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The Casino Night Zone is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a large, urban Zone on Mobius, devoted entirely to the leisure industry (especially casinos). Since its introduction, it has held a strong element of illegal activities.


The Casino Night Zone was conquered by Dr. Ivo Robotnik while he was dictator of Mobius, who turned it into a giant casino for the purpose of stealing money from his citizens. It was initially under the administration of the Marxio Brothers, placed there by Robotnik. A giant statue of Robotnik in the middle of the park housed a supercomputer that rigged all of the games and beamed out Hypnosis Beams from its eyes, forcing all the visitors to continue gambling until they had lost all of their possessions. This Zone proved a huge source of income for Robotnik, but the operation was eventually stopped by Sonic the Hedgehog and Porker Lewis, who infiltrated the Zone, reprogrammed the games to give the citizens' money back, and blew up the statue's head.[1][2]

The Marxio Brothers later went on to run Robotnik's new money-making Zone, the Carnival Night Zone on the Floating Island,[3] and the Casino Night Zone was taken over by Max Gamble. Although Max Gamble was not working for Robotnik, he cared more for his own profits than his customers.[4] Eventually, Tails came to the Casino Night Zone to play hero by cleaning out the bad elements, but got himself captured by Troopers. As Sonic came to Tails' rescue, Robotnik lured him into a deadly spinball arena which his forces had spent months building. With Sonic in a pinch, Tails destroyed the arena's generator, enabling the heroes to escape.[5]

The Zone was attacked by Commander Brutus' Troopers as part of Brutus' revolution against Robotnik. They were defeated by Tails (with some help from Fleabyte the bounty hunter), and Tails then agreed to protect the Casino Night Zone from Badniks for the duration of the revolution.[6] In meantime, people stayed at home instead of going to the casinos, angering Max Gamble who would pressure Tails to finish the job. After Tails cleared out the Badniks at the cost of a power failure, Max Gamble blamed him for costing him more profit. Disgusted, the public made Max Gamble back off from Tails.[4] Gamble later operated a roller-coaster in the Casino Night Zone that delivered citizens to a Badnik facility underground, where the citizens were turned into Badniks. This plot was foiled by Shortfuse the Cybernik, who destroyed Gamble's roller-coaster.[7]

Max Gamble would later try to have Tails killed for humiliating him. He lured Tails back to the Casino Night Zone and tricked the citizens to attack Tails during what they believed was a virtual reality game. However, Tails exposed the plot to the citizens.[8]

Shortly after Robotnik was overthrown, Tails visited the Casino Night Zone for some rest and relaxation, only to find that Max Gamble was still in charge and was using a Mob to extort protection money from the locals. Even worse, Gamble was then sending this money to Robotnik, so that the doctor could finance a new army of Troopers and reconquer the planet. When Tails exposed the relationship to the Mob, they turned against Gamble, as they did not want Robotnik back in power. Gamble was forced to return all of the stolen money.[9]

Later on, the Casino Night Zone had a group of Eldorado Zone investors visiting, whom Max Gamble tried to con into financing his faulty Metal Mate robot worker. However, the prototype went haywire and rampaged through the Zone until Sonic and Charmy stopped it.[10] This did not deterred Max Gamble, who soon after hatched another money-making scheme where he sold vacations on Flickies' Island to local tourists.[11]

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