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The casino chip,[1][2] also known as the V.I.P. chip[3] or simply the chip,[4][5] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.They are casino tokens exclusively found in BINGO Highway, specifically for Team Chaotix.


Casino chips are flat, purple casino tokens. The outer rim of a casino chip is purple with a vertical white line running down the chip's sides, but within the center of a casino chip's side lies a blue circle with a white snowflake-like object. Apparently, they act as keys which can unlock Eggman's hideout in BINGO Highway.[5]


A casino chip fading away after it was collected, from Sonic Heroes.

In Sonic Heroes, a total of twenty casino chips are scattered throughout Team Chaotix's version of BINGO Highway. The team is commanded by their client (who is secretly Eggman) to collect either ten (normal mission) or all twenty (extra mission) casino chips. Upon collecting the appropriate amount, the stage will be completed.

Casino chip locations

Number Description Image
Casino chip #1 The first casino chip the player can collect is located right in front of them when the stage is started. Casino chip 01.png
Casino chip #2 After riding the first fan in the stage, the player will approach two Klagens and an Egg Pawn. Destroying the three robots will unlock the case containing the second casino chip. Casino chip 02.png
Casino chip #3 After reaching the first Check Point, when the player sees the spinning dice, fall onto the table. When they roll down the table, the player must look for the third chip, located in front of the giant "X" sign. There will be an arrow pointing at this casino chip, along with barriers to help bounce the player back from falling to a bottomless pit. Casino chip 03.png
Casino chip #4 On the first Bingo slide, the player must fly off the ramp to obtain the number seven gate used in the Bingo minigame during the level. The fourth casino chip is located right in front of it. Casino chip 04.png
Casino chip #5 Immediately after landing on the Bingo table after collecting the fourth casino chip, the fifth one will be in the middle lane leading to the number nine gate. Casino chip 05.png
Casino chip #6 Bounce up the highest green bumper after exiting the Bingo table where the player received the fifth casino chip. Bounce to the green bumper, specifically the center, to obtain the sixth casino chip. Casino chip 06.png
Casino chip #7 In the same room as the green bumper, the player must jump across the dice inside the room. On the second dice, the seventh casino chip will be obtained. Casino chip 07.png
Casino chip #8 The player will then travel through another Bingo table. The player must drop down from chip number seven to land on a pinball table. The chip is located near the top in a row on the left side. Casino chip 08.png
Casino chip #9 After the second Check Point in the stage, as soon as the player drops off the first part of the slide, they can use the flippers to get the ninth casino chip. Casino chip 09.png
Casino chip #10 Once the player finishes from the Bingo table slide, they can grab the chip from between the two dice once reaching solid ground. Casino chip 10.png
Casino chip #11 After the player rises from the fan, they must land on the green Drop Targets that disappear after three hits. The player must bounce from Drop Target to another to get the eleventh chip at the end. Casino chip 11.png
Casino chip #12 After breaking the glass, the player can drop down directly in the center and obtain the twelfth casino chip. Aim precisely: this casino chip is difficult to obtain. Casino chip 12.png
Casino chip #13 The player can get the thirteenth chip on the second Bingo table after the first "X" sign between numbers two and three soon after breaking the glass. Casino chip 13.png
Casino chip #14 The player must stay on the top of the slide on the thin path going toward number five. The fourteenth chip is in the middle. Casino chip 14.png
Casino chip #15 After chip number six on the Bingo table, the player has to head straight for the arrow to collect the fifteenth chip. Casino chip 15.png
Casino chip #16 After the second Bingo slide, the player will land on a pinball table. They then need to travel to the top of the pinball table to get the sixteenth chip, which is below the big slot machine in the middle. Casino chip 16.png
Casino chip #17 When the player falls off the pinball table, they will land on a bunch of springs. Then, they will have to use the springs to bounce up to the seventeenth chip. Casino chip 17.png
Casino chip #18 Bounce up the green bumpers and in front of the flower in the center of the circle of Rings is the eighteenth chip. Casino chip 18.png
Casino chip #19 On the sides of the room where the player got casino chip number 18 are two switches behind the light pillars on either side. The player must activate the switches to open the door below. Then, they must drop down, and use Espio's Leaf Swirl to turn invisibly bypass the laser field and access the nineteenth casino chip inside the door. Casino chip 19.png
Casino chip #20 For the final casino chip, the player has to jump into the flower to land on a pinball table. The chip is on the upper-right half of the board just below the right flipper. Casino chip 20.png


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