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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Ceneca-9009 is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a Bem scientist who was at the service of her people's ruling government; the Bem High Council, and performed many tasks at their request across their galaxy. Ceneca-9009 is distinguished as having invented the first version of the Roboticizer and De-Roboticizer, using the latter to free the robian population of Mobius from Dr. Eggman's influence. Doing this brought her into conflict with her government however, eventually turning her into a fugitive.


Scientific career

Ceneca 9009 was the first to invent a safe de-roboticizer. She developed this process to help the population of Biotex, whom were all metallic. Believing this condition unnatural, she used her device on them, only to discover an awful truth: the metallic physiology of the Biotexans had evolved as a defense against lethal microbes in their homeworld's atmosphere. Robbed of the their defense, the Biotexans died out, and the de-roboticizer was outlawed.[1]

Coming to Mobius

Ceneca later came to Mobius when Dr. Ivo Robotnik was about to launch his military coup, capturing the recently roboticized Amadeus Prower and his wife Rosemary. Ceneca had hoped that the evil process being used on the Mobians would galvanize her people against Robotnik, but instead she was imprisoned for using the outlawed device when she de-roboticized Amadeus. She served her sentence, and begged her people for the opportunity to convince them of Mobius's plight.[1]

Returning to Mobius, she conducted an experiment with Sonic, Tails, Snively, and Dr. Eggman to determine whether or not flesh was superior to metal, which resulted in Sonic and Tails becoming mechanical while Eggman and Snively became organic. The battle culminated in Mecha-Sonic and Mecha Tails' victory, thus leading the Bem to believe that it was better for the mobians to be roboticized while Robotnik and Snively were left organic once again. Following the experiment, the entire Robian population disappeared, only to reappear later one by one, everyone de-roboticized except Sonic's father, Jules; as revealed later, Jules's fatal Great War injuries suffered before his roboticization would return and kill him if he was ever de-roboticized.[2][3]

Trial and Escape

It was later learned that Ceneca-9009 reversed the process with her outlawed device, only to be sentenced to death; she had in fact been ordered to Roboticize all the Mobians after the experiment revealed that Mobians were stronger in Robian form. However, she was saved from execution by Sonic the Hedgehog, who had come to Argentium due to being thrown across the galaxy after a battle with the warlike Xorda.[1] As the Black Arms-Xorda War came to Argentium, Ceneca-9009 remained on her home world where she was caught in the middle of that war.


  • Ceneca-9009's fate remains unknown after the Black Arms and the Xorda began warring over her planet, but writer Ian Flynn says that she is still on Argentium caught in the middle of that war.[4]


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