Captain Karl (formerly Sergeant Karl) is a character that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension. He is a member of the Organisers. He once worked under Captain Sir, and witnessed Sonic and Tails getting temporally and dimensionally displaced.[1]


Karl, like the rest of his group, wore a silver suit. He also had a large handgun, the largest Sonic had ever seen.[1]


Karl first appeared among the Time Police squad sent to displace Sonic and Tails. He was asked by the group's leader to give some more information about Sonic and Tails, before he brought them in line. He then witnessed the two being temporally and dimensionally displaced. Afterward, he and Sir returned to see Elder Jay and Elder Kay, where Elder Jay immediately promoted him to Captain while Sir was demoted to Sergeant.[1]

Karl later arrived to arrest Sonic and Tails again for messing up the time stream so that there was two of them and allowing the Mythos Creatures to alter the Big Bang. Sonic mentioned that he had stopped the Mythos Creatures however, and Karl took them back to the Fourth Dimension. Karl then helped Sonic prevent Robotnik from getting the time machine. He was later present in court with Elder Jay against Arctur the Dragonkin. During this, he mentioned that the Time Police was almost totally overrun by the Mythos Creatures. When peace was declared, Karl shook hands with Sonic as a sign of reconciliation.[2]


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