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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Burning Depths

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Burning Depths (オーシャンパーク[1] Ōshan Pāku?, lit. "Ocean Park") is the third track of the arcade cup in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, representing Burning Rangers for the Sega Saturn.


The race takes place during a rescue mission in which Ocean Park, New Zealand is on fire and slowly flooding. Throughout the race, while several Burning Rangers are flying about, Chris Parton, an operator, instructs the racers to help find an escape route in order to get to safety. Racers are treated to a brief cameo from two of the Burning Rangers at the starting line.

The player begins on a straight stretch of road, racing through a tunnel before drifting around a sharp left turn, which leads into another tunnel with several ups and downs that are perfect for tricks. Entering a large hangar that contains several submarines, racers drive on metal platforms and must avoid falling into the water slowly flooding the area. After exiting the hangar, the race proceeds into the tunnels once more, with more twists and turns along the way.

Just before the second lap, a boat transformation gate prepares the racers for a flooded second lap, whose layout is not unlike the first lap's. However, near the end of the lap, a car transformation gate sends racers on a higher road that leads the racers to the finish line, where the boat transformation gate awaits. However, it is only a short while before the race returns to land and the track's twisting tunnels. Due to the many sharp turns, this is one of the most technical tracks in the game.


  • Chris Parton's audio clips were all taken directly from the original Burning Rangers game.
  • Aside from the appearances of the Burning Rangers themselves, Ecco the Dolphin makes cameo appearances, first in the dolphin tank which Chris Parton will occasionally mention, and later on in the race swimming outside the facility along with his pod.[2]




Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"We Are Burning Rangers" Sega, Richard Jacques 4:35

The music that plays is a slightly remixed version of We Are Burning Rangers.



Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Burning Depths 1080 HD


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