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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Sorry doesn't stop Sonic the Hedgehog! At this rate, I may have to handle things myself!

— Captain Westwood, Sonic X #39

Captain Westwood, also known by his alias "The Organizer",[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic X comics published by Archie Comics. He is an officer of GUN and Topaz's commanding officer. Jealous of Topaz and Rouge for always getting better assignments than him, he attempted on numerous occasions to make them look incompetent so that the President would not trust them again. After being pushed too far, he would start a secret society to eliminate Sonic and his allies for good.


Archie Comics

As Westwood

Westwood and along with the President, Topaz, and Rouge were notified of a secret room built under Station Square and believed to have some ties to Dr. Eggman. Both Topaz and Rouge were assigned to investigate the matter, much to Westwood's disappointment, as he felt he is being left out from the more exciting missions and believes this is due to Rouge being Topaz's partner. An idea then struck him in having Sonic the Hedgehog as his partner and uses a new report of an unidentified object buried in the desert to enlist Sonic's help. After enlisting Sonic, Westwood tries to persuade Sonic into joining G.U.N. However, Sonic replied to Westwood that while he doesn't mind helping out sometimes, he pointed out that joining G.U.N. would also mean abandoning his time with Christopher Thorndyke. The two eventually discover the object to be a large robot, which activates instantly. Westwood immediately sees this as another chance to become the number one agent and wants Sonic to keep the robot intact before telling him of reconsidering his offer. But Sonic realized that Westwood had been lying to him the entire time, buried the robot where it came from and told Westwood he'll never work with someone he can't trust; in which Sonic runs off before telling Westwood to get a hide from his friends, if he has any.[2]

Afterward, Westwood was upset from his predicament with Sonic and blamed the hedgehog, along with Topaz and Rouge, for his problems. Upon learning Topaz and Rouge were on a mission in Paris in searching for Dr. Eggman, Westwood was determined to prove that Topaz and Rouge were bad agents. Westwood attempted to command Topaz and Rouge to return to G.U.N. after failing to find Eggman in order make them look incompetent in the eyes of the President; however, the G.U.N. agents ignored Westwood's orders.[3][4]

Sometime later, the robot that was founded by Westwood and Sonic was taken to Area 99. There, Westwood escorted Tails to study the robot while boasting in taking credit for the robot's discovery instead of Sonic. While Tails uses his technology skills to enter the robot's cockpit, Westwood plots to use the robot to his advantage to discredit Rouge and Topaz. Unfortunately, his plan was dashed as the robot suddenly went on a rampage and both Westwood and Tails were entrapped inside the machine. Westwood and Tails were later freed by Sonic and Sam Speed, but the robot's rampage left Station Square damaged from its assault. The incident left the impression that both Sonic and Tails were responsible for the attack. Westwood then immediately takes advantage of the situation by branding Sonic and Tails to be working for Dr. Eggman by claiming that both of them built the robot and attacked Station Square. Sonic and Tails were arrested, but soon eventually cleared of the misunderstanding.[5][6][7]

Westwood came to the suspicion of Rouge for the series of crimes that she appears to be committing and demanded for her arrest. He along with Topaz, Sonic, and Knuckles orchestrated a trap for Rouge in the opening of the world's largest Chaos Emerald found in Alaska. Rouge was then captured in a net gun used by Westwood. However, it was revealed that the crimes were actually being committed by a facsimile resembling Rouge created by Dr. Eggman. A battle then ensues between Eggman and the Rouge facsimile and the G.U.N. agents, Sonic and Knuckles, in which the facsimile is destroyed and the retrieval of the Moon Emerald and Master Emerald previously stolen by Eggman.[8]

Westwood would later try to defend Area 99 while it was under attack by Eggman piloting a giant robot. Sonic would show up to lend his assistance, much to Westwood’s irritation. Eggman’s henchmen, Decoe and Bocoe, would accidentally press a wrong button and cause the limbs to fall off of Eggman’s giant robot. Eggman then fled, and Westwood planned to exploit the technology of the robotic limbs. A week later, Eggman would attack Area 99 again, attempting to steal back the limbs of his giant robot. Westwood would again attempt to stop him, and Sonic would again show up to help, though Westwood was unhappy to see him and accused Sonic of working with Eggman. Eggman would then deploy his new robot henchmen, Dukow and Bukow, who swiftly defeated Sonic. Eggman then retrieved his giant robot’s limbs and left.[9]

As the Organizer

Westwood as the Organizer, from Sonic X #38.

