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Captain Christmas, real name Dog Malone, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic dog and an ex-employee of Dr. Robotnik's who adopted a superhero persona to steal presents.


Dog Malone is a tall and muscular anthropomorphic dog. He wears a tight red and white super hero suit with a green Christmas tree symbol on it. He also wears a black belt, red gloves, a red mask with a leaf on his forehead, and red boots.



A former employee of Dr. Robotnik, Dog Malone once worked in the Chemical Plant Zone.[1]

Captain Christmas

Having produced a body spray which made people mindlessly adore him, Dog Malone adopted the alter-ego of "Captain Christmas" to make people hand over their Christmas presents.[1]

On Christmas's Eve, Captain Christmas made his move by stopping Baa Humbug's rampage with his Christmas-themed weapons. Thanks to the Captain's special body spray, everyone around him began adoring him without reason, prompting them to hand their families' presents over to him. However, Miles "Tails" Prower, who had a cold that blocked out the Captain's body spray, caught onto Captain Christmas' scam and made an antidote which he dowsed the Captain with by hitting him with an antidote-filled snowball, ridding him of his body spray and made everyone stop adoring him. Captain Christmas was then forced to return all the presents he had taken.[1]


Given the fact that he has worked for Dr. Robotnik in the past, Malone is likely a less-than-good person. This is exemplified when he fooled an entire town into them giving their presents to him on Christmas Eve.[1]

Powers and abilities

Having worked at the Chemical Plant Zone, Malone is skilled in creating unique odors, specifically one that makes people admire him. He has also demonstrated great might, being able to lift an entire bag of presents on his own[1]

Weapons and equipment

During his time as Captain Christmas, Dog used several Christmas-themed tools to battle opponents. These include:


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