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For the crystal in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, see Lost Crystal of Power.

The Chaos Crystals,[1] also called the Ancients' Crystals or just Crystals, are objects that appear in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are a set of eight powerful crystals which belonged to the Ancients. When one of them, named Lyric, sought them to destroy all organic life, the Ancients hid all the Crystals away.

A thousand years later, Lyric returned to claim the Chaos Crystals. Standing up against him though, was Team Sonic who began hunting down the Chaos Crystals as well to stop his plans. After a mad race between the factions, Lyric ultimately got the Chaos Crystals, but Team Sonic stopped him before they could be put to use.



The Chaos Crystals are transparent crystals, twice the size of a basketball. Each comes in a different color and shape, and has a designated name:

  • Shock Crystal: Blue and resembles three pillars of rocks on one foot.
  • Sun Crystal: Yellow and is shaped like a octagonal star with four short points.
  • Flame Crystal: Red and shaped like a heart.
  • Radiant Crystal: White and resembles a hexagon with one extra long side.
  • Verdant Crystal: Green and shaped like a long octahedron.
  • Tidal Crystal: Turquoise and shaped like a rough ring.
  • Twilight Crystal: Bluish black with purple tones and shaped like a stalactite
  • Sky Crystal: Purple and shaped like a flat triangle.

Powers and traits

The Chaos Crystals are limitless sources of clean and very potent energy; one Chaos Crystal could power Lyric's Tomb or supply enough energy to create a gigantic rift in the sea for a thousand years, and all together could power the Ancients' vast civilization of technologically advanced cities and facilities. Each Crystal is also able to float in midair under its own power.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

The Chaos Crystals depicted in a book.

A millennium ago, the Chaos Crystals belonged to the Ancients who used them to harvest all the energy they needed to live in harmony with nature. While attempted to unlock the Crystals' power, the Anicent named Lyric got sick and had to make himself a cyborg to survive. Going insane over organics' folly, Lyric constructed an army of Sentinels to be powered by the Crystals and rid the world of all life. When learning of Lyric's plans, the Ancients hid the Crystals in distant outposts and made a map leading to them. Lyric eventually found the map, but before he could recover the Crystals, he was imprisoned in a tomb powered by a Chaos Crystal.

A thousand years later, Lyric was freed by Team Sonic and plotted to find the Crystals and reboot his army. When Team Sonic learned of Lyric's plan, the group would seek the Crystals as well to prevent Lyric's plans. After obtaining the Shock and Sun Crystal and the map for the remaining ones without major trouble, Team Sonic found the third Crystal after taking it from a Driller Worm. The team then found the Radiant Crystal which they used to lure Lyric and Eggman away from the Village. Team Sonic soon after found the Verdant Crystal which they took from Metal Sonic after he stole it. After getting the Tidal Crystal, the team claimed the Twilight Crystal from Eggman.

Lyric loading the Chaos Crystals into their receptors.

When Team Sonic found the final Crystal, they were ambushed by Lyric who had them hand over their Crystals or he would kill Sonic with his army. Despite the team complying, Lyric still had his robots attack Sonic. Lyric then brought the Crystals to his lair and placed them into four receptors, bringing his army online. However, Team Sonic beat Lyric and took the Crystals from the receptors, foiling Lyric's plans.

List of Chaos Crystals

Image Name Location Crystal Guardian[1]
Crystal1.PNG Shock Crystal Mines None
Crystal2.PNG Sun Crystal Abandoned Research Facility None
Crystal4.PNG Flame Crystal[citation needed] The Pit Driller Worm
Crystal7.PNG Radiant Crystal Crater Lake None
Crystal5.PNG Verdant Crystal Slowpoke Isle Metal Sonic
Crystal3.PNG Tidal Crystal Ocean Purification Plant Tunnel-Bot
Crystal8.PNG Twilight Crystal Creeper Gorge Eggman Mech
Crystal6.PNG Sky Crystal Sky Citadel None


  • When the player gets some Crystals, their icons appear differently in "Collectibles" on the pause menu.
    • The Flame Crystal has the Tidal Crystals supposed icon.
    • The Radiant Crystal has the Flame Crystal supposed icon.
    • The Tidal Crystal has the Sky Crystal supposed icon, albeit more triangular in shape.
    • The Twilight Crystal has the Radiant Crystal supposed icon.
    • The Sky Crystal has the Twilight Crystal's icon.
  • The Chaos Crystals share many similarities with the Chaos Emeralds. Both possess the word "Chaos" in their name, are important story elements and are needed to be collected to progress through the story.

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