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The Buzz Bomber is a character that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. It is a hornet-based robot model created by Dr. Robotnik that patrols the Land of Darkness.


The Buzz Bombers resemble mechanical wasp or a similar species. They have a blue head with large white eyes with dots as pupils, two yellow antennas, and thick white mandibles, and possesses a black thorax, and striped abdomen with a bendable stinger. On their back they have two pair of insect wings and two grey engines installed, allowing for high-speed flight.


A swarm of Buzz Bombers encountered Sonic and Tails as they made their way through the Land of Darkness. They quickly started firing at them, but lost track of the duo once they passed through a Warp Zone.

Powers and abilities

Thanks to their wings, the Buzz Bombers can fly with pin-point precision. They are surprisingly fast as well, capable of keeping up with Sonic and Tails' mundane super speed and move so swiftly that they cannot be tracked by the naked eye. For armaments, their singers can fire lasers powerful enough to cause small explosions.

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