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Ceneca-10050 from Sonic the Hedgehog #129.

Ceneca-10050 was the High Magistrate of the Bem Tribunal Magistrate of Planet Argentium. As magistrate, Ceneca-10050 was responsible for putting on trial individuals accused of "criminal disobedience" against the Argentium High Command.


At the trial of Ceneca-9009, Ceneca-10050 presented the evidence that Ceneca-9009 had violated direct orders of the High Command by de-robotizing all beings on Mobius instead of robotizing them. Despite objections by Sonic the Hedgehog, Ceneca-10050 found Ceneca-9009 guilty and sentenced her to be executed at the start of the next planetary roll.

However, Ceneca-10050 secretly believed that Ceneca-9009 did not deserve such punishment, and that her recent actions on Mobius had not only been correct but had also helped balance out the tragedy that Ceneca-9009 had caused on Biotex thousands of years earlier. Ceneca-10050 approached Sonic, Amadeus Prower and Rosemary Prower outside the courtroom, offering to help Sonic rescue Ceneca-9009 and get them all off planet and back to Mobius. While Sonic rescued Ceneca-9009 from prison, Ceneca-10050 obtained a spaceship. Unfortunately, it was only able to carry one person. Sonic used it to flee back to Mobius, but the Bem authorities believed that Ceneca-9009 had fled, so that they wouldn't bother searching for Ceneca-9009 on Argentium.[1]


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