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Sonic Boom
Buster (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic Boom episode, "Buster".

[Scene: Village, day.]

[It's a seemingly nice day. Mike the Ox is about to lick some ice cream he got from the Ice Cream Vendor, but a burst of flame melts it. The Ice Cream Vendor flees. Sonic pops put behind the stand, pulls the bull to safety behind it, then jumps out, ready for action. A reverse angle reveals that Sonic is facing off with a robot that appears to be a fireman, but is armed with a flamethrower. It shoots a burst of flame at Sonic, but he dodges it and spins into the robot. He spins into it again and bounces away.]
Sonic: Doctor Eggman's evil fireman robot is running loose!
Dr. Eggman: [Seated on a nearby bench] Why does everyone assume every evil robot is mine?
Sonic: [Bounces off Fire Bot again] I dunno. Experience?
[Sonic leaps up to avoid another burst of fire. Knuckles, armed with a large stick, and Amy, armed with her hammer, step up.]
Knuckles: You're "fired", pal. Ha ha ha! Get it? [A burst of flame turns his stick to ashes] Ah, I guess not.
Amy: Shouldn't firemen put out fires?
Dr. Eggman: Ah, hello? That's the irony? It's the evil opposite of a fireman. [Sonic glares at him] Ah, uh... I assume...
Sticks: Sonic, the evil anti-fire bot is putting a baby walrus into a burning house!
[Sonic races over and snatches the baby walrus away before Fire Bot can do so, returning him to his mother.]
Tails: Sonic, Evil anti-fire Bot is putting a kitten in a tree!
Dr. Eggman: Go, evil fireman! [Sees Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks looking at him] Okay, I admit it. It's mine. Evil robots are what I do. Why stop if you're good at it?
[Fire Bot is now shooting flames at some of the other citizens.]
Sonic: This has gone on long enough.
[Sonic races over, running circles around Fire Bot and wrapping it in its own "fire hose." Its flamethrower explodes, destroying it.]
Dr. Eggman: I, um... left the oven on. [Flees]
Sonic: Heh. Looks like that robot is "fired!"
[Tails, Sticks, and Amy laugh.]
Knuckles: Hey! No one laughed when I said it...
[The kitten, which is still in the tree, meows pitifully.]
Sonic: Sticks, could you get that kitten out of the tree?
Sticks: Sure thing, Sonic.
[Sticks runs over and starts shaking the tree, terrifying the kitten.]
Sonic: Um, Sticks? Sticks? Sticks!
[The kitten falls out of the tree and bounces off Sonic's head. Sonic catches it.]
Sticks: What?

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

Sonic: Sticks, we want to talk about how you treat animals.
Amy: It's not a good idea to shake kittens out of trees.
Sticks: I know the law of the jungle. Trees are "no-kitten zones".
Knuckles: That's a real law?
[Tails groans and facepalms]
Amy: You should get a pet. It would help you learn to love animals! Don't you think, Sonic?
Sonic: Yes, absolutely.
Amy: Then you can take Sticks pet shopping right now!
Sonic: No. Absolutely not.

[Scene Change: Pet Store, day.]

Sticks: I hate cute, fuzzy, and adorable! See? [A pair of squirrels] Too cute! [A rabbit] Too fuzzy! [A trio of monkeys] So... adorable!
[Sonic and Sticks walk away, Sonic yawning with boredom. A trashcan nearby suddenly shakes, putting Sticks on high alert. She peers into the trashcan, and pulls out a robotic dog.]
Sticks: It's... oh, it's...
Sonic: Disgusting?
Sticks: The least objectionable option!
[A love-at-first-sight scene ensures.]
Sticks: Aww, who's a little cluster-wuster?
Buster: [Barks]
Sticks: I'm gonna name him "Buster"!
Sonic: "Buster", the "Cluster"...?
[A spray of slimy "drool" splatters on Sonic's face. Sticks hugs Buster close. Sonic is unamused.]

[Scene Change: Stick's house, day.]

