Chaos Arrow is a Chaos Power used by Super Shadow in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is basically a weaker version of the Super State-enhanced Chaos Spear, where Super Shadow fires small bolts of chaos energy at his opponents. It has so far only been used during his battle with Devil Doom.


When performing the Chaos Arrow, Super Shadow grind the palms of his hands close together, thus releasing chaos energy in the form of a small blue bolt from between his hands. These energy bolts have enough power to decimate cars, boulders and small buildings with just one shot, and even harm the nearly invulnerable Devil Doom.

By charging up chaos energy before firing, Super Shadow can increase the power of the Chaos Arrow, making the Chaos Arrow bigger and more destructive.

Chaos Arrow

Super Shadow firing Chaos Arrows.

To perform the Chaos Arrow in gameplay, the player has to press the Attack Button (B/Square button). When using the Chaos Arrow in gameplay, the shots will automatically lock onto targets within the player's range, though the player still has to take some aim beforehand to ensure a direct hit, such as by facing the right direction. By holding down the Attack button, the player can charge the Chaos Arrow for greater damaging power. Additionally, by holding down the Attack button down until the energy from the Chaos Arrow turns from blue to yellow, the Chaos Arrow will become the Chaos Spear, an attack with greater power than the Chaos Arrow.

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