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The Cacophonic Conch, also referred to as the Cacophonous Conch,[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing. It is an ancient conch shell that acts as a natural inhibitor to Zeti powers.



As implied by its name, the Cacophonic Conch closely resembles a real-life musical instrument conch. It is very long, with long pointy spikes on the outer surface and is colored dark purple. Also, its opening glows red.

Features and abilities

When blown into, the Cacophonic Conch glows red and gives off a low-pitched sound, which allows the user to inhibit the powers of nearby Zeti, including their ability to manipulate magnetic fields.



At some point in the recent past, Dr. Eggman somehow obtained a Cacophonic Conch, which he used to subjugate the Deadly Six during his time on Lost Hex. However, Sonic soon arrived and inadvertently freed the Deadly Six, causing them to turn against Dr. Eggman and take control of his Badniks.[2]

The Last Minute

While planning to recruit the Deadly Six to help him control the Zombots, Dr. Starline used the Warp Topaz to retrieve a Cacophonic Conch.[1]

All or Nothing

After inviting the Deadly Six onto the Faceship, Starline used the Cacophonic Conch in an attempt to command the Zeti. However, the effects quickly wore off as soon as Starline stopped blowing but he was not aware of this. Seeing a window of opportunity, Zazz headbutted Starline, leaving Zeena to take the conch and hand it to Zavok.[3]

After the Faceship was destroyed by Rouge the Bat, the Cacophonic Conch was left lying on the ground among the rubble.[4]


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