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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Canus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was a mobian wolf and member of the Wolf Pack who served as their cook. A burly and muscular fellow, he was slow to anger, but when riled, was a force to reckoned with.


Canus is a light blue wolf with blue eyes. His design is loosely based upon that of one of the four wolves accompanying Lupe in the SatAM episode "Cry of the Wolf," retaining a somewhat distinctive vest design. Compared to the rest of the Wolf Pack, his design has been one of the most consistent. Much larger and heavier built than the others, Canus wears a purple vest with red trim and large gold buttons, gold wristbands and sandals.


Aiding the Knothole Freedom Fighters

Canus was among those who left with Lupe to fight in the First Robotnik War.[1] Towards its end, he took part in the joint Knothole Freedom Fighter-Wolf Pack attack on Robotropolis in which Sally Acorn was severely wounded.[2]

Journey Home

After the demise of Dr. Robotnik, the Wolf Pack left the recently-reclaimed city of Robotropolis in order to return to their own home. They set out for the Great Unknown beyond the Great Canyon. However, they soon found their surroundings unfamiliar and came across a raging river.[3] They boarded a raft in order to cross as it began to rain. Coming ashore on the other side, Canus helped Lyco from the raft and insisted Diablo leave it behind, saying that they needed to hurry and that if needed they'd improvise as they always had. The pack soon found themselves in the ruins of a city. While seeking shelter, the group heard noise and began to investigate an abandoned building, finding, to their surprise, two abandoned Overlander girls, Aerial and Athena.[4]

The Pack found themselves trapped in the city for the next ten days as the storms only got worse. During this time, Canus seemed rather accepting of the girls, observing Diablo's attempts to teach Aerial manners. After finding a large cache of canned goods, Lupe asked Canus to cook something special in order to raise everyone's spirits. While sitting over the stew Canus provided, Lupe announced that Aerial and Athena were to be adopted into the pack.[5]

Capture and escape

The Pack eventually made its way to its former home, only to find that city in ruin as well. Canus worried that there would be nothing for them to find there. While looking for signs of or messages left by survivors, the entire group was suddenly knocked unconscious with gas, later waking up in a cell. Finding themselves captured by the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog and a group of Shadowbots, the Pack was forced to watch Lupe allowed herself to be roboticized so she could be with her family, who had also been found roboticized and under the command of Charles. However, with her last ounce of free will, Lupe enabled Canus and the others to escape. Later, they erected a grave marker for Lupe.[6]

Fleeing from the nanites

Eventually, though, Lupe and her family were de-roboticized by the Bem, and the Wolf Pack reassembled.[7] The Pack then left Knothole and resumed traveling. While in the woods, they suddenly found themselves in the path of A.D.A.M.'s spreading Nanites; as the children were too small to run quickly, Canus carried both Aerial and Marcos as they fled. However, the group eventually made its way to safety.[8]

New Home

Months later, Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog were invited by the wolves to become honorary pack members, and upon their arrival Canus greeted them warmly before leading them to their reinstated Chief, Lobo. Following Sonic's attempts at negotiating with the Felidae, Canus was among the vanguard of wolves that Lupe lead into País Misterioso, armed with mace in hand.[9] Fortunately, Sonic was able to resolve the conflict by identifying the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion as the perpetrators of a plot meant to bring war between the Felidae and the Wolves. Canus and his teammates joined in attacking their base in the Knuckles Clan ruins, and grabbed a Legionnaire who turned out to be an ex-boyfriend of Leeta and Lyco's. With the Legion defeated for the time being, the Wolves returned home with a new peace in place with the Felidae, and proceeded with Sonic and Sally's ceremony of welcome into the pack.[10]


Canus is something of a gentle giant, generally supportive and friendly. Due to his peace-keeping nature, he's mostly quiet and is the only member who can usually keep Reynard and Diablo from fighting. He enjoys cooking.

Powers and abilities

As the largest member of the Wolf Pack, Canus is also its strongest. A veteran warrior, Canus is skilled in both hand-to-hand fighting and using weapons, taking advantage of his strength in both cases


  • The name Canus is derived from the Latin word canis, meaning dog. Canis is also a genus containing several species, including both dogs and wolves.


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