could use the power of seven Chaos Emeralds and fifty Power Rings to transform into a Super State known as Super Sonic. When the Universalamander was sent to destroy the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog used the seven Chaos Emeralds and Power Rings he had collected to become Super Sonic and defeat the Universalamander.[16] When Dr. Robotnik and Snively crash-landed on the Floating Island, Robotnik stole the island's Chaos Emerald to recharge his craft after tricking the island Guardian, Knuckles the Echidna into chasing Sonic and Tails. However, Sonic quickly took the emerald back, returning it to the island.[17]

Robotnik later obtained another Chaos Emerald for a Mega-Engine. However, the doctor's machine split the emerald in half and sent the highly unstable shards across Mobius. One shard landed in the Great Forest, where it created an abnormal Zone, and the other landed on the Floating Island, where it was attracted to the island's Chaos Emerald, putting the island at risk of exploding from the shard's instability. Despite interference from Nack the Weasel, who was hired by Robotnik to retrieve the Emeralds, Sonic and Knuckles got the Emerald shards rejoined in time. The Chaos Emerald was then claimed by the Ancient Walkers in a flash.[18]

Soon after, Robotnik secretly turned the Floating Island it into a flying fortress. Ridden with guilt, Knuckles destroyed the island's Chaos Emerald to stop the doctor. Fortunately, Knuckles saved the island with an extra Emerald he had in storage.[19] A while later, Bunnie Rabbot began stealing Dr. Robotnik's Chaos Emerald supplies for the Knothole Charity Dance. Despite Robotnik sending Coconuts to protect his remaining Chaos Emeralds, Bunnie kept outsmarting Coconuts.[20]

With only one Chaos Emerald left, Knuckles went to search for another reserve Emerald keep the Floating Island aloft. His search took him to pocket zone filled with Chaos Emeralds and Power Rings but was forced to compete against Sonic, who thought he worked with Robotnik. With the Emeralds and Power Rings, the combatants quickly transformed into Super Sonic and Hyper Knuckles, respectively. The ensuing battle ended in a draw, destroying the dimension and all the Chaos Emeralds inside it, but Knuckles managed to acquire one Emerald for his mission.[21] When Sonic shortly after got his One Billionth Power Ring, he was treated to knowledge about the Chaos Emeralds' connection to the Power Rings from the Ancient Walkers as a reward for his achievement.[22]

In 3235, Dr. Robotnik went after the Chaos Emeralds on the Floating Island to charge his Death Egg. As Robotnik rammed the station into the island, its Chaos Emeralds' dispersed energy threatened to topple it. Fortunately, the Death Egg's attack was quickly thwarted.[23][24][25] One of these Emeralds were shortly after borrow by the Knothole Freedom Fighters to cure Maximillian Acorn of his crystallization, only for it to have the opposite effect on him.[26]

Robotnik soon went on a new hunt for the Chaos Emeralds on Flicky Island and found one in another Zone. Despite interferences from Sonic, Robotnik got the Chaos Emerald, but lost it as he escaped from the foreign Zone as it collapsed.[27] Later on, Archimedes used one of the Floating Island's Chaos Emeralds to combat Mammoth Mogul when he had the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix at his mercy. The overlapping energies between the island and Mogul's Emerald triggered an explosion that made Mogul retreat.[28] When Mogul later resurfaced as Master Mogul, the demi-god was beaten back by the combined forces from Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Turbo Tails, the Ancient Walkers, Athair and the Brotherhood of Guardians. As a last resort, Master Mogul tried draining the two Chaos Emeralds on the Floating Island and add them to his twelve. However, the brotherhood invert the power flow and trapped Mogul in the Master Emerald, a Chaos Emerald composed of all the Emeralds Mogul had obtained.[29]

Shadow's Revenge

Seven Chaos Emeralds SU

The seven Chaos Emeralds collected for the Eclipse Cannon.

