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Full overworld map of Central City as seen in Sonic Battle.

Central City is an explorable overworld in Sonic Battle.


In this large city, there is an apartment where Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit live, a skyscraper (named Central Lab) with a library and a famous database , and a highway called Battle Highway. Tails goes here to find out more about Emerl. Another part of Central City named Night Babylon also appears as a casino district where Rouge owns her own club and Dr. Eggman has one of his numerous bases.


Amy's Room[]

Main article: Amy's Room

Amy's Room is a rectangular-shaped pink arena with eight dresser-like blocks scattered around the field. The arena tells the story about Amy's infatuation with Sonic in the form of the heart-framed Sonics embroided into the arena's carpet. Amy Rose remains here for training in Emerl's Episode.

Battle Highway[]

Main article: Battle Highway

Battle Highway is an apparently dangerous and square-shaped highway-like area with containers and walls that divide the arena into five sections: an area for each corner and a open space in the middle. Shadow the Hedgehog remains here for training in Emerl's Episode.


Main article: Library

Library is a square-shaped arena with a T-rex skeleton embedded in the floor and two blocks on the eastern and western side of the arena respectively. This makes the Library a fairly open battlefield for the game's fighters. Cream the Rabbit remains here for training in Emerl's Episode.


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