Chao Search
Chao Search
is a mini game available in the Tiny Chao Garden. It included with the Tiny Chao Garden downloaded from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


The player controls Sonic, who is requested by Cheese to bring him his ten Chao friends. However, Cheese only gives Sonic the name of the Chao he wants, which makes it difficult to locate which Chao Cheese is talking about. Fortunately, Tikal will aid Sonic by telling Sonic clues as to where the Chao in question is. Clues include a direction, or what the Chao is currently doing. Using deduction, the player has to find the right Chao and bring it back to Cheese. Each Chao will earn the player ten Rings. The player is given two minutes to complete this task, with each incorrect guess reducing the timer by thirty seconds.

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