When Shadow the Hedgehog enlisted by Dr. Eggman to help him take over the world, Shadow began hunting down seven Chaos Emeralds to power the Eclipse Cannon for Eggman (though Shadow true agenda was to destroy the world). After stealing a Chaos Emerald from the Bank of Station Square and a few more from Prison Island, seven Chaos Emeralds were brought to the Space Colony ARK.[30][31] When the Finalhazard threatened to destroy Mobius with the ARK, Sonic and Shadow, the latter who had realized he had been mislead to doom the world by fake memories, used the seven Chaos Emeralds on the ARK to become Super Sonic and Super Shadow and save the world.[31]

Evil Emerald Entities

When Sonic was transported planet Thoraxia, he discovered six red Chaos Emeralds native to the planet. When the Blodex were attacked by the Bzzzz, Sonic tried using these Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Instead, these Emeralds manifested Super Sonic as a separate entity which was wild and uncontrollable. Fortunately, the energy of the Chaos Emeralds eventually ran out, ending the mad Super Sonic's existence.[32][32]

When Master Mogul reappeared and began destroying the multiverse, Titan Tails used his cosmic powers to trap Mogul inside his own Chaos Emerald.[33] However, Mogul soon escaped and reclaimed his Emerald.[34]

The Great Harmony

Chaos Emerald Empire

A.D.A.M. with the Chaos Emeralds of the universe.

In 3237, A.D.A.M., enacted his plan to draw all of the Chaos Emeralds from around the universe to Mobius using Tails and Shadow's innate abilities. The rogue A.I. succeed in his plans, not only gathering Mobius' green Emeralds (excluding the Master Emerald), but also the red Emeralds from Thoraxia, the cyan from Weeet, the blue from Xorda, the purple from Teragosa 6, the yellow from the star that killed E.V.E., the silver from Argentium. When Sonic arrived, he used the gathered Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic, but A.D.A.M. retaliated by using them to become Super A.D.A.M. However, A.D.A.M.'s plan ultimately allowed Tails, the "Chosen One," to fulfill the prophecy of producing the Great Harmony. While A.D.A.M. was distracted, Super Shadow assisted Turbo Tails in opening a portal to the Zone of Silence. There, Tails sent all of the Chaos Emeralds so they would be safe and out of reach from villains, thus fulfilling the prophecy set out by the Ancient Walkers.[35]

Seven Emeralds to share

All Chaos Emeralds Archie

Feist holding the seven Chaos Emeralds in the Special Zone.

Shortly after being sent into the Zone of Silence, all the Chaos Emeralds were condensed into one of each color by Feist (the Mobian trapped inside the Zone), creating seven Chaos Emeralds and giving him god-like power in that Zone; using that power, Feist reshaped the Zone of Silence into the renamed "Special Zone". Feist now presents challenges to those who wished to obtain one of the emeralds.[36][37]

While on a mission into what they thought was still the Zone of Silence, Sonic and Tails encountered Feist who revealed what he did to the Emeralds. Due to their shared antagonism of his former master Ixis Naugus, Feist granted them the grey Chaos Emerald upon request, but warned them they would be challenged if they returned for any more. They left the zone to use the emerald to awaken Maximillian Acorn from his death-like sleep. Its power was then, temporarily, given to Merlin Prower to use with Knuckle's Guiding Star Gem to, successfully, retrieve Amadeus and Rosemary Prower, Tails's parents, from Argentium.[36] After this it was returned to the Castle Acorn, only for Mammoth Mogul to force Sonic and Ash Mongoose to steal it to make him immortal again or lose the lives of Tails, Mina Mongoose and Mighty the Armadillo. After regaining his powers, Mogul broke out of prison and escaped with the emerald.[38]

Green Chaos Emerald 02

Shadow, holding the green Chaos Emerald.