[Sticks is giving Buster a bone.]
Amy: Sticks, when I said get a pet, I didn't think you'd come back with something so--
Sticks: Wonderful?
[Buster drops the bone, spraying another stream of slimy drool.]
Knuckles: Ucky.
Sonic: Sticks, are you sure you want to keep this... Cluster?
Sticks: Ahem. It's "Buster." Finally, I have an adorable little pet that doesn't disgust me!
[Buster belches, spraying slime on Tails.]
Tails: Eww... Buster got slime in my fur!
Sticks: That just means he woves you. [kisses Buster, getting slime around her mouth.]

[Scene Change: Montage.]

[Amy is getting an ice cream cone from the Ice Cream Vendor, but Buster leaps by, eating it. Amy growls with annoyance. Buster leaps onto Sticks' lap, and sticks starts petting it. In the next scene, Sonic is running through the jungle. He sees Buster coming and manages to dodge a spray of slime, but slips on some slime on the ground and falls. Buster licks his cheek, leaving slime on it, much to Sonic's disgust. In the next scene, Knuckles is lifting weights. Buster suddenly appears, drooling slime on Knuckles' face. Knuckles loses control of the bar, and struggles to get out from under it. IN the next scene, Tails is working in his workshop, when a ball falls from above. Buster jumps down after it, bouncing the ball up into the air. It catches it, eats it, then sprays more slime at Tails. Tails looks annoyed.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Everyone is seated at a table. Everyone except Sticks is slime-covered and annoyed.]
Sticks: Who's a hungry little Cluster? Who's a hungry-wungry Cluster-Wuster, huh?
Tails: Would Buster like a french fry? I don't want any. They've got slime on 'em!
Sticks: Ah-na-na-na-na-na! We only eat organic garbage now, don't we, Buster?
DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse Worker: Help! Someone is robbing the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse! Seriously. Help!
[An explosion comes from the warehouse. Orbot and Cubot exit, wearing crudely designed masks of Sonic and Tails.]
Cubot: Cybernetic tentacles? Check! Deadly nanobots? Check! Evil spare parts? Check!
[A swarm of Bee Bots fly out, holding the parts.]
Cubot: Oh, these people have everything.
[Sonic is running over, and stops. Orbot and Cubot see him.]
Orbot: Look, it's Sonic. Let's grab the boxes and go.
Cubot: Henchbots, you take care of them!
[The Bee Bots fly at Sonic, who tries to swat them away. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy run over.]
Sonic: They've gone 'round back. Someone stop them!
Knuckles: I've got 'em.
[Knuckles, Amy, and Tails are also confronted by the Bee Bots. Sticks walks over, carrying Buster.]
Sonic: Quick, Sticks, run around back and head 'em off.
Sticks: I don't wanna put Buster in danger! Besides, it's his walk time.
[Sticks puts a leash on Buster and goes off with him. Sonic looks on in disbelief, then goes airborne, spinning into two of the Bee Bots. When he lands, he spots Orbot and Cubot leaving with more boxes. Sonic zooms after them, but Buster gets away from Sticks and goes in the same direction. Sonic ends up tripping over Buster and faceplanting into the dirt. Buster walks over and licks Sonic's cheek again, much to his disgust.]

[Scene Change: Tails' House, day.]

