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The Burst Wispon is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a Wispon that is both themed after and utilizes the power of the Red Wisp.



Modeled after the Red Wisp, the Burst Wispon is a red-colored Wispon that has a fireball-shaped frame that is held together by several black nozzles. These nozzles are attached to a white barrel. It also has three holes on its front, keeping with the Red Wisp-motif. It also has a black handle on the back that allows the wielder to hold it in a comfortable grip.

Features and abilities

Civilians with Burst Wispons

A Burst Wispon spewing flames, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

The Burst Wispon's signature function is its ability to hold Red Wisps inside it and harness their energies to power itself. Without a Red Wisp inside it, the Burst Wispon is useless.[1] When active, this Wispon is able to spew highly intense flames hot enough to destroy Badniks.[2]

Being built to clear out crowds of robots, the Burst Wispons possess a widespread attack range.[2][3]



The Burst Wispons were built to clear out crowds of robots using the Red Wisps' power.[3]

The War

Rough and Tumble save town

Rough wielding a Burst Wispon, from Sonic the Hedgehog #3.

Just before the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire ended, there were two mercenaries named Rough and Tumble (who were armed with a Burst Wispon and Drill Wispon respectively) who saved Barricade Town, a town that distributed Burst Wispons, from Dr. Eggman's forces. Once they were let inside Barricade Town however, the mercenaries took over the town and stole all the town's Wispons for themselves, along with the Wisps needed to power them.[1]


When a Badnik force attacked a town, the local militia and several of the residents armed themselves with Burst Wispons and other Wispons which they used to fight off the invading robots. After listening to the commands of Amy Rose, the armed citizens fell back to the Town Hall, where they, on Amy's mark, successfully destroyed a wave of Badniks with the Burst Wispons and other Wispons.[2]

When Sonic and Knuckles entered Barricade Town, the duo eventually clashed with Rough and Tumble. During their battle, Rough attempted to use a Burst Wispon against the heroes. However, his Burst Wispon was left without power when Sonic convinced the Wisps in the villains' Wispons to betray Rough and Tumble by leaving their Wispons. After the two villains were defeated, the town's Burst Wispons were returned to their owners.[1] A militia soldier in Tangle the Lemur's home town later made use of a Burst Wispon to defend her town when a horde of Badniks showed up.[4]

Crisis City

When a Zombot outbreak erupted in Sunset City, the city's defense force would use Burst Wispons to keep the advancing Zombots at bay while they organized and evacuated the survivors.[5]


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