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Powers and traits[]

Possessing immense chaotic power that changes according to the situation or their usage,[1] the Chaos Emeralds are incredible sources of energy that together can grant unlimited power.[2] Their properties have been likened to those of the Sol Emeralds, except that they are not "fiery".[3]

The Chaos Emeralds' power can be harnessed to empower various entities, such as living beings or robots, and power machinery.[4] Harnessing all seven Chaos Emeralds will bestow a person with a Super State, a form that grants increased innate talents, the power of flight, and other powers.[5][6][7][8]



Sonic and Dr. Eggman have had numerous past encounters that involved them battling for possession of the Chaos Emeralds.[9] The Emeralds have also been used by Sonic to achieve his Super State.[5][6][10]

Seasons of Chaos[]

Seeking the Chaos Emeralds to conquer the world, Heavy King sent out Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles to retrieve them. The blue Chaos Emerald, which had been found by a Pocky on Angel Island and handed over to Knuckles, was soon after claimed by Metal Knuckles follow a skirmish with Knuckles, and brought to Heavy King. Not long after, the green Chaos Emerald was found by Sonic, Tails and Amy in Spring Valley Zone. Before Sonic could take the green Chaos Emerald however, Metal Sonic swiped it in front of him and ultimately escaped with it, which he then brought to Heavy King.[4]

The yellow Chaos Emerald, which was lying on a pillar behind a waterfall in Summer Falls Zone, was soon found by Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Fang, Bark and Bean, the three latter having been hired by Eggman to find the Chaos Emeralds before Heavy King. During the ensuing fight between the trios, Fang grabbed the yellow Chaos Emerald, only to lose it to Tails when Tails tampered with his Marvelous Queen. However, Tails dropped the yellow Chaos Emerald when Fang retaliated. Though it got picked up by Sonic, Fang shot it out of Sonic's hands, leaving it to roll over the cliff of a waterfall and land on Mighty's head, who claimed it. Meanwhile. the red Chaos Emerald was found by Metal Knuckles while the turquoise Chaos Emerald was found by Metal Sonic. Arriving in Autumn Forest Zone on the way to Heavy King, Metal Sonic found and claimed the white Chaos Emerald as well. Meanwhile, the purple Chaos Emerald was found by Mighty, Ray and Amy, only for Fang's gang to arrive and fight them for it. In the end though, Metal Knuckles came by and stole the purple Chaos Emerald.[4]


Heavy King with the seven Chaos Emeralds in his possession, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

Ultimately, all seven Chaos Emeralds were brought to Heavy King's base in Winter Caverns Zone. Having inserted them into a platform, Heavy King harnessed the Chaos Emeralds' power and used it as energy attacks against Sonic and his assembled allies when they came to stop him. However, while Sonic distracted Heavy King, the others took back the Chaos Emeralds one by one. After then defeating Heavy King, the heroes fled with the Chaos Emeralds, which they decided to share between them to keep Eggman from easily getting to them; Fang's gang took the purple Chaos Emerald, hoping to trade it in for a hefty reward; Knuckles took the green Chaos Emerald back to Angel Island; Mighty and Ray took the turquoise and white Chaos Emeralds with them; Tails took possession of the yellow Chaos Emerald to hide it somewhere; Amy got the red Chaos Emerald to hide; and Sonic took the blue Chaos Emerald away to hide it elsewhere.[4]

Fang the Hunter miniseries[]

Fang and his gang travels around the world to discover the rumored eighth chaos emerald. But it was actually revealed to really be the Warp Topaz.

