The Cart Kiki[1] (カートキキ Kāto Kiki?, lit. "Kart Kiki") is an enemy that appears in Sonic Adventure. It is a mass-produced robot created by Dr. Eggman.


The Cart Kiki model consists of a Kiki wearing a black helmet with ear holes who pilots a Bumper Car. Their Bumper Cars, which come in many different colors, have small turbine-like engines on each side of the rear and gray checkerboard patterns around them.


FileSa kart kiki

Sonic running past some Cart Kikis at the starting point of Twinkle Park.

Cart Kikis are only encountered in Sonic's version of Twinkle Park. At first, they will rally around the starting point on the Action Stage's race course, but when Sonic gets close, they will try to run him over. Destroying a Cart Kiki pilot using the Homing Attack will leave its Bumper Car empty for the player to use.

On the race course in Twinkle Park, there will be Cart Kikis trying to stop Sonic. Getting hit by a Cart Kiki will damage the player. If the player has no rings, the Cart Kiki will kill them and destroy their vehicle. In return, the player can simply ram them with their own Bumper Car.


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