Cart[1] is a gimmick that appeared in Sonic Generations. It is a race cart that used in Seaside Hill for fast transportation.


Carts are motorcycle-like vehicles with three wheels, which include two on the rear and one up front. They are colored red with some blue around the cockpit.


SonicGenerations 2015-05-01 20-13-29-177

The Cart destroyed by the blocks

The Cart appears in Seaside Hill Act 2. Here, the player takes control of one after passing Route Signals marked with the cart's symbol. Cart can be controlled much as like Modern Sonic. Pressing XboxX/PSSquareButton lets the player Boost to increase the Cart's speed, holding down Xbox-Button-RT/Xbox-Button-LT lets the player drift through tight turns, and pressing XboxA/PSXButton makes the Cart jump. The Cart is not indestructible however, and when taking damage with no Rings the player will lose a life. Also, when reaching the end of Cart racing sections, which are marked with red "X" blocks, the Cart will be destroyed and the player takes the control of Modern Sonic once again.


  • If Super Sonic enters the Cart, he will revert back to normal before riding on the cart.


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