For the event in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, see Capture the Chao (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed).
Capture the chao1

Capture the Chao mode loading screen

Capture the Chao is one of the battle mode competitions in Sonic Rivals 2 played in Act 2 of any zone. During the story mode, this competition is only played in Act 2 of Sunset Forest Zone in Silver's story with Sonic .


Capture the Chao is more or less a Sonic-themed variation of Capture the Flag. The player's objective is to find a route to enter into his/her rival's base, snatch their Chao and quickly return back to his/her own base before their rival attempts the same. For a Chao to count as stolen, the player's own Chao will need to remain in the base which is somewhat a challenge as in most cases after the player has snatched his/her rival's Chao, their rival would already have the player's Chao in their possession.

The player should then engage the rival by attacking him/her (with attacks or Power-Up), causing the rival character to drop the stolen Chao. If the player then touches the dropped Chao, it will be teleported back to the player's base, allowing him/her to return back to the base with the stolen Chao for it to count. The winner of this competition is the character who steals a specified number of their rival's Chao first and escorted them to the the character's base (in Free Play mode, the player can set for one, three or five Chao to be stolen).

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