At some point, Westwood undertook the alias of "the Organizer." The Organizer found and rescued Jerome Wise, Card Passer, Howard Watcher, Doctor Kai Narasu, Li Yan and Hector Dragg and united them all into an organization dedicated to eliminating Sonic the Hedgehog, S.O.N.I.C.X. where the Organizer served as the group's leader.[10]

When the Organizer received word from S.O.N.I.C.X.'s that their first attempt of capturing Sonic ended up in failure, he remained optimistic and believed that the organization would have a better chance of capturing Sonic in their next attempt.[11] This next plan eventually turned out to be Dr. Narasu's Multi-colored Sonics to lure Sonic into the open. Sure enough, the plan proceeded as expected when the Organizer showed S.O.N.I.C.X. a local news report of Sonic wanting to challenge the Sonic clones.[12] Despite this, the plan failed at the end resulting in the Organizer being furious at his fellow members of S.O.N.I.C.X. in their next meeting. However, he heard Dr. Narasu's next plan of exposing Sonic using a highly-viral mutagen on him. The Organizer thought that it held some promise and assigned the doctor and Hector Dragg to the task.[10] Unsurprisingly though, the plan failed again resulting in the Organizer scolding the two for failing S.O.N.I.C.X. again.[13]


Westwood at his core was a vindictive and petty man with a massive sense of entitlement, as his initial motivation for his actions was to get more exciting missions than Rouge the Bat and Topaz, his co-workers at GUN whom he was very jealous of. His vendetta against Rouge and Topaz was such that he was even willing to sabotage missions just to make them look incompetent, such as when he tried to demand that they return to base in Paris despite the mission clearly not being finished. When hiring Sonic, he implied interest in granting him a position at GUN. However, he eventually revealed his true colors when he accidentally revealed he lied to Sonic to get him to help him, which resulted in him making a new enemy in the form of Sonic. He also was perfectly willing to frame others for his mistakes, as evidenced by him exploiting Sonic and Tails' stopping the robot and the incriminating implication that they were working for Eggman to get them arrested, when in actuality, the robot being activated was Westwood's fault.

As the Organizer, Westwood showcases himself as an enigma, keeping all of his motivations a secret. He is a very imposing figure who acts like a typical criminal leader, acting fierce and vigorous towards the other group members and demands nothing less than success. He prefers to keep his involvement unknown and let his henchmen do most of the work. Like most members of S.O.N.I.C.X., he believes that he is in the right and Sonic is a menace.


  • Captain Westwood was long speculated as the "Organizer" before it was confirmed by Ian Flynn via his Twitter post eight years later.[1] Prior to this, several factors hinted towards Westwood's identity as the Organizer:
    • Westwood has some hatred towards his fellow agents, Topaz and Rouge the Bat for always being assigned better missions than the ones he gets, and these missions usually involve Sonic or Doctor Eggman.
    • The Organizer's silhouette perfectly fits Westwood's in a sense. Both are commonly seen with sunglasses and their head shapes suggests that their hairstyles are similar.
    • S.O.N.I.C.X. has access to several of GUN's robots and arsenal.
  • Captain Westwood bears a strong resemblance to Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series, with both characters wearing sunglasses, possessing a slicked-back hairstyle, and having an athletic build. Another similarity is that Wesker was also a Captain of a paramilitary police force at one point in the series (Westwood: G.U.N.; Wesker: S.T.A.R.S.) that worked for his own agenda. Also similar to Wesker, he was shown to be treacherous in the pursuit of his goals, such as when he backstabbed Sonic and later Tails during the robot incident, and during later entries in the Resident Evil franchise, he generally led from the shadows and operated via proxy henchmen and even had his own para-military group (H.C.F. and to a certain extent the Third Organization and "S"/Tricell for Wesker, S.O.N.I.C.X. for Westwood).

The Commander in the anime series that Captain Westwood resembles.

  • Westwood also bears a resemblance to a background character in the Sonic X anime referred to as the "Commander" by Topaz, who is likely the base of the character. The only design difference is that the commander in the anime had brown hair, while Westwood has orange hair.


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