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Captain Claw is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. was a crab who patrolled the Mobian Channel in an eight-limbed watercraft called the Octonaught. He demanded that anyone attempting to cross the Channel had to answer to him. His shell was orange, and he wore a peaked, blue sailor's cap.


Captain Claw piloting the Octonaught.

When Knuckles the Echidna attempted to row across the Mobian Channel on his way back to the Floating Island, Captain Claw had the tentacles of his Octonaught destroy the rowboat that Knuckles had been given by Captain Plunder. Claw intended to claim the reward that Doctor Robotnik had offered for Knuckles' capture, and attacked him.[1] In fact, Claw seemed to relish the idea that Knuckles would resist, claiming that "I so rarely get the chance to put my Octonaught through its paces!" Claw continued to taunt him throughout the fight, repeatedly telling him to surrender, which infuriated Knuckles.

Knuckles was unable to cause any damage to the Octonaught, and was forced to flee by climbing up a nearby rock formation. Claw destroyed this rock formation with the Octonaught's gun, only to have it collapse on top of him, completely disabling the Octonaught. Claw, helpless without his machine, began to panic that without the Octonaught the two of them would be trapped forever in the middle of the ocean. Knuckles responded by forcing Captain Claw to row back to land, carrying Knuckles as a passenger. Captain Claw protested that Knuckles couldn't treat him that way, and was ignored.[2]

After crossing the Channel, Knuckles had no choice but to let Captain Claw go free since while Robotnik was ruler there was no one he could trust to lock the villain up.[3]


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