Modern Era[]

Pre-Eggman War[]

At some point, all seven Chaos Emeralds were secured by Dr. Starline for Dr. Eggman.[1]

Battle For Angel Island[]

Starline eventually presented the Chaos Emeralds to Eggman as his "apprenticeship application", prompting an impressed Eggman to take the platypus in as his newest lackey.[1]


For Eggman's new flying fortress, the Faceship, the Chaos Emeralds were used as the ship's power generator. Eggman in particular had the Emeralds fashioned above his throne in the command room of the Faceship to keep them close at hand.[7]

Crisis City[]

With the Chaos Emeralds powering the Faceship, Eggman and his lackeys began traveling around the world in the vessel while using it to distribute the Metal Virus in key locations.[11][12]

All or Nothing[]

The Deadly Six managed to take control of the Faceship after Starline invited them onboard and things got out of hand quickly. Zavok decided to distribute each of the Emeralds to the members of the team while leaving one Emerald to power the ship. With this power, the Zeti would be able to control thousands of Zombots instead of random, shambling masses. The Zeti set out into the world, controlling many Zombots and having them infect whoever they preferred.[2]


Zeena harnessing the power of her Chaos Emerald, from Sonic the Hedgehog #27.

In Vista View, though Zomom used his heightened abilities to control various Zombots, he was confronted and defeated by Tails and Amy, who then subsequently took his Emerald away from him. In Sunset City, Zeena used her Chaos Emerald to use a upgraded version of her tether manipulation abilities on Gemerl. However, the robot used this against her and, with Cream's help, was able to get the Chaos Emerald away from her. After discovering that Cream had gotten infected by the Metal Virus in the scuffle, Gemerl threw the Chaos Emerald to Angel Island through a Warp Portal so that he would stay behind with his friend. In Riverside, Espio managed to swipe Zazz' Chaos Emerald after a fierce duel. In Orchardville, Silver fought Zor until the latter's Chaos Emerald was knocked off of him by Whisper, allowing Silver to collect it and leave Zor at the Zombots' mercy. In Winterburg, Zik was confronted by the Babylon Rogues, fighting Jet directly while setting Zombots on Wave and Storm. Eventually, Jet blasted Zik into Storm's fist with a gust of wind, allowing Wave to snatch Zik's Chaos Emerald with her wrench before he landed at the Zombots' feet. Since Wave and Storm's Extreme Gear were destroyed in the fight, Jet tied the Chaos Emerald to the back of his own airboard and sent it back through a Warp Portal while he stayed behind with his teammates.[8][13]

Meanwhile, Zavok used his abilities to lead a legion of Zombots, including some of Sonic's allies, to Angel Island, arriving just as the remaining survivors returned from fighting the other Zeti. As the Faceship approached, Rouge stole the Chaos Emerald powering it, causing it to crash, and escaped to the island, delivering the Chaos Emerald to Sonic. The survivors intended to grab Zavok's Chaos Emerald from the wreckage after the flames subsided, but Zavok, enraged, used his Chaos Emerald to become Giant Zavok and used his boosted power to attack and throw Zombots onto Angel Island.[13]


Super Sonic and Super Silver appear in front of Giant Zavok, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

With Sonic's Metal Virus infection impossible to resist any longer, he and Metal Sonic rushed to get the last Chaos Emerald from Zavok while Silver carried the other Emeralds and the Warp Topaz. After several failed attempts, Sonic reached the Emerald and removed it from Zavok's body, only to fall with it as he began to turn into a Zombot. As Silver flew in with the other gems, the still-giant Zavok attempted to crush them both. At the last second, though, the two hedgehogs activated the Emeralds to become Super Sonic and Super Silver, curing the former of his infection. After defeating Zavok, Super Sonic and Super Silver combined their powers with the Warp Topaz to rid the world of the Metal Virus once and for all. However, the Warp Topaz could not handle exposure to the Chaos Emeralds' power and subsequently exploded, knocking Sonic and Silver out of their Super States.[14][15]

Rough Patch[]

A while after the Metal Virus was eradicated, the white Chaos Emerald was discovered and exhibited at the Mineral Museum. Rouge and Tumble, and Rough and Tangle broke into the museum at the same time to steal it. Rouge and Tangle managed to convince the skunks to fight each other and the girls agreed to take them out to protect the Emerald. Rough and Tumble made up but before they could start working together again, Tangle knocked them out. As Tangle apprehended them, Rouge took the Emerald from the display and flew off with it.[16]


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