Later on, the green Chaos Emerald ended up in the Sol Zone, where it was found by Marine the Raccoon. After Sonic and Tails mistakenly entered the Sol Zone and met Marine, the green Chaos Emerald was stolen by Johnny.[39] With help from Blaze the Cat, Sonic, Tails and Marine retrieved the Chaos Emerald from Johnny, Captain Whisker and Dr. Nega, which Sonic then gave it to Blaze to help her search for the lost Sol Emeralds.[40] A few weeks later, Metal Sonic v3.3 and Shadow accidentally appeared in the Sol Zone, where Shadow helped stop Metal Sonic when it went on a rampage with help from Blaze and Marine. Blaze generously gave the emerald to Shadow as thanks, which Shadow used to get home with using Chaos Control before handing it over to G.U.N. who would be used to develop better and stronger robots.[40]

Commander and Shadow

Shadow giving the red Chaos Emerald to the G.U.N. Commander.

G.U.N. later assigned Shadow and Rouge the Bat to retrieve another Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone. When they arrived, Feist gave them one of his challenges for the red Chaos Emerald. They, unfortunately, failed, but returned with E-123 Omega. Failing, yet again, they used "Plan B" with Omega shooting Feist while Shadow and Rouge escaped with the emerald.[37]

Purple Chaos Emerald 02

Ixis Naugus using the purple Chaos Emerald via his staff.

Due to losing the grey Chaos Emerald, Sonic and Geoffrey St. John entered the Special Zone to recover a Chaos Emerald to restore Maximillian Acorn from his delusional mind. Once they arrived, Feist challenged them with a race. Sonic easily passed the challenge and got back with the Emerald, only for Geoffrey to paralyze Sonic and throw him into the void of the Special Zone.[41] Going to the Casino Night Zone with the Emerald, Geoffrey convinced Mogul to let him use the emerald to restore Ixis Naugus's sanity. With the emerald's power, Naugus was restored and the wizard made the purple Chaos Emerald a part of his wand, allowing it to augment his various spells and lead an Ixis Resurgence.[42]


Blue Chaos Emerald 02

Eggman and Snively acquiring the blue Chaos Emerald.

Shortly after, Dr. Eggman obtained the blue Chaos Emerald for Operation: Clean Sweep after entering the Special Zone and defeating his nephew Snively in a race.[43] The Emerald was used as a power source for the Death Egg Mark 2 and the Genesis Wave, a reality changer that used the Emerald's Chaos Energy to rewrite the Prime Zone's timeline.[44] In this altered reality, all seven Chaos Emeralds ended up on Mobius again where they were collected by Eggman as part of his plan to conquer Mobius by having them reenergize the Death Egg Mark 2. During the battle with the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit, Sonic harnessed the Chaos Emeralds' energies in the Death Egg Mark 2 to become Super Sonic and return reality to normal.[45][46] With the restoration of the Prime Zone, the Chaos Emeralds were returned to their original place, except for the blue Chaos Emerald, which was inexplicably transported to the Lanfront Ruins in an alternate dimension.[47][48][49]

Worlds Collide

The blue Chaos Emerald was discovered by Dr. Albert W. Wily. Upon trying to analyze it, the Emerald brought him into contact with Dr. Eggman. As the two joined forces, Wily created the Skull Egg Zone with the blue Chaos Emerald for them to meet in.[49] There, Eggman and Wily devised their ultimate agenda: to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds to power up a "Super Genesis Wave" that would have the potential to let them rewrite both universes without any limitations, allowing the doctors to become-in their own minds-gods.[50]

Chaos Emerald Checklist

Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily scanning their collected Chaos Emeralds.

Using the blue Chaos Emerald, Drs. Eggman and Wily reshaped their words with another Genesis Wave which scattered the other Emeralds across both worlds. Through the efforts of their Roboticized Masters, Eggman and Wily obtained the remaining gemstones, despite interference from Sonic, Mega Man and their allies.[49][51][52][53]

Chaos Emeralds Genesis Chamber

The seven Chaos Emeralds in the Genesis Chamber.

