The Chao Pod[2] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the racing car for the Chao that is styled after a Neutral Chao's appearance. Unlike other cars, the Chao Pod has four seats and is operated by four Chao at a time.


The default Chao Pod is mostly light blue at the upper half and dark blue at the lower half. The wheels are blue and covered with yellow guards. It has a large glass dome containing three orange sets which the Neutral, Hero and Dark Chao sit in to drive. Behind the dome is a yellow seat which Omochao sits to communicate with the other Chao. Lastly, it features two yellow circle-shaped headlights.

Like other cars in Team Sonic Racing, its appearance can be customized with different paint jobs, performance parts and decals. Its horn can also be changed.


In Team Sonic Racing, four Chao consisting of a Neutral Chao, Hero Chao, Dark Chao and Omochao, appear with the Chao Pod as a member of Team Rose to join Dodon Pa's racing Grand Prix.


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