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The Car Cosmetics,[1] also referred to as the Cosmetic Mods,[2] are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are unlockable Mods that modify the appearance and sound of race cars.


Car Cosmetics refer to different sets of cosmetics components used to alter race cars' aesthetics and sounds. These include color schemes, decals and horns.


The Car Cosmetics menu in the Garage, from Team Sonic Racing.

In Team Sonic Racing, Car Cosmetics are in their simplicity superficial Mods that exclusively make aesthetic changes to a playable character's race car, meaning they have no impact on a race car's stats.

In order to use Car Cosmetics in gameplay, select a character or a Preset to modify under the "Customize Car Cosmetics" option in the Garage. Presets can be applied to any character at the Character Select screen when starting an event. The options for Car Cosmetics are as follows:

  • Paint Kits: Choose a Paint Kit to determine the available palette, and then select a color and texture for each vehicle part. Some vehicles have glow parts which can also be colored.
  • Vinyls: Add a vinyl decal to the race car, and select the colors and texture of its display from the Paint Kit palette.
  • Horns: Choose a custom horn sound to make your presence heard.

When starting out the game, the player has limited Car Cosmetics to choose from. By purchasing Mod Pods and advancing through the Team Adventure mode, while getting all the Keys and racing on expert mode on all the races, the player can unlock more Car Cosmetics.


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