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Bobsled Race
Casino Course

Casino Course is one of the multiplayer stages for the Bobsled Race mode in Sonic Heroes. When playing through all three Bobsled Race stages, Casino Course becomes available when each player has won one race from the previous two races and hence makes this stage the deciding stage for the winner of the Bobsled Race.


Casino Course contains many visual elements from Casino Park and BINGO Highway. It has features of long curves filled with many rings lined up in trails, lots of crates that require both of the players to jump over them, many mid-air Dash Rings which can accelerate the player if they jump through. There are, however, a lot of spikes positioned throughout the course which eliminate one character per hit, considerably making Casino Course the hardest stage of Bobsled Race.




Name Artist Length Music Track
BATTLE : CASINO AREA Keiichi Sugiyama! 2:42



Sonic Heroes - Casino Course

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