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Sonic Boom
Cabin Fever (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Cabin Fever."

[Scene: Seaside Coast, day.]

[Amy is inspecting sandcastles built by Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks.]
Amy: Traditional. Nice, Sonic! Very derivative, Tails.
[Sonic and Tails' sandcastles are almost identical - albeit Tails' is slightly smaller.]
Amy: Sticks, yours just screams "fun!"
[Sticks has built a small den and painted herself with green tribal-like markings.]
Amy: Aaaand Knuckles...
[Knuckles has made merely a small mound of sand and placed a stick in the top, but is grinning with enthusiasm.]
Amy: It's... so hard to choose a winner.
Sonic: It probably doesn't matter, Amy.
Amy: Because the beach is the hourglass of nature, and time will wipe clean what we and our hubris have built as everlasting?
Sonic: No; because of the ginormous storm that's about to hit.
[Dark clouds appear out of nowhere in the sky. One lets out a strike of lightning - Tails jumps in fright and begins cowering with fear in Sonic's hands.]
Sonic: Quick; let's get to my shack!
Amy: I don't think so.
Sticks: It's safer in the storm.
Knuckles: Is that place up to code?
Sonic: Then it's agreed; we'll go to Amy's.
Amy: That could be fun, I guess. It can be a slumber party! And we'll stay up late, and--
[Sonic and the others are gone.]
Amy: Hey, wait for me!

[Scene Change: Amy's House, surrounded by rain.]

Amy: So, it'll be a slumber party. And we'll stay up late, watch movies, eat snacks, play Truth or Dare--
Sonic: Truth! Where are the snacks?
Knuckles: I dare you to get them for us!
Amy: Not sure you guys understand Truth or Dare. But I'd be happy to whip up some hors d'oeuvres.
Knuckles: Hors d'oeuvres? I wanted snacks! I hate this game.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, surrounded by rain.]

[Amy brings in a tray of various snacks and places it on her table.]
Amy: Here you go! Quiche lorraine, vegetarian spring rolls, and a delicate assortment of baked Camembert and Brie cheeses on rosemary focaccia toast!
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks: Yeah!
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks rush to the table and quickly eat all of the food Amy brought, then swallow simultaneously.]
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks: Ahhh...
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks settle back down on the couches.]
Knuckles: Not bad! Could've used some ketchup, though.
Amy: [groans in frustration]
[Lightning strikes again, and Tails begins cowering in Sonic's arms again.]
Knuckles: Ooh! Lightning phobia pile! [.Leaps towards Sonic and Tails, but bounces off and lands behind the couch, breaking something]
Amy: Grrr...
[Knuckles stands up from behind the couch, holding a glass unicorn statue whose horn has broken, with an nervous grin on his face]
Amy: It's okay. A glass horse is just as good as a glass unicorn, right?
Sticks: It's comin' down pretty hard out there. It can't get any worse.
Amy: It's time for arts and crafts!
Sticks: I spoke too soon.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, surrounded by rain.]

[Amy is teaching the group how to assemble a wicker centrepiece]
Amy: Using a sprig of holly and just a few everyday household items, that you have to special order from a craft catalogue, you too can create a lovely rustic wicker centrepiece. How's everyone else's centrepieces coming along?
[Amy looks up to see Knuckles stood on the table with golden ribbons on his head and around his wrists and ankles, along with several pieces of holly stuck to his head, a paper chain around his neck and glitter sprinkled on his body]
Sonic: And now for the pièce de résistance... [Sonic places a flower into Knuckles' mouth]
Knuckles: ATCHOO!!! [The ribbons and holly on Knuckles' head go flying everywhere]
Amy: Look at this mess you made!
Knuckles: Uh, don't you mean, "look at this art we made?"
Amy: [Losing her patience] Okay. This is okay. It's time for one my favorite party activities... clean-up time!
Sonic: Come on, Amy, we want to do something fun, like pole-vaulting over the couch or shot-putting Tails across your living room.
Amy: No! You guys have made a big enough mess already. Don't touch anything, don't do anything, just sit there quietly until the storm passes! [A 'ding' sound is heard] Who's ready for popovers? [Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks groan]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, surrounded by rain.]

