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Captain Whisker, Sonic Rush Adventure

Template:Character Captain Whisker (ウィスカー船長 Uisukā Senchou?) is the primary antagonist of Sonic Rush Adventure.[1] He is a villainous robotic pirate who is somewhat hard to detest due to his clownish nature.[2] His purpose was to find and obtain the Jeweled Scepter, but was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies.


Captain Whisker was created at some point prior to the events of Sonic Rush Adventure by Dr. Eggman Nega.[3] Whisker was then put in charge of his own robot pirate crew, miniature army and navy forces and was assigned by Dr. Eggman Nega and Dr. Eggman to find the Jeweled Scepter.

While searching for the Jeweled Scepter in the Sol Dimension, Whisker and his crew caused havoc on the seas, spreading their hostile forces everywhere. At some point, Whisker and his forces set up their hideout on Pirates' Island, remodeling the local ruins to their needs. Eventually, Whisker and his crew got the Jeweled Scepter, but somehow lost it.[4] While resuming the search for the Jeweled Scepter, Whisker caught the news that Sonic the Hedgehog was running around messing with his forces, much to his irritation.

Eventually, Whisker and his crew found the Jeweled Scepter in Coral Cave. There, he ordered Mini & Mum to seize the scepter when suddenly Sonic, Marine and Tails arrived. As Whisker told how Sonic had been a thorn in his side, Marine pulled his whiskers in fascination, sending Whisker into a fury and knocking her away. He then barely avoided a surprise attack from Blaze the Cat before sending the Ghost Kraken to fight both Sonic and Blaze while he and his crew escaped with the Jeweled Scepter.

Whisker and his crew later came to Haunted Ship, where they met Sonic and the others soon after, though Whisker had trouble remembering them. As Blaze demanded the Jeweled Scepter back, Whisker had the Ghost Pirate attack them. After the Ghost Pirate was defeated, Whisker escaped with his crew.

At leaving Haunted Ship, Whisker and his crew came to Blizzard Peaks where they ended up fighting the Vikings. Whisker, however, ended the fight by freezing the Vikings solid with machines. When Sonic and his friends arrived at Blizzard Peak and saw the frozen Vikings, Whisker appeared before them and proclaimed he was responsible, though Mini had to remind him why he did it. Whisker the send the Ghost Whale to freeze them, but when Sonic and Blaze destroyed it, Whisker and his crew retreated.

At another point after leaving Haunted Ship, Whisker and his crew traveled to Sky Babylon to destroy any clues to where their hideout were, only to Sonic and his friends there. As Sonic's group ended up ignoring him however, Whisker was almost goaded into a fight but was reminded of his and escaped. After being chased across Sky Babylon though, Whisker decided to retreat with his crew.

Following these events, Whisker and his crew withdrew to Pirates' Island. When Sonic and his friends tried to access the island through its doors, Whisker appeared and gloated about how they would never get to through the doors, but accidentally blabbered out how to unlock them. He then quickly escaped with his crew before he could reveal more secrets. When Sonic, Blaze and Tails finally confronted Whisker on Pirates' Island, Whisker and his crew gave them a bellicose presentation, though Sonic and co. thought he was a joke. As Johnny then arrived and explained to Whisker what his enemies thought of him, Whisker and Johnny team up against Sonic and Blaze, but were defeated.

After the fight, Whisker was abandoned by Johnny and cornered by Sonic and his friends, though Whisker refused to return the Jeweled Scepter as he feared Eggman Nega's wrath. Thanks to Mini and Mum though, Whisker escaped only to meet Marine, who had come alone to stop him, and tried to flee her. Back on his ship, Whisker caught Marine and threatened to torture her by tickling (to which she responded, "anything but that!"). When Sonic and Blaze then came to rescue Marine, Whisker would only hand her over if they swore loyalty to him. However, Whisker was tricked by Tails into believing that the Jeweled Scepter was somewhere else, allowing Sonic and Blaze to rescue Marine from the Ghost Titan. When the Ghost Titan was destroyed, the entire ship exploded and the pirates apparently sank to the bottom of the sea. Whisker is not seen for the rest of the game outside of a rematch for a Sol Emerald.


