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The Buzz-Bomber[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. It is a hornet-based robot variant created by Dr. Robotnik. Their swarms were lead by one of their own units, dubbed Bomber-One, under Robotnik's command.


The Buzz-Bombers are very sinister-looking robots based on wasps or a similar species, with a yellow and black-striped color scheme. They have a jet-lined head with fins on their forehead, a wide mouth with sharp teeth and needle-like mandibles, two antennas, and green eyes with blood red sclera. They also possess a round thorax, and large striped abdomen with a red stinger. On their back they have two long sets of insectoid wings and two black engines with a pointy exhaust.


The Buzz-Bomber Bomber-One first appeared to capture Tails, in an attempt to flush out Sonic the Hedgehog. It worked, but Bomber One was shot down when its own laser ricocheted off a rock and rebounded back on it.[2]

Buzz-Bomber mission

Buzz-Bombers en route to the Great Forest.

A larger group of Buzz-Bombers lead by Bomber-One were later used to carry Robotnik's new defoliating chemical, with the intention of spraying it over the Great Forest and killing all the trees. However, the chemical tanks were destroyed by Sonic, and the Buzz-Bombers got pelted by water balloons from the Freedom Fighters' catapults, short-circuiting them. Although Robotnik ordered them to press on with the attack, the Buzz-Bombers fled.[2]

Powers and abilities

The Buzzbombers are capable of flight, and can shoot red lasers from their stinger. The stinger itself is quite sharp.[2]


The Buzz-Bombers are not waterproof, meaning that dowsing them with water will short-circuit them. While it is not enough to destroy them, it will temporarily disorient them and leave them vulnerable.[2]



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