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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Car-Heem is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a Weeetian collector and scientist who travels the galaxy looking for specimens of species.[1] He is one of the red-eyed, silvery blue-armored giants of the Planet Weeet.[2]


During his travels, Car-Heem ended up on Mobius, where he broke up a battle between Dr. Robotnik and the Knothole Freedom Fighters and vacuumed them all up to his Umbilicus ship.

Trapped in Car-Heem's observation tank, which he had modified to duplicate the appearance and qualities of the Great Forest, Car-Heem observed their behavior. Concocting a plan to trick Car-Heem into opening the tank, Sonic played dead while the Freedom Fighters boarded a vehicle Robotnik had constructed. When Car-Heem opened the tank, Sonic ran inside his large uniform and began running around to distract him. Robotnik, unfortunately, proved himself to be as evil as ever, opening the ship's door to send Car-Heem and Sonic into space.

Fortunately, Car-Heem and Sonic were protected by the giant's suit, and Rotor was able to save them both using the same umbilical vacuum that Car-Heem had used to capture the Mobians. Grateful to the Freedom Fighters for saving his life, Car-Heem turned over a new leaf and promised to change his ways and collect only non-living things. He also admitted that he had proven himself an "inferior lifeform" by treating species different from his own as though they were insects by comparison. Car-Heem returned the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik to Mobius before setting out in search of new items for his collection-in a nod to the series, he suggested that he would seek out "intergalactic comic books."[1]

During A.D.A.M.'s gathering of all the Chaos Emeralds in the galaxy, it was revealed that Planet Weeet, Car-Heem's home planet, was home to the Cyan Emeralds.[2]


Sonic Archives #6's "Who's Who" of Car-Heem.

Far from having any moral issues with the abduction, Car-Heem felt that he was in the right and that his captives were all inferior races. He also was fascinated by the interdependent attitude of the Freedom Fighters (which they displayed more than the normal amount of by claiming that Robotnik was one of them) because his species was trained to live alone in space.

After nearly losing his life during the Mobian's escape, Car-Heem realized he was in the wrong with his logic and swore to change his ways.


  • Car-Heem's name and his planet are a pun: Car-Heem of Weeet becoming Cream of Wheat.


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