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Sonic Adventure
Casinopolis (Sonic)

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Sonic Adventure
Casinopolis (Tails)

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Sonic Adventure
Casinopolis (Knuckles)

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Casinopolis (カジノポリス Kajinoporisu?) is a gigantic casino that appeared in Sonic Adventure as an action stage. Casinopolis is quite popular for the citizens and tourists of Station Square. It is located in the Casino Area and has many bright lights. It is usually only open at night, and can be played through by Sonic, Knuckles and Tails as their third, second and second action stage of their respective stories.


The interior of Casinopolis is dominated by the presence of a massive Sonic statue, apparently made of golden Rings. The statue is immediately visible when playing as Knuckles, but for Sonic to view his likeness, he must collect a huge number of rings and deposit them into the vault of the casino. This statue is extremely fragile, as Knuckles can shatter it with one punch.

Around the main floor of the casino are the vault, an information center, a large shower room, several small slot machines and two pinball machines. The pinball machines are quite different from each other; the NiGHTS machine is based on a five card (poker style) system, and large ring bonuses are awarded based on card combinations gained while playing pinball (i.e. one pair, two of a kind, three of a kind, etc.), while the Sonic-themed one functions as a giant slot machine with different levels of rewards gained, depending on the combination achieved.

Tails in the Dilapidated Way.

The player is given three "balls" after entering either machine. If the player loses all three before gaining at least 100 rings, the machine automatically drops Sonic into the large garbage dump built under the casino (The Dilapidated Way). Dr. Eggman's Badniks seem to have taken up a patrol here, but if one is willing to brave them, massive rewards can be earned. Multiple pathways are available due to the large fans built into the floor (apparently designed to blow garbage out of the way), and each path taken contains several capsules filled with ten rings each. Sonic can find several hundred rings down here, at least 400 of which are needed to complete the stage, meaning going down here can even be advantageous. Eventually, Sonic will discover a ladder that leads up through a grate in the floor into the shower room of the casino, where he can wash away the filth from the garbage.


Sonic's goal in this level is to deposit at least 400 rings into the vault by breaking the machines and playing pinball. This will form a golden mountain which he can scale to reach the white Chaos Emerald sitting on a ledge far above.


Level Mission


Tails is only allowed to play in the garbage area of the casino, racing Sonic through the neon-lit pathways and trying to reach the silver Chaos Emerald before his best friend does.


Level Mission


When Knuckles travels through the stage, he gains access to the second floor, but subsequently loses access to the garbage area, as he cannot activate the pinball machines. On the second floor, the most striking features are the presence of a large mechanical lion's head and model pirate ships complete with a robotic crew. His goal in this level is to find three shards of the Master Emerald, which may call for the destruction of the Sonic statue as a shard may be hidden inside.


  • Level C - Find the three Emeralds!
  • Level B - Find the Emeralds without using any hintballs.
  • Level A - Find the Emeralds within 1 minute.
Level Mission



Sonic can earn rings by playing themed pinball games, large teleporters are located in Casinopolis which force Sonic into a constant Spin Attack as Sonic himself is the pinball to these games.

The player is given three "balls" after entering either machine. A ball is lost when Sonic falls into the drain and is taken back to the plunger.

If the player loses all three balls before gaining at least 100 rings, the machine automatically drops Sonic into the large garbage dump built under the casino. If Sonic has more rings, he will be dropped outside the vault.

777 Slots Pinball

A Classic Sonic themed pinball game with a slot machine as its main feature.

Card & Pinball

A NiGHTS themed pinball game with card matching as its main feature.

In other media

Archie Comics

Sonic X

Main article: Casinopolis (Sonic X)


Oddly, Sonic will wash his quills if left standing under one of the showers.

  • On the roof, there are four screens (which can be seen only playing as Knuckles) showing fuzzily the Artwork of Sonic in this game and other things of the same.
  • Casinopolis was also mentioned in Sonic Heroes by Amy Rose; she compared it to Casino Park, a stage that herself, Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat visited despite not having access to Casinopolis in her story-mode in Sonic Adventure (unless glitches or cheats are used). This may be explained by the fact that she lives in an apartment in Station Square, and at some point during her time there, she may have went into the casino.
  • There is an unused tunnel that can be accessed in Dilapidated Way using Debug Mode.
  • The progress meter, when playing as Tails, is almost completely useless here, as multiple paths can be taken. This often results in one character suddenly appearing to gain a significant distance.
  • The artwork depicting Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Tails, Amy and Knuckles on the Sonic pinball board uses the character's pre-Sonic Adventure designs.
  • There is also a mission which involves Sonic destroying Eggman's robots in the shower area.
  • When playing as Sonic, the Light Speed Dash can be used at the ring paths at the beginning and ending of the Dilapidated Way as a sort of shortcut, which automatically nets him many items while avoiding the numerous obstacles.

The model of the provocative cowgirl.

  • In the original Japanese version of Sonic Adventure, there is a neon sign depicting a cowgirl that made suggestive noises when hit in Knuckles' version of the stage. It was removed in later versions due to its rather provocative nature, showing the cowgirl half-dressed and holding alcohol. The original Neon Sign is possibly a reference to the real life Vegas Vickie neon sign, which also depicts a cowgirl dressed in a provocative nature.
    • Even that was toned down from a prototype version of the Casinopolis lobby, which showed the cowgirl as a full-fledged bunny girl lying on her side and gesturing to a liquor bar behind her with the wine glass.
  • Through the use of various glitches (a list of which can be seen here), it is possible for E-102 Gamma and Amy Rose to enter Casinopolis.
  • This level marks NiGHTS' first appearance outside of NiGHTS' home series and the first of many NiGHTS appearances in the Sonic series.
  • Sonic Pinball Party is set in Casinopolis.

The Casinopolis sign zoomed in.

  • In the Dreamcast version of the game, if the player stands inside the entrance to Casinopolis but not long enough for the game to load the Action Stage, the camera slowly pans up to the Casinopolis sign where it locks in place until the player leaves.
  • It takes at least 5000 rings for the golden Sonic statue to be completed.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
The Dreamy Stage ...for Casinopolis Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi 2:14
Blue Star ...for Casinopolis Kenichi Tokoi 1:35
Dilapidated Way ...for Casinopolis Jun Senoue 2:09


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