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Welcome to the kindergarten. I'm the kindergarten principal.

— The Chao Principal, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

The Chao Principal, also known as Professor Chao[2] and Doctor Chao[2] (チャオ博士[2] Chao hakase?), is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a Chao and the principal of the Chao Kindergarten.


The Chao Principal is an neutral Chao of standard coloration: light blue with yellow hands and feet, and pink wings. Like other neutral Chao, they also have a teardrop-shaped head with a yellow orb floating above it. They possess as well a gray mustache and a matching beard. For attire, they wear a pair of round glasses with white lenses.


In Sonic Adventure 2, its enhanced port Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and the 2012 remaster, the Chao Principal is the principal of the Chao Kindergarten . In gameplay, the player can see them in the Principal's office. Here, the player can ask them certain fixed questions regarding the Chao Kindergarten and Chao raising in general.


  • In Sonic Adventure 2 and its remakes, a line of text spoked by the Chao Principal says includes “Actually, I’m the Chao doctor.” This is a mistranslation in the games, and is meant to say "Professor Chao"; the Chao Professor and the Chao Doctor are in fact two different Chao.
  • The Sonic Adventure 2: Battle version of the Chao Principal's room had been rearranged from the Sonic Adventure 2 version, likely so that the Chao Statue would be more visible.




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