[Amy has left the room, and Sonic is bored on the couch.]
Sonic: There's got to be something fun to do around here. [opens a drawer and discovers a hand bound manuscript] Huh? [picks up the manuscript from the drawer] Well well well. "A Rose Without Thorns: a play in three acts." And guess who wrote it...
Knuckles: Me?
Sonic: No, not you, Amy!
Knuckles: Oh…
Sonic: [clears throat] "An empty stool sits under a spot light as the lovely, charismatic and super popular Annie Rose appears from the curtain and pours herself a glass of lemonade."
Sticks: [snatches the manuscript from Sonic] "’twas years since I first met the mysterious stranger, the one with the fur, the color of the ocean." Who do we know with ocean-colored fur?
Knuckles: Me?
Sonic: Well, it can’t be me. While I am mysterious, I'm more of a royal blue. [takes the script from Sticks and continues reading] "Sonar enters, pitter-pattering across the stage in his scarlet loafers. Sonar: [clears throat] 'Hey Annie! I'm gonna play volleyball. I only play against myself because nobody else can keep up.'" See? That doesn't sound anything like me! He’s an egomaniac, but without the incredible awesomeness to back it up.
Sticks: [takes the script and continues reading] "Thump, thump, thump. A knock at the door like the sound of someone big and strong, but unable to figure out a simple doorknob. Annie Rose sashays to the door and answers, revealing Shoulders, the hulking dullard of a farm hand."
Knuckles: Me…?
Sticks: "Shoulders strides towards Annie but is distracted by a shiny object."
Knuckles: It doesn't say that! [snatches the script from Sticks] Give it here! [is distracted by the shiny metal bands held by the manuscript] Wait. What was I about to do?
Tails: [takes the script from Knuckles] "But before Annie can reply, a naïve young fox named Taylor enters, cowering beneath the legs of Sonar." Hey, I don't cower! [Thunder strikes, and Tails cowers beneath Sonic's legs] Curse you, irony!
Sticks: [takes the script from Tails] "Just when all hope is lost, enter Twigs, the crazy eyed feral badger. ‘Miss Annie, the robot apocalypse is nigh! I intercepted a transmission from my toaster!'" This is just ridiculous! Everyone knows when the robo-apocalypse arrives, it's the can openers that would transmit signals! Toaster!
[A metal tray hits the floor. Amy stares nearby and dropped the tray of pop opens. She is furious.]
Amy: [furiously softly then grows louder.]: What... are... you... doing?! You're reading my play?! That's an invasion of my privacy!
[Sticks gives the script back to Sonic]
Sonic: We have a right to read it since we happen to be all the characters!
Amy: It's not based on you guys!
Sticks: Oh no? [holds up a shiny object in front of Knuckles]
Knuckles: Ooh, gimme, gimme, gimme!" [comes running after the shiny object and takes it from Sticks] Oh, like Twigs isn’t exactly like you!
Sticks: She’d be wiped out by the robo-apocalypse in two seconds, taking advice from toasters! [Turns to Amy's secateurs] Can you believe these people?
Tails: Guys, stop fighting! Right, Sonic?
Knuckles: Was that you talking, “Taylor”? I couldn’t see you in Sonic’s shadow!
Sonic: [smirks] Good one, Knux!
Tails: At least I’m not an egomaniac, “Sonar”!
Sonic: That character wasn’t like me at all! He was nearly as awesome as I am!
Amy: You know what’s not awesome? Rummaging through my drawers and reading my personal manuscript!
Knuckles: When this storm blows over maybe we should all go our separate ways!
Amy: Why wait? I’m going to the kitchen, where I will make and consume all the dainty hors d'oeuvres I want. Without ketchup! [snatches the script from Sonic and walks off]
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks: Fine!
[A montage plays, Tails flicks a switch on his remote, rotating a camera. Amy and Sticks appear out of their hiding places with a suspicious look. Sticks takes out a pair of binoculars. Knuckles tries to crawl out of a tent, but it collapses on top of him. Tails knocks on a door disguised as a pile of books. Sonic pulls them away and talks to Tails.]
Sonic: What business brings you all the way from Workbenchia to the Kingdom of Television?
Tails: The new Wolf Sidekick special is about to come on. [Shows a paperclip chain to Sonic] I come bearing this necklace made of the finest paperclips. I offer it in exchange for some screen time.
Sonic: Your paperclip necklace pleases me. [Snatches it from Tails] I grant you... two minutes.
Knuckles: Lady Rose of House Kitchen, in exchange for safe passage to your refrigerator, I offer you these blankets, that you may be warm.
Amy: Knuckles, don't let the fact that I built my own fort fool you into thinking I'm playing this ridiculous game.
Knuckles: [Drops his arms in annoyance] Oh come on... I'm so hungry! I'll even eat those horse doctors you force-fed us earlier.
Amy: I don't need blankets. It's not even that cold. Go away!
[Knuckles places the blanket on his shoulder and walks over to the thermostat. He turns the knob, which releases cold air from the air condition. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are watching Wolf Sidekick on TV. On the screen, Wolf picks a shoehorn out of the box and squeezes making squeaky noises.]
Wolf Sidekick: Shoehorn! Hey-oh!
[Wolf chucks it behind him]
Wolf Sidekick: Let's see what else we got in here.
[He rummages in his box and finds a lamp.]
Sonic: You like this?
Tails: He's so relatable. He speaks for all sidekicks.
[Sonic and Tails both start covering their arms and shivering.]
Sonic: Brr... It's getting cold in here.
Tails: Maybe I can build some sort of heater back in Workbenchia.
[Sonic and Tails walks to the other side of the room, but stop when they hear Sticks.]
Sticks: Halt! Who goes there?
Tails: Sticks, get out of my fort!
Sticks: Not yours anymore. I took it in a daring raid. Actually, no one was defending it. But still, Workbenchia is mine. [Points to the door] Now go! [Covers her arms] But before you do, where's the heat in this joint?
Tails: The heat! Of course. Worry not friends, I know where to go.
[Tails, Sonic and Sticks walk together, with the latter two covering their arms.]
Tails: It'll be a long, perilous journey, so we must make haste. [The group takes two steps forward] Well, we're here.
Sonic: Knuckles, we need blankets. In exchange, I'll let you watch TV.
Knuckles: [Pulls the curtain and gazes at Sonic grumpily] Television! Who needs it?
Sonic: Don't ever say that again.
Sticks: Come on, Knuckles. It's cold, and you've got all the blankets.
[Knuckles comes out of his tent wrapped in blankets.]
Knuckles: Fools! Your offerings mean nothing to me! The thermostat is under my control, and only munchies will end this winter. Heh. Who's the dullard now? No, seriously. I'd like to know.
Amy: [Off-screen] If you think I'm getting into your little ploy for food you're wrong. [Angrily] Now turn off the air-conditioning!
Knuckles: Never!
Sonic: For too long we've allowed Knuckles to control that thermostat with an iron fist! We must topple our oppressor from his cushiony perch. Join with me! And you'll never want for comfy blankets again!
Sticks and Tails: [Punching the air] Freedom!
[Saxophone music plays. They all grab a cushion and start fighting Knuckles, knocking his tent down. Knuckles chucks the covers off the tent and gazes at the rest of the group.]
Knuckles: So, it's war you want, eh?
[Knuckles brings out his cushion and hits Tails on the head with it. They all engage in a pillow fight.]
Tails: Eat feathers, numbskull!
Knuckles: If I can eat feathers, who needs the refrigerator?!
Sonic: Take that! [Smacks Sticks with his cushion.]
Sticks: Hey, watch it!
[Sticks and Sonic pillow fight each other. She eventually runs around the room with Sonic chasing her. Tails and Knuckles do the same, but Knuckles slips and falls onto a pile of books. Sticks knocks over Sonic's fortress. Meanwhile, they all begin laughing. The feathers go flying and cover the screen. When the feathers disappear, they stop and sunlight appears through the window.]
Sonic: Hey, storm's over. Yo, Amy. Let's head back to the beach.
[Amy looks around her messy house.]
Amy: I can't believe you guys. You criticize my snacks but eat them anyway, make a mockery of arts and crafts time, and make fun of my play. And now, you're gonna leave without cleaning up?
[Amy tries to open the door but cannot, as if it is locked. She unleashes her hammer and bashes it off the hinges. She walks away, leaving Sonic, Knuckles and Tails behind.]
Sonic: I think we owe someone an apology.
Knuckles: Me?
Tails: Amy's right. We took things too far.
Sticks: You know, Amy's play wasn't all that bad. Actually, I kind of liked Twigs. And we can overlook the toaster thing as a youthful indiscretion.
Knuckles: Shoulders wasn't so bad either. I mean, he's no "me". Neither am I. Or is it?
Sonic: Yeah. It's almost as if... they were cartoon versions of us.
[Knuckles and Tails agree with Sonic.]
Sonic: I know how we can make it up to Amy.

