Chacron, also called Chaclon, is a minor character who appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. He only appears in a Chao Race as the most difficult rival.



Chacron in Sonic Adventure.

Chacron is a rare two-tone black neutral Chao with dark brown coloring at his hands and feet. In Sonic Adventure, he is two-tone gray with pale yellow coloring at his hands and feet and light blue coloring on his belly. He has a yellow pom-pom ball floating over his head and possesses pink wings at his back. He is usually seen with half-closed dark blue eyes that give him a bored or tired expression.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure he appears in the Chao Race but only in the Jewel Race after the Emerald Course is won. He plays a misleading way, because at the start he stills for a few minutes in his trademark lying down pose. He will then run at an incredible speed, passing all of his Chao rivals, and winning. Unlike the other Chao, Chacron always makes his "trademark pose" while he stills, instead of standing up.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2 he appears in the Chao Race, only in the Challenge Mode. The player competes with him in the race 2 and 10. Unlike Sonic Adventure, he does not still or make a trademark pose; he immediately runs.


  • In Sonic Adventure, he is a two-tone black Chao, but in Sonic Adventure 2, he is a two-tone gray Chao.
  • In Sonic Adventure, he has normal eyes, instead of half-closed eyes.
  • Chao can make Chacron's trademark pose by being given a Peacock.

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