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The Chao Race stadium.

The Chao Stadium is a place where Chao can participate in Chao Race and Chao Karate. It can be accessed by going through the tunnel in the Neutral Garden. To access any other Chao race you must first clear the beginner races. When the player's Chao wins a race, it will be granted prizes. The Chao Stadium is located inside a cave with a water fall running over it in the Chao Garden. When you enter the Chao Cave you will have two options: Chao Race, or Chao Karate. In Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, you can only access the Chao Race. The stadium is only available at the Station Square Chao Garden.[1]


Chao Race

The Chao Race is the place where highly trained Chao can race against other Chao. At first only two races are open; the Beginner Race and Party Race. There are four cups in the tournament: Crab Pool, Stump Valley, Mushroom Forest and Block Canyon. After a Chao places first in all events all three times, the Jewel Race, Challenge Race, Hero Race and Dark Race will be unlocked. A Hero Chao and a Dark Chao are needed to participate in the Hero Race and Dark Race for the respective alignment.

In Sonic Adventure and its various ports, there is only four races to choose from, the Pearl Course, Amethyst Course, Sapphire Course and Ruby Course. There is also the Emerald Course, which unlock after the first four are completed. If completed, they unlock the Jewel Races, which are merely harder versions of all five races.

Chao Karate

The Chao Karate stadium is the place where Chao can battle in karate. At first there are three karate levels open; Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. There are five Chao in tournaments to defeat. After clearing all of the levels, Super Mode will be unlocked. However, in these tournaments, no prizes are granted (other than medals). It is exclusive to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


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