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Captain Tiberius is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a Sky Pirate and a rival of Captain Plunder.

Unlike Plunder's flying ship, which resembles a rocket-propelled naval ship such as a galleon, Tiberius' ship is sleeker and more streamlined. It resembles a purple spaceship, with a black skull and crossbones painted on its nose. It is also much larger than Plunder's ship, and has six huge guns attached to its underside.


Many years ago, Tiberius and Plunder served together under Black Beak. During this time, Plunder apparently betrayed Tiberius in unknown circumstances, leading to Tiberius desiring revenge on Plunder and hunting him for many years. However, he was always unable to get a lock on Plunder's signal because Plunder's ship was protected by a security shield.

Tiberius eventually caught up with Plunder after Plunder was cursed with bad luck. While Plunder attempted to bring a chest of treasure on board his ship, his bad luck caused him to slip and drop it over the side, disrupting the security shield just as Tiberius' ship was passing. Tiberius blasted Plunder's ship, causing it to crash into the sea, and marooning Plunder and his crew on a deserted island.[1]


  • Tiberius, his ship and his crew are based on elements from the Star Trek franchise:
    • Tiberius is named after protagonist Captain James T. Kirk, whose middle name is Tiberius.
    • Both Tiberius and his female first officer have bony crests on their foreheads. Tiberius' crest is reminiscent of the head ridges possessed by the Klingons. (His first officer's crest is larger, more resembling the crest of the real world Pteranodon.)
    • The bridge of Tiberius' ship is also loosely modelled on the bridge of the USS Enterprise and other spaceships from the series, with a central captain's chair and control panels for officers around the edge of the room.


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