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Chao Breeding is the process of two Chao creating an egg in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. There are several advantages to this, including uniquely colored Chao and Chao with higher letter grades. They only can have one child per lifetime, however. The use of Heart Fruits, though, will allow them to breed again.

Color Breeding

Here are a few breeding possibilities. Be aware that any egg may not hatch to appear any different than one of its parents.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Children Appearance Pictures
Normal Chao Monotone Chao Two-tone Chao
Monotone Normal Chao
Either parent
Chao breed-twotone
Monotone Chao Monotone Chao Either parent Chao breed-monotone
Monotone Chao Shiny Monotone Chao Either Parent
Shiny Parent 1
Monotone parent 2
Monotone chao


There is an exception to Chao breeding:

  1. A Chaos Chao cannot breed.
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