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"Buster" is the fourth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 15 November 2014 in the United States and on 22 November 2014 in France.


Sticks adopts a disgusting pet that annoys the rest of the gang. The pet turns out to be a robot created by Eggman.



Races and species:




In the village, the citizens are enjoying themselves until Fire Bot appears and shoots fire all over the place. With Team Sonic having arrived to stop the robot, Sonic knows Dr. Eggman is behind it, though Eggman, who sits causally on a nearby bench, innocently denies it. After Fire Bot briefly faces Amy and Knuckles, it begins wreaking havoc by placing a walrus baby in a fire which Sonic saves, and putting a kitten in a tree for no reason at all. Eventually, Sonic has had enough and ties up Fire Bot with its own hose, causing it to explode. Eggman, having admitted earlier that he created the robot, runs away. Celebrating their victory, Sonic asks Sticks to get the kitten in the tree down. While she complies, she does so by violently shaking the tree, much to Sonic's disapproval.

Later at Amy's House, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy confront Sticks about the way she treats animals. Amy proposes Sticks to get a pet to learn how to love animals and she assigns Sonic (against his will) to go pet-shopping with Sticks. At the pet shop, though, Sticks rejects all the animals as they look too cute. However, Sticks soon after finds a small robo-dog that constantly leaks slime in a pile of trash. She quickly takes a liking to it and names it "Buster", but Sonic thinks the robot is disgusting. Later in Sticks' Burrow, Sticks' friends are not sure whether Buster is a good choice, mainly due to his slime, but Sticks is sure Buster is right for her.

Over the next week, Buster's affectionate and energetic nature, combined with his slime, begins annoying the other team members, such as ruining Amy's ice cream, messing up Sonic's running routine, interrupting Knuckles' weight training and disturbing Tails' tinkering. Later, Team Sonic is out trying to have a lunch at Meh Burger only to have it ruined by Buster's slime, but Sticks still loves her pet as much as ever. Suddenly, Orbot (who wears a Sonic mask), Cubot (who wears a Tails mask) and a horde of Bee Bots appear and rob the local DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy try to stop them, but they are kept at bay by the Bee Bots. They call for Sticks' help, but she does not want to participate in the fight because Buster could get hurt. Sonic tries to go after Orbot and Cubot himself, but Buster suddenly runs into his path, causing him to trip and allow the robots to get away with several robotic parts.

Meeting up at Tails' house, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy give Sticks an ultimatum: either Buster goes or they go, but Sticks refuses to give up her pet. Just then, Eggman arrives at Tails' doorstep with a gift for Buster, a mechanical bone, and reveals that Buster is one of his creations. As Sonic suspects Buster is another one of Eggman's evil robots, his suspicions are confirmed when Buster eats the bone, causing him to transform into a colossal monster with tentacles that Eggman sets loose on the heroes. This reveals why Eggman needed the parts his henchbots stole: for the purpose of transforming Buster. Team Sonic tries to attack Buster, except for Sticks who does not want to hurt her pet, but they all end up caught by the robot. Sticks tries to make Buster stop by reminding him of the good times they had together, but fails. However, as Eggman orders Buster to eat the heroes, Sticks starts scolding Buster, making him return to Sticks' side. After having him release her friends, Sticks then orders Buster to throw Eggman far away. Once the deed is done (with Eggman screaming he's never making another robot like Buster again as he flies off), Sticks has Buster regurgitate the mechanical bone, causing him to revert back to normal.

Knowing that Buster is inevitably an evil robot, Sticks shares a heartfelt goodbye with Buster on the beach with her friends and sends him off on his own so he can explore the world. Shortly after, Tails shows up with a giant octopus he found which he hopes can be his pet, but he quickly changes his mind after it almost eats him.



  • When Sticks kisses Buster, slime gets on her lips despite Buster not being covered in it.
  • When Buster shoots slime at Sonic, the slime end up above where it was shot
  • In the first scene with Team Sonic at Meh Burger, the Child Monkey and Wild Cat can be seen at one of the tables. When the camera slides over said table in the next shot, though, they are gone.
  • When the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse Worker crosses the drainage on the ground, his shadow does not touch his feet.
  • In some scenes, Sticks' irises are colored green.
  • In Sticks' fourth flashback, her golden bracelet was colored black.
  • In a scene, Knuckles' eyes are colored blue.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 破坏王 Destroyer
Finnish Risa Broken
French Sidney le déchet Sidney the Waste
German Buster Buster
Hungarian A házikedvenc The Pet
Italian Un cucciolo per Sticks A puppy for Sticks
Japanese キモかわいいバスター The Ugly Cute Buster
Korean 애완견 로봇 Robotic Puppy
Persian باستر Buster
Polish Buster Buster
Portuguese (Brazil) Bichinhos de Estimação Little animals of estimation
Portuguese (Portugal) Rebolas Buster
Romanian Prietenul The friend
Russian Бастер Buster
Spanish (Latin America) Buster Buster
Spanish (Spain)
Turkish Kuyruk Tail
Ukrainian Бастер Buster


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