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The Castle of Light is the home of Tiara Boobowski and her father Gazebo Boobowski. In the story SonicBOOM It is located on the top of a place called Misty Peaks, which rests in "a large sleepy valley", while Sonic DOOM has the castle located in Emerald Hills Zone.


  • Courtyard
  • Laboratory- described as being lab from a "cheesy sci-film " (complete with viles with fluids that bubble), Gazebo's labratory is had not been used for years for whatever reason, and is located in the basement level by stairs.
  • Twist Chamber (or simply Map Room in SonicDOOM)- this is the hub area for Sonic. It is described as "a large stone room with ancient shields and tapestries hung on its walls resting above floor plates painted with pain-staking detail." The floor plates are the portals to access the worlds Sonic needs in order to cure himself of the Doom Virus. They are activated when Gazebo hits the wall switch.


  • The castle is not actually named in the storylines, but actually comes from the name of the song for Sonic X-treme.


Name Length Music Track
x99 Castle of Light 1:36

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