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The Chaos Boost (カオスブースト Kaosu būsuto?) is a transformation that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is an enhanced state[2] of Shadow the Hedgehog which he can enter using the power of chaos and certain Level Up Items. In this form, Shadow gains more strength and access to strengthened chaos powers.


When utilizing the Chaos Boost, Shadow does not change much physically. Instead, his entire body is enveloped in a skin-close red/yellow aura of energy, similar to Dark Shadow.


Shadow activating the Chaos Boost, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

When using the Chaos Boost, Shadow can perform chaos powers he usually cannot induce, such as Chaos Snap, Chaos Lance and Chaos Blast. The Chaos Boost also increases Shadow's destructive power and makes him invincible to enemy attacks while he is using his own abilities.[3]

The Chaos Boost is unlocked with three different Level Up Items for Shadow, known as Memory Shards. For the first Level Up Item, he unlocks the Chaos Boost and its basic power; then for each subsequent Level Up Item Shadow obtains, he can activate higher levels of the Chaos Boost, each unlocking a different Chaos Power when used.

For Shadow to perform the Chaos Boost, his Chaos Gauge has to be completely filled. To activate it, the player then has to press Xbox-Button-RT.png/R1. Once the Chaos Boost is activated, his Action Gauge will slowly deplete. Once it runs out completely, the Chaos Boost will end. To activate the higher levels of the Chaos Boost, the player must press Xbox-Button-RT.png/R1 once more for each level. With each increase in level, however, the Action Gauge will deplete more quickly.[3]

  • Level 1: Shadow obtains the power Chaos Snap. Chaos Snap can be used to warp to a chain of up to six enemies and attack. The player obtains Chaos Snap when he has obtained the blue Memory Shard.
  • Level 2: Shadow obtains the power Chaos Lance. This move is an upgrade to Chaos Spear which causes it to explode upon contact. The player obtains Chaos Lance when he has obtained the red Memory Shard.
  • Level 3: Shadow obtains the move Chaos Blast. This move is an explosion attack and can be used to destroy multiple enemies within a one-yard range. The player obtains Chaos Blast when he has obtained the black Memory Shard.

Powers and abilities

When using the Chaos Boost, Shadow is given a noticeable increase in power, reaching the point where he radiates such intense power that he can force Mephiles out the shadows he blends into.[2] In this state, Shadow's durability is increased to the point where he is nearly invulnerable, and his basic attacks (such as the Homing Attack and Chaos Spear) are greatly enhanced. With the reserve of energy at his disposal, Shadow is also able to execute highly powerful and advanced chaos powers, such as the Chaos Snap, Chaos Lance and Chaos Blast.





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