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You know nothing, fool! It's Chaos, the god of destruction!

Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure

Chaos (カオス Kaosu?) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and the main antagonist of Sonic Adventure. It is an immortal, god-like creature composed entirely of concentrated energy.[5] It is the guardian god of the Chao and their friends,[6][7] and it has the ability to change form for each Chaos Emerald it receives.

The original guardian of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, Chaos watched over a Chao colony in ancient times until an attack from the Knuckles Clan led to it being consumed by a fury that threatened to destroy the world. However, it was sealed in the Master Emerald before it could succeed. After millennia of imprisonment, it was released by Dr. Eggman in a plot to conquer the world. Despite initial cooperation however, Chaos turned on Eggman and tried to destroy the world, but was calmed by Sonic and departed for places unknown. Since then, Chaos only appears in times of great crisis.[7]


Chaos 0, from Sonic Art Assets DVD.

Chaos is a lifeform with a body made of water-like energy. There are numerous forms it can take, although its most recognizable one is its Chaos 0 state. In this state, Chaos possesses a humanoid form with disproportionally long arms and legs compared to its torso. It has thick forearms with three large fingers on each hand, a short stump for a tail, and long feet with two large toes each. It also has two fin-like protrusions on the back of its head, sharp flaps on each side of its head, and a tall bulge on top of its head. It also possesses no facial features, except for two pupil-less limegreen eyes. Lastly, it has a round pink brain inside its transparent head, with a brain stem on the bottom.


Said to have a warm heart,[6] Chaos is primarily a very loving and gentle creature who cares dearly for the Chao it protects.[8] Mainly watching over the Chao as an inert pool of water, it only becomes active in times of danger, and only attacks when the Chao needs protection. However, it is noted to have a bad temper;[9] after seeing its sacred precincts being invaded by Pachacamac and his men, Chaos became filled with anger and sadness.[10]

Following the attack on its precinct several thousand years ago, Chaos became corrupted by its own negative emotions, causing to forsake its peaceful and passive ways and become a rage-filled monster driven only by its own immeasurable anger. Its fury proved to be so great that it wanted nothing more than to destroy the world out of spite, even after getting revenge on those responsible for angering it in the first place. In its corrupted state, Chaos remained eternally determined and vengeful, as its desire to bring the world to ruin persisted even after several millennia. However, after Super Sonic neutralized it, Chaos returned to its previous peaceful and gentle demeanor.

Powers and abilities

Chaos is an incredibly strong creature whose power is so great that it is revered as a deity. Even at its weakest, Chaos is said to possess immeasurable powers.[6]

Chaos possesses the ability to absorb Chaos Emeralds and its form, power and skills change and increase with every Chaos Emerald that it absorbs.[1] Being made of liquid energy, Chaos is also nearly indestructible and can mimic the properties of water. It has complete control over its physical structure, allowing it limited shapeshifting, such as elongating its forms, change its shape into fluid liquid, and if dissipated, it can reconstitute itself again.

Chaos' forms

Chaos 0

See also: Chaos 0 (boss)

Chaos 0

Chaos 0 is Chaos' most basic form, assumed when it is possession of no Chaos Emeralds. In this form, Chaos commands limited hydrokinetic shapeshifting, allowing it to stretch its limbs, morph its body parts, and liquefy itself into a puddle of water. It is also bulletproof due to its watery composition and possesses earthquake-inducing super strength. It can also harness the power of spirits and elementals to perform great physical feats (like several tens meters tall leaps), execute strong attacks, and even heal itself. It also has hydrokinetic powers that lets it emit mysterious ripples and even freeze the air around its foes. In addition, it can climb, glide and breathe underwater.

In addition to its wide skillset, Chaos 0 also has very strong combat skills,[1] enough to take on Knuckles the Echidna, who is master of martial arts.[11]

Chaos 1

Chaos 1

Chaos 1 is the form Chaos takes after absorbing the negative chaos energy of one Chaos Emerald. In this form, Chaos increases in size and mass, and it gains a line of bones that travel down its right arm into its hand.

Most of Chaos 1's abilities are unknown. although it retains its power of hydrokinetic shapeshifting, allowing it to liquefy itself into a puddle of water.

Chaos 2

Main article: Chaos 2

Chaos 2

Chaos 2 is the form Chaos takes after absorbing the negative chaos energy of two Chaos Emeralds. In this form, Chaos becomes larger and more muscular with a hunched posture, bones in both its large arms, and vertical hammerhead fins.

As Chaos 2, Chaos is much stronger, and its hydrokinetic shapeshifting has evolved significantly, allowing it to turn into a large ball, liquefy over a wide area and split into hundreds of balls. It can also stretch its limbs and generate a force-field around itself.

Chaos 4

Main article: Chaos 4

Chaos 4

Chaos 4 is the form Chaos takes after absorbing the negative chaos energy of four Chaos Emeralds. In this form, Chaos looks like an aquatic creature, similar to a shark, with arm-like fins, a dorsal fin, and a blunt horn. It also has bones in its tail section and arms.

As Chaos 4, Chaos' hydrokinetic shapeshifting has evolved further, allowing it more offensive usage of its shapeshifting. It also has new abilities to match its new form, including more control over water and energy wave emission. It is also a quick and nimble swimmer, and is able to levitate in the air.

Chaos 6

Main article: Chaos 6

Chaos 6

Chaos 6 is the form Chaos takes after absorbing the negative chaos energy of six Chaos Emeralds, making this its pre-ultimate form. In this form, Chaos resembles a scorpion/spider/frog-like creature with six legs, a long tail, multiple eyes, and a toothed mouth. It also has an extended skeleton inside its body.

As Chaos 6, Chaos commands immense power. In this form, its hydrokinetic shapeshifting has reached the point where it can assume more complex forms that feature a variety of tentacles. It has also gained a vacuum breath and can charge its attacks with energy.

Perfect Chaos

Main article: Perfect Chaos

Perfect Chaos.

Perfect Chaos is the form Chaos takes after absorbing the negative chaos energy of all seven Chaos Emeralds. In this form, Chaos becomes a giant serpentine dragon-like beast with a mouth extending far beyond its eyes (which are now reptilian) and a scale-like hide instead of a skeleton. The base of its snake-like body is merged with the water around it. It also has large tentacles extending from its base.

As Perfect Chaos, Chaos is a higher being that accordingly commands ultimate power. It is able to merge with water and has immense hydrokinetic abilities that lets it create large-scale water sprouts, command water tornadoes, and control entire floods which are destructive enough to destroy all of Station Square. It also has incredible super strength and can shoot energy blasts from its body and beams from its mouth.


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