Amy: We have to talk.
Sticks: Oh no...
Sonic: I'm afraid so, Sticks.
Sticks: You brought him a Cluster sock for our one week anniversary. But you didn't know I already made him one.
Amy: No! Buster's getting in the way of everything.
Knuckles: He ruined our chance to stop those robots.
Tails: Ugh, he got slime all over my equipment!
[Buster drools more slime at Tails' feet.]
Sticks: First you say you want me to have a pet, then you say you don't want me to have a pet. I know what's going on here. A massive government mind-control experiment!
Amy: That's... one theory. The other is, we just want you to discipline him. Show some-- [Suddenly screams as Buster is on her head, drooling right in her face.] Forget it! Either Buster goes, or we do!
Sticks: Well, if Buster goes, I go! And I'm not going!
Sonic: Oh. I guess that means we go.
[The others start to leave, but suddenly stop.]
Tails: Wait. This is my house.
Dr. Eggman: [Suddenly pops in from outside] Oh, hello! I was just stopping by with a present for your little cluster. [Holds out a box]
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy look surprised. Sticks, however, looks excited.]
Sticks: A present? For Buster?
Dr. Eggman: Since little Buster here was created in my lab, I still feel like a father to him.
Sonic: You created Buster?
Dr. Eggman: I did. And now I want to give him this little present! [Opens the box, revealing a robotic bone]
Sonic: Wait a minute. Are you sure this Cluster isn't just another evil robot built to destroy--
[Buster suddenly leaps out of Sticks' arms and grabs the robotic bone.]
Dr. Eggman: No, it's not an evil robot! It's an evil Slime Bot! It's a totally different thing. A Slime Bot is a robot covered in disgusting goo.
[Buster eats the bone and transforms into a monstrous form with tentacles.]
Sonic: Is that the tentacle you stole from the warehouse?
Dr. Eggman: Oh please. I used that tentacle as a backscratcher. When I was done scratching, I used it to build him.
[Buster attacks Sonic, but Sonic manages to avoid the attacks, and runs over to the others.]
Sonic: Hey guys, I think I'm gonna need a little help with the Cluster here.
Sticks: No! Don't make me hurt my beloved Buster!
Knuckles: Well, I never liked him much. [Charges out and uses the ground pound, but this doesn't faze Buster, who approaches meanacingly] Did I say "never liked"? I meant "never got to know."
[Knuckles is seized by one of Buster's tentacles.]
Amy: [Pulls out her hammer] All right, Buster, the hammer's coming down! [Charges, but is seized as well]
Tails: Or up, as the case may-- [Also seized]
Dr. Eggman: Heheheheh!
[Sonic races around Buster, then leaps, landing on the edge of a nearby table. It goes flying through the air, and neatly severs one of Buster's tentacles.]
Sonic: Ah ha! [The tentacle suddenly grows back] Uh oh... [Leaps away, but is soon seized as well]
Dr. Eggman: Good boy, Clusterbot! Now... [Points at Sticks] Get her!
[Buster menacingly approaches Sticks.]
Sonic: Sticks! Buster won't attack you!
Sticks: Aww, that's sweet!
Sonic: No, I mean if there's any way you can stop him, now's the time!
Sticks: Buster, don't do this. You're good inside! Remember all the times we had!
[A "flashback" shows Buster and Sticks running down the beach, then the two of them dancing together, then Sticks holding a ring for Buster to jump through, then the two of them exploring what appear to be ancient ruins. Back to the present, Buster shakes his head, then looks angry again.]
Sticks: Yeah... I don't remember any of that either.
Dr. Eggman: And now, my Clustery friend... Finish them!
[Buster pulls Tails in, preparing to eat him first.]
Tails: Uh oh...
Sticks: Buster, no! [Buster looks at her in surprise] No eat friends! Bad Cluster! Bad Cluster! [Buster wilts under her discipline]
Dr. Eggman: What? No! Good Cluster! Eat friends!
Sticks: Buster, sit!
Dr. Eggman: No! Stand! Be evil!
[Sticks continues to glare at Buster, who finally puts down Sonic and the others.]
Dr. Eggman: No!
[Buster sits, as commanded.]
Sticks: Buster? [points at Eggman] Take out the trash!
[Buster charges at Eggman. Eggman tries to flee, but Buster catches him and starts swinging him around.]
Dr. Eggman: No! [is flung away by Buster] I'm never making one of these agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn-- [Disappears into the distance]
Sticks: Now give the bone back.
[Buster spits up the robotic bone, and returns to his original form.]
Sticks: [Pets Buster] Good Cluster!
[Sticks gets a faceful of slime. The others recoil, but then start laughing. Sticks can only smile sheepishly.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, beach, day.]

Sticks: Buster, it turns out you were an evil robot. So, maybe you're not pet material. I guess this is goodbye.
[Sticks puts a hobo pack on Buster, who walks off.]
Sticks: Have fun out there in the big world.
[Sticks watches Buster go, waving goodbye.]
Tails: Hey guys, I found a giant octopus! Think I can keep him?
[Tails is suddenly eaten by the giant octopus. It then spits out his goggles.]
Tails: [From inside the octopus] Changed my mind. Help!