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The Chao Ball Attack[1] is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique used by Cream the Rabbit where she attacks with Cheese, and a variant of the Chao Attack.


Cream uses the Chao Ball Attack in Route 99.

When performing the Chao Ball Attack, Cream gives Cheese a command, prompting them to launch themselves forward in a ball-shaped blaze of light.

In gameplay, the Chao Ball Attack can only be used when Cream has Sonic the Hedgehog as her partner. When used, the move allows Cream to launch a long-ranged attack straight ahead of her, causing all enemies caught in its path to take damage. Unlike the Chao Attack however, the move sends Cheese on a predetermined path instead of homing onto a single nearby enemy. Also, when Cream is in Boost Mode, she can perform this attack without it interrupting her speed. To perform the Chao Ball Attack in gameplay, the player must press GameboyB.png.[1]

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