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Chao Race is an event that Chao can compete in by going through the door on the other side of the Station Square Garden in Sonic Adventure or through the waterfall at the Neutral Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 and races in their group such as the challenge race, it has twelve races in its group. This does not include Party races. It is held at the Chao Stadium.


Chao Race involves a group of Chao, usually eight, attempting to reach one end of the course from a designated starting point. More difficult courses are longer and the competing Chao have stronger stats to match.

Stat effects

  • Swim: This allows Chao to swim faster and more effectively in water areas.
  • Fly: Higher flight stats allow a Chao to fly farther and faster and avoid more obstacles.
  • Run: Chao run along the ground faster at higher speeds.
  • Power: This lets Chao climb cliff faces faster and shake trees quicker.
  • Stamina: More stamina lets a Chao run longer. Also, a quick speed burst can be given by hitting A at the cost of some stamina.

Non-visible stats

There are two stats that cannot be seen on the Chao's list of stats. These are:

  • Intelligence: Chao that have attended more kindergarten classes will solve puzzles faster and are more likely to get them right the first time.
  • Luck: Playing with the Chao will increase the Luck stat or lower it, depending on how the Chao is raised. In races, this determines the luck of the Chao in certain situations.


  • Trap door: These show up randomly when a Chao runs over the designated section, costing time as they pull themselves out.
  • Jack-in-the-box: All Chao run into these in certain races and must open them to proceed. If the jack springs out, the Chao will faint and lose time. The appearance of the jack is dependent of the Luck/Intelligence of the Chao.
  • Trees: At tree patches, Chao must shake down a nut and eat it to continue. Eating speed is the same for all Chao.
  • Matching puzzle: The Chao must present an item to the screen that matches the one shown.

Chao Race

Chao Race

Here is a list of the races of Sonic Adventure 2 and in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The prizes for the specific races are listed after the race name.

Beginner Race

  • Crab Pool (Based on Swimming) - Shovel
  • Stump Valley (Based on Flying) - Watering Can
  • Mushroom Forest (Based on Running) - Rattle Toy
  • Block Canyon (Based on Power) - Car Toy

Jewel Race

  • Aquamarine (Based on Swimming) - Sonic Doll
  • Topaz (Based on Flying) - Broom
  • Peridot (Based on Running) - Picture Book
  • Garnet (Based on Power) - Pogo Stick
  • Onyx (Based on Intelligence and Luck) - Crayons
  • Diamond (Based on everything) - Bubble-Blowing Set

Challenge Race

  • Race 1: Challenge! The strong Gold and Silver rivals! (The player faces Gold and Silver Chao)
  • Race 2: He returns. (The player faces Chaclon - an expertly trained Chao)
  • Race 3: I'm trying. (The player faces several Omochao)
  • Race 4: Small animal challenge. (The player faces a variety of different Animals) - Chao Garden Ball
  • Race 5: Horrible! Cockroach Chao group. (The player faces Onyx Chao with antennae)
  • Race 6: Oh, my egg! (The player faces egg Chao)
  • Race 7: Be Afraid! Skeleton group. (The player faces Chao with skull hats)
  • Race 8: Be Afraid! Pumpkin group. (The player faces Chao with pumpkin hats) - Chao Jack-in-the-box
  • Race 9: Be Afraid! Ghost group. (The player faces Chao with no legs along with fire above their heads)
  • Race 10: He strikes back. (The player faces a faster Chaclon)
  • Race 11: Kid's troops Chao ranger. (The player faces Shiny Chao with animal parts)
  • Race 12: Here comes the ultimate rival! (The player faces a lone Chaos Chao) - Chao TV

Hero Race

(Note that Dark Chao cannot enter in these races.)

  • Race 1: New Battle Baby Devils. (Baby Dark Chao with animal parts)
  • Race 2: New Battle Child Devils. (Adult Dark Chao)- Hero Garden Ball
  • Race 3: New Battle Death Troops. (Adult Dark Chao with skulls as helmets)
  • Race 4: New Battle Devil vs. Angel. (Dark Chaos) - Hero Garden Rocking Horse

Dark Race

(Note that Hero Chao cannot enter in these races.)

  • Race 1: New Battle Baby Angels. (Baby Hero Chao)
  • Race 2: New Battle Angels. (Adult Hero Chao) - Dark Garden Ball
  • Race 3: New Battle Flying Angels. (Adult Hero Chaos with several flying animal parts)
  • Race 4: New Battle Angel vs. Devil. (Hero Chaos) - Chao Radio

Party Race

Party Race is the multiplayer mode of Chao Race. The only courses available from the start are the four from Beginner Race. The courses from the Jewel Race can be unlocked by placing 1st in each of the six courses.

  • Crab Pool (Based on Swimming)
  • Stump Valley (Based on Flying)
  • Mushroom Forest (Based on Running)
  • Block Canyon (Based on Power)
  • Aquamarine (Based on Swimming)
  • Topaz (Based on Flying)
  • Peridot (Based on Running)
  • Garnet (Based on Power)
  • Onyx (Based on Intelligence and Luck)
  • Diamond (Based on everything)


  • Despite the fact that Dark Chao and Hero Chao cannot enter Hero or Dark Races, neutral Chao can still compete.
  • On the final round of the Hero Race, it shows a Dark Chaos grinning and with different eyes. This is impossible as Dark Chaos do not have mouths and their eyes are always fully open.
  • The theme for Chao Race in Sonic Adventure 2 was remixed as the main menu theme in Sonic Advance 3.

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