[Scene Change: Village Center, night.]

[Sonic is walking with Amy, who is blindfolded.]
Sonic: Come on, Ames. You're gonna love it.
Amy: Unless it's a clean house with an unbroken unicorn, I'm not interested.
[Amy sits down on a bench. Sonic unravels her blindfold. She gasps as she sees a stage and then the rest of the villagers sitting beside her. Sonic appears on stage.]
Sonic: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for coming to the premiere performance of "A Rose Without Thorns". Written by our very own, very talented, Amy Rose!
[The villagers look at Amy and applauds at her. Amy keeps an alarmed look on her face. The curtains open and reveals Dave the Intern (who is wearing an Amy costume and holding a hammer made of cardboard) walking miserably towards a jug of drink. He pours the drink onto his glass.]
Dave: It was years since I first met that mysterious stranger with fur the color of the ocean.
Sonic: Hey, Annie. I'm gonna go play volleyball. I can only play against myself because nobody else can keep up, but you can watch if you like. What am I saying? Of course you'd like to.

[Scene Change: Village Center, night.]

[The next scene shows Sonic and Dave aboard a hand-crafted ship.]
Sonic: Annie, let me take the wheel. You'll never make it through the storm!
Dave: A woman could do anything a man can do.

[Scene Change: Village Center, night.]

[The next scene shows Dave in front of the rest of Team Sonic sans Amy.]
Dave: And I will sing it from the mountaintops if I have to! This rose has no thorns!
[Amy and the rest of the villagers clap and cheer at Dave and the rest of the group. They bow in response. Amy walks up on stage.]
Amy: What an amazing reception. I'd like to thank...
[Thunder rumbles and lightning strikes. Tails cowers in Knuckles' hands.]
Sonic: Whoa! Who wants to go to Amy's House to ride out the storm?
Knuckles: Me?
[Everyone runs off except for Amy. Amy groans and walks off before the screen fades to black.]