Captain Whisker is a downright evil, but bumbling pirate. He has a short temper, which can make him literally steam with anger and get the better of him, and he is known to hold life-long grudges.[2] He has no qualms about harming or even torturing those that stand in his way and does so without any sense of remorse. He also possesses various stereotypical pirate mannerisms, particularly speech patterns.

For all his evil ways, Whisker is very much a clown.[2] Though a bit smarter than the rest of his crew,[2] Whisker's behavior borders on being dimwitted, and people such as Blaze has a hard time taking him seriously. He is also quite absentminded, often forgetting various and important facts, is clueless on certain subjects and can make threatening demands that he has no idea of what means. As such, he relies on his crew to remind him of what he has forgotten and tell him what he cannot figure out himself. Whisker is also very gullible, given that he completely fell for Tails simply claiming the Jeweled Scepter was elsewhere. He also tends to talk too much, usually giving away important information like how to unlock the door in the undersea cavern leading to Pirates' Island whne he was gloating.

When standing before his foes, Whisker tries to make an imposing and superior stance, mocking his foes while laughing right in their faces. Because of his incompetent ways, however, he appears less stern when not having his crew to back him up.[2] He also has a sense of showmanship directed at bolstering his ego as the scourge of the seas, given that he and his crew had presentation ready when Sonic and his allies came to Pirates' Island. He also hates being ignored, especially when talking to someone.

Whisker is very fond of his metallic whiskers, and is very focused on grooming them and having them the way he wants them to the point where he gets furious when they are just a quarter-inch off-center.[5] He takes a special dislike of anyone who pulls his whiskers and mocking them sends him into a fury.

Powers and Abilities

Whisker is an incredible force to be reckoned with in battle as he was able to take on both Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat at the same time. His entire body is immensely durable and heavy, allowing him to induce ground-shaking pounds that releases shock waves by smashing it the ground, and to be completely unaffected by both Sonic and Blaze's attacks when guarding against them head-on.

Whisker possesses above average physical strength, enough to grab and throw Johnny at incredible speeds with just one hand. He also appears to somewhat agile, being capable of jumping several stories into the air ´while performing body flips.

Besides physical abilities, Whisker has some armaments build into himself. He is able to breath a powerful and destructive torrent of flames from his mouth and he can shoot his fist off his arms as dangerous projectiles which will eventually return to him like boomerangs.

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

Captain Whisker first appeared in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs in an adaption of Sonic Rush Adventure.

In the comics, Whisker is a member of Dr. Eggman Nega's various forces. Whisker was assigned by Nega to collect a Chaos Emerald on Seagull Island. After stealing the Chaos Emerald, however, he, Johnny and Dr. Eggman Nega were tracked down by Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine, and were defeated. Some time later, Whisker attempted to steal a Sol Emerald from Captain Metal, but was forced into retreat.


"You'd best be staying away, lest you fancy windin' up in Davy Jones' Locker!"
—Whisker threatening Sonic, Tails and Marine.
"Curse ye, landlubber! No one is allowed to set hand to me precious whiskers!"
—Whisker after Marine pulled his whiskers.
"Hmph! My, but you're persistent! If you want it that bad, TRY and take it!"
—Whisker when Blaze demands the Jeweled Scepter.
"D'arr, why indeed! Arr... why? Ah, yes, right! Mateys, why did I do this?"
—Whisker unable to remember why he froze the Vikings.
"D'arr har har! You're lookin' at the scourge of the Seven Seas now, ye dogs!"
—Whisker after Sonic and the gang discovered that Whisker froze the Vikings.
"D'arr har har! You be knowin' the story then, I take it? The ruins of... arr... The, arr... ruins of..."
—Whisker unable to remember Sky Babylon's name.
"If ye want the lass back, then swear a pirate's oath... to me!"
—Whisker holding Marine hostage.


  • Whisker bears a great deal of resemblance to Dr. Eggman Nega and Dr. Eggman.
  • Whisker refers to himself at one point as "The Dread Pirate Whisker". This is a reference to the movie, The Princess Bride, in which a character called "the Dread Pirate Roberts" is referred to.







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