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Cedric Lachenaud is a French writer who works on the Sonic Boom television series. He forms a writing team with Marine Lachenaud.



Title Debut Position
Adama 2015 Assistant director
Tombés du nid 2015 Co-writer


Series Debut Position
Furry Wheels N/A Writer
Marcus Level 2013 Writer
Oui-Oui 2016 Writer
Pat the dog (Space Dog) 2016 Writer
Potamakerz 2016 Author, screenplay
Rabbids Invasion 2013 Writer
Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood 2016 Writer
Sonic Boom 2014 Writer
Tombé du nid, The Series 2016 Development




  1. Bill Freiberger on Twitter. Twitter (2 January 2017). Retrieved on 2 January 2017. “Bill Freiberger: It appears that the next episode to air on Boomerang is 209, "Multi-Tails," written by Marine & Cedric Lachenaud.”
  2. Bill Freiberger on Twitter. Twitter (10 August 2017). Retrieved on 11 August 2017. “Bill Freiberger: Don't have a preview yet for episode 243 "Where Have All The Sonic's Gone" but I can tell you it was Written By: Marine & Cedric Lachenaud.”

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