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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Bygone Island

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Bygone Island is the second hub world area in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. A tropical island paradise with several remnants from the Ancients, this location houses a cozy Village with several residents. It is also the home of Team Sonic. It can be accessed after clearing the Pit. From here, the player can access the game's last seven levels.

During their hunt for the Chaos Crystals, Team Sonic came to Bygone Island which was a center point for the remaining Crystals' locations. As such, the island was nearly besieged by Lyric's forces. From Bygone Island, Team Sonic gathered the remaining Crystals before facing Lyric in a final showdown.


Bygone Island is a lush, tropical isle surrounded by blue sea. Its northern borders extends to the foot of Crater Lake. The island can be divided into seven areas: Highlands, Greenvale Farms, Main Street, Town Square, Mystery Bay, Koko Beach and Coral Bay. There are as well ruins from the Ancients all over the island: the Highlands hold the ruins of a building and pillars, Koko Beach holds monuments, Mystery Bay has a retractable bridge to Creeper Gorge, and Coral Bay has floating platforms. To the south also lies the Seaside Harbor Light, a lighthouse-like transporter to the Sky Citadel.

The island's southern borders consist of Koko Beach, a beautiful beach (which is largest to the west) which is dotted with grass patches surrounded by fences, palm trees and boulders. To the east lies Coral Bay which holds a large platform that serves as the entrance to the Ocean Purification Plant. Meanwhile, to the west lies the seclude Mystery Bay. Each bay is enclosed by black outcrops.

Within the island lies the Village, a rustic, yet cozy settlement with houses, huts and buildings made of wood and stone and with roofs made of tin or straw. Around the Village's cliffs also lie hut-like stilt houses. The Village's eastern parts make up the Town Square, which is surrounded by tall stone walls, and has entrances to the south, west and north. Other features include stone staircases, water wheels, fountains and wells. The western parts make up Main Street, which borders a cliffside to the west that extends into the wilderness. Compared to the Town Square, Main Street is more open with grass on the roads, a fountain, a bridge and fewer structured houses. Much of the Village however, is under construction.

The northern parts of Bygone Island have more open wilderness and valley-like passages. North of Town Square lies the Greenvale Farms which hold the farmlands and a bridge leading to Slowpoke Isle. Northwest of the Village lies the Highlands which have tall cliffsides, elevated plateaus and all structures.


A millennium ago, Bygone Island was supposedly an outpost amongst the Ancients' civilization as indicated by the countless ruins of their civilization around the island.

In the present day, the Village had been heavily damage so reconstruction projects were set up. Meanwhile, the island was threatened by Lyric's approaching forces after the villain had returned. However, the villagers (excluding Perci) cared more about the re-election of Mayor Fink.

Team Sonic eventually came to the island to find the Chaos Crystals with the local Crystal Locks. After returned from Crater Lake with the Radiant Crystal, Team Sonic found Lyric and Dr. Eggman looking for them. Convincing Sonic to let them help him, Team Sonic made the villains follow them to their next location. After losing them, Team Sonic returned to Bygone Island with the Verdant Crystal to find the Tidal Crystal. Upon securing it off-island and returning to Bygone Island in the Angler, Team Sonic went to Creeper Gorge and came back with the Twilight Crystal, before heading for the Sky Citadel.

After defeating Lyric for good, Team Sonic returned to the Village where a festival was held to celebrate their victory while they scrapped the remaining Destruction Troops. Amidst the celebration, Cliff praised Sonic for saving the world, but Sonic insisted that he and his team did it together.


Bygone Island is a free-roaming and non-linear area. It serves as a central hub from where the player can access the following areas:

To enter these areas from Bygone Island (with the exception of Lyric's Lair), the player must unlock the sections containing or related to their entrance points. This is done by using the correct Chaos Crystal at their respective Crystal Locks. In this level, the majority of the objectives focus on proceeding to the next area.

This level contains several gimmicks, especially for the character actions for the playable characters. This includes Spin Ramps and Air Targets for Sonic, Tails Vents for Tails, Climbable Walls and Ceilings and diggable ground for Knuckles, and Beam Swings and Balance Beams for Amy. There are also a few Hydro Gates that let the players Hydro Dash on water. Additionally, there are a few puzzles to solve with the Buttons and Enerbeam mechanic.

From within Bygone Island, the player can participate in optional side-quests by interacting with the non-playable characters, though some cannot interacted with before reaching a certain point in the game. Completing the optional side-quests will award the player with Power Glyphs or paths to new collectibles.

Bygone Island hosts nearly no enemies, except on the path to Slowpoke Isle. Environmental hazards here are spread out thin, and include floating mines in the bays that explode upon contact and bottomless waters in both the seas and rivers. There are also hazards around the gate to Crater Lake, which include retractable spikes and moving spiked balls that cause damage upon contact. While not necessarily dangerous, there are also several platforms that flip in intervals, causing the player to fall down.


When arriving on Bygone Island, the player has to travel to the sealed entrance gate to Crater Lake in the northwestern corner of the island. Here, the player must climb to the top of the ruins in the upper right corner, to the right of Amy's Balance Beam section. Press a Button there to active a Tails Vent, which will lead to another Button. This Button activates a new Tails Vent in the middle of the ruin. Use that vent to reach the highest area in the left corner of the ruins which holds another Button. Press that Button to open the gate to Crater Lake and enter it.

When back from Crater Lake, go to Town Square in the northern part of the Village. Unlock the Crystal Lock there and proceed down the opened path to Slowpoke Isle. After returning to Bygone Island, travel to the platform in Coral Bay using the shifting footholds (it is recommended to use Sonic for this) and open the Crystal Lock there to access Ocean Purification Plant. After clearing Undersea Bolt, go to Mystery Bay and unlock the Crystal Lock there. This will raise a bridge to Creeper Gorge. After clearing Creeper Gorge, go to Seaside Harbor Light and unlock its Crystal Lock to access Sky Citadel. From there, the player will not return to Bygone Island until after the game is cleared.


This level has the following total of collectable items:


Fastidious Beaver


Mayor Fink

The player is assigned to repair various areas of the hub-world by spending Robot Scraps, similar to the quest at Cliff's Excavation Site.




Sticks the Badger


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