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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Please call me by my true name; the Chameleon. After all, I am a master of disguise. I've got a whole closet full of tree costumes.

— The Chameleon, "Lightning Bowler Society"

The Chameleon,[1] also known as the Tree Spy,[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic wolf and the Lightning Bolt Society's spy and talent scout.


The Chameleon is an anthropomorphic wolf of average build and height, being only slightly less than a head shorter than Knuckles. He has dark gray fur with peach skin on his muzzle and inner ears, and possesses light blue eyes. His muzzle in particular is medium-long with a black nose similar to Sonic's. He also has a long bushy tail with a light gray tip. His standard attire includes a tree disguise, white gloves with a round clip in the cuffs, and green shoes with wrapping. He also has a few other sets of attires (which he always wear over his tree disguise):

  • When attending the Lightning Bolt Society, the Chameleon sometimes wears a purple robe with a hood.
  • When attending the Lightning Bowler Society, the Chameleon wears a purple bowling shirt with a wide white stripe down the middle, and matching shoes.[1]
  • When trying out as a solo bowler, the Chameleon wore a red version of his Lightning Bowler uniform.[1]


TV series

Season one

The Chameleon welcoming Tails.

While out scouting, the Chameleon saw Tails destroy an orchard and assumed he was evil. Reporting back to the Lightning Bolt Society, he and the group made Tails their leader. When Sonic and Amy broke in to get Tails, the Chameleon was commandeered by Dr. Eggman, who arrived at the same time, to attack them. Failing that, the Chameleon then swarmed Eggman with the other society members to get his autograph, allowing the heroes to escape.[2]

Spying on Eggman, the Chameleon heard the doctor had abandoned his lair. Calling the Lightning Bolt Society in for an emergency meeting, the group seized the lair. However, as the Chameleon fumbled around with the lair's systems with his friends, they launched several random attacks on Seaside Island. Noticing from surveillance that Team Sonic and Eggman were attacking them, the Chameleon got an ambush ready with his associates, but got outsmarted by the unlikely allies and fled the lair.[3]

The Chameleon reporting in on recent developments.

Observing Amy's sensitivity seminar, the Chameleon reported to the Lightning Bolts Society that Sonic had retired and Team Sonic was going on a trip, thus leaving the Village for the taking. The Chameleon and his lodge would thus harass the villagers and set sheep on a stampede though town. However, their activities came to an end by Sonic when he returned. The Chameleon and his associates were afterwards forced to attend Amy's seminar after Willy Walrus insulted the villagers.[4]

A while later, the Chameleon helped his group set up a prank with a coin glued to the ground. Though Dave declined their offer to join them, the Chameleon and the others would watch villagers fall for their prank.[5] The Chameleon later joined the Lightning Bolt Society and other local villains at a meeting held by Eggman at his lair, who wanted them to form a team to beat Team Sonic. After some leadership disputes leading to team exercises, the Chameleon helped encourage Eggman to lead the group so they could prove themselves after Shadow the Hedgehog had left the group criticizing them. At the attack on Team Sonic, the Chameleon coordinated Team Eggman's members, only to get constricted by Knuckles.[6]

Season two

The Chameleon plotting with the Lightning Bolts.

Uniting with the Lightning Bolt Society, the Chameleon prepared to help Dave get revenge at Meh Burger at its reopening for firing him by ruining the event, only to abandon the plan in favor of Meh Burger's party. There, he and the villagers got trapped in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Thanks to Team Sonic and Dave though, the Chameleon was rescued, along with Meh Burger.[7] Later, the Chameleon and the Lightning Bolts decided to try bowling as a new vocation after failing for the eightieth time in a row to commit villainy, thanks to Team Sonic. Proving to be skilled bowlers, the Chameleon and co. became stars after beating the Pin Dashers. While making public appearances during the lead-up to the team's rematch with the Pin Dashers, the Chameleon began seeing Staci, who convinced him to go solo. Announcing his choice to everyone, he broke his team up after an argument. When he started to miss his team though, Team Sonic brought them to reunite them. There, the Chameleon and co. saw Team Sonic fight the Mega when Eggman came, and got inspired to reunite as evildoers after remembering their happier days as villains and friends, making the Chameleon break up with Staci. After inadvertently helping Team Sonic beat the Mega when trying to fight the team, the Chameleon and co. got scared off by Sonic when they refused him his rematch.[1]

When local gossip revealed that Dr. Eggman was no doctor, the Chameleon began seeing him as a joke. He thus joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village, although Eggman later got a real doctorate.[8] The Chameleon later helped Dave when the former participated in Race Day's auto race, namely by unveiling a secret shortcut on the race track for Dave to use when he gave the signal. After that, the Chameleon watched the competition as a spectator.[9]


The Chameleon has a bit of an ego that can go out of control when fed too much, and he prides himself on his various skills (despite how obviously limited they are). This includes his penchant for picking the best (two-bit) crooks to join his association and his "mastery" of disguises.[1][2] Nonetheless, he is generally well-mannered and knows when to give proper greetings.[2] He also has a bit of an artistic side to him, as he tends to bring a bit of enchantment with his hand gestures whenever he speaks his real name to make it sound more mysterious. While he may also appear decisive, he is not without an emotional side, as he once cried tears of loneliness after he realized that his friends had left him.[1]

While seeking recognition as a villain and reveling in amoral deeds and anarchy, the Chameleon is not very competent as a bad guy and is considered an overall dolt.[4]


Dr. Eggman

Like the other members of the Lightning Bolt Society, the Chameleon admires Dr. Eggman and looks up to him as a model villain, even asking him to autograph his disguise when he met him.[2]

Lightning Bolt Society

The members of the Lightning Bolt Society are the Chameleon's equal partners in villainy. While he usually remains as professional as he can when engaging in their activities, he considers the group more like close friends than colleagues. In fact, despite suffering one defeat after another with the Lightning Bolts in their villainous efforts, the Chameleon feels happy just hanging out with them, and treasures what they have together.[1]

Although the Chameleon once ditched the Lightning Bolts to pursue a career as a professional bowler after being convinced that they were jealous of him, he would soon cry tears of loneliness over their absence. Ultimately, in a supreme act of friendship, he chose to abandon his girlfriend and a career of fame, respect and endorsement deals so he could rekindle the friendships he had with the Lightning Bolts.[1]


Staci is the Chameleon's former girlfriend. Upon hearing that she was his biggest fan after he became a celebrity, the Chameleon began dating her, and the two hit it off pretty well. Unbeknownst to the Chameleon however, Staci steadily fed his ego by emphasizing his talents; eventually, she convinced him to ditch his friends to pursue a solo career. Despite this, the Chameleon remained faithfully by Staci's side. Once he realized that his friends were more important to him than his career though, the Chameleon broke up with Staci.[1]




"Ha. I told you he was evil."
—The Chameleon boasting about his chosen candidate for the Lightning Bolt Society, "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying"
"Actually, Dr. Eggman, sir. I was wondering of you could autograph my trunk."
—The Chameleon asking for Eggman's autograph, "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying"
"I call this emergency meeting of the Lightning Bolts Society to report that Dr. Eggman has deserted his lair."
—The Chameleon reporting to the Lightning Bolt Society in their dumpster, "Eggman Unplugged"


  • The Chameleon keeps his costume on because its zipper is stuck.[2]
  • The Chameleon has a whole closet full of tree costumes, including an oak tree disguise, a walnut tree disguise, a maple tree disguise, and a weeping willow disguise.[1]
  • The Chameleon uses the same character model as Wolfie.
  • The Chameleon's real name was first teased to be revealed during season two of Sonic Boom by Bill Freiberger.[10]

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