The seven Emeralds were subsequently plugged into the Genesis Reactor to power up the Super Genesis Wave, eventually finishing as the doctors had caught Sonic and Mega Man.[50][54][55][56] As the doctors gloated over their impending victory, however, Knuckles and Proto Man arrived to threaten their plans, forcing them to draw energy from the Emeralds to super charge their Egg-Wily Machine X. Then, as the Super Genesis Wave was unleashed, Sonic and Mega Man harnessed the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man and defeat the doctors' machine. Unaffected by the wave, the two heroes tried to employ Chaos Control in an effort to restore their worlds. Mega Man succeeded without interference, but Sonic's efforts were disrupted due to an attack by Dr. Eggman.[57]

Note: From this point, the Chaos Emeralds' history continues from their new existence in the altered timeline.

Powers and traits

Chaos Emeralds Archie Comics

The Chaos Emeralds, from Sonic the Hedgehog #171.

Each Chaos Emerald contain an unlimited reserve of pure and highly potent Chaos energy which can be harnessed from each emerald by both living creatures and machines. The current power levels after the merging is unknown but most likely incomprehensibly great. Alone they can enhance and empower the holder, granting enhanced power and mystical abilities, while together they have theoretically unlimited potential, literally capable of reshaping the face of reality and can induce a powerful, nigh-invulnerable state.

Origin controversy

The origins of the Chaos Emeralds on Mobius and the other planets is rather questionable, due to the revelation that remarkably-similar Chaos Emeralds existed all over the universe. Furthermore, the robot Isaac claimed that the green Chaos Emeralds on Mobius were a bi-product of the Gene-bomb's radiation reacting with beryl deposits beneath the planet's surface.

The Gene Bomb origin story does not account for the Emeralds across the universe, nor for the Green Emeralds that exist in Mobius's pocket dimensions. The most current storywriter, Ian Flynn, has very solidly denounced the "Xorda Gene Bomb" origin for the Chaos Emeralds and has purposefully left their origin vague and untouched, so as to accentuate their "mystical qualities" and leave it open for interpretation by the reader. Thus, the "Gene Bomb" theory is considered not-canon, though other details provided by Isaac about Mobius' history are, as there is no contrary evidence to these in the books.


  • Emerald is the name of a specific gem of the beryl variety, a family known for its wide array of possibly colors. "Emerald" is also used in Japan as a generic term for jewels.
  • "Chaos" in the English language means disorder and an irregular, unpredictable action that was remarkably sensitive to regular changes in environment, similar to how the Chaos Emeralds in the series act. "Chaos" as used in Greek refers to a large emptiness, or space. "Space" in English came to be a general term meaning both everything outside of the Earth’s atmosphere and the placement of objects in relation to one another.
  • Chaos Emerald Mischief

    The change of Chaos Emerald colors, as Sonic Universe #4 is shown to the left, while the reprinted version is on the right.

    The color of the Chaos Emerald that Team Dark obtained in Sonic Universe #4 has been switched. Originally, it was colored green in the original issue, but when it was reprinted in trade-paperback novel Sonic Universe Volume 1: The Shadow Saga, it was switched to red.
  • Chaos Emerald Messup

    The flashback of Naugus having three Chaos Emeralds.

    A messup happened in Sonic the Hedgehog #235; when Silver the Hedgehog asked Mammoth Mogul to go over what happened in the time period 3237, he mentioned Ixis Naugus and his plan to make a new Ixis Resurgence. However, the flashback shows Naugus having the purple, red, and green Chaos Emerald. The comics only shown Naugus having the purple Chaos Emerald, thus it could be a possibility that Naugus could have stolen those Chaos Emeralds from G.U.N. or, it could be just a mess up.
  • All of the flashbacks involving the characters using the Chaos Emeralds are all colored green, which is true to the continuity, as all of the Chaos Emeralds prior A.D.A.M. summoning the gems on Mobius were green.
  • The colors of the chaos emeralds were chosen based on the three primary colors of light (red, blue, and green), the three secondary colors wich are mixtures of the primary colors (red + blue = purple, blue + green = cyan, and green + red = yellow), and finally grey which is a mixture of all three primary colors (red + blue + green = grey).
  • Writer Ian Flynn has stated that each Chaos Emerald started with infinite power and that has not changed despite the thousands of Chaos Emeralds have now merged into seven, saying "there's nothing to be gained when you already have everything."[58]



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