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Carl Condor was an ally of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Knothole Freedom Fighters.


He knew many things about Mobius that others did not, and Sonic sought him out for information about Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Death Egg. Before Sonic could find him, however, Carl was roboticized, becoming Condorbot. Condorbot was ordered to capture Sonic.

Sonic managed to defeat Condorbot, by knocking him under a load of garbage that had been ejected from the Death Egg. Sonic then bounced up the pile in the Death Egg's garbage sector. Condorbot has not been seen since. (SQM: #1, #2)


  • Because of numerous coloring errors and cases of block coloring, the only times Condorbot had a regular color scheme were on the cover of SQM #2, and the scene where Condorbot suffers an apparent death by garbage. Writer Ian Flynn has decided during a Q&A Session to list Condorbot as deceased.

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