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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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It all ends here, old friend. Prepare to be destroyed by Burnbot!

Dr. Eggman, "The Sidekick"

Burnbot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a destruction robot[3] created by Dr. Eggman to destroy Sonic. Its name is somewhat of a misnomer, as it was not originally designed with any flame-related weapons.


The Burnbot model for Bot Racing, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

Burnbot is a relatively short robot. It has a flat, cylinder-shaped black torso with a red frame, three cyan lights below its head, and two prongs below its chest. It also has spiked shoulder guards with round red and white shoulder covers, and a pair of fins and rockets on its back. Its two arms consist of black cables with a red gauntlet and a pair of black pincers each, while its black legs are relatively thin with red wheels instead of feet. Its head is a simple black and white cap with cyan eyes with slit-like pupils, sharp eyebrows, and no mouth.

Another Burnbot model meant for Bot Racing was slightly redesigned for this purpose. While this model retains the upper body of the original Burnbot, it was given black legs with actual feet instead of its old ones.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Burnbot racing in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Burnbot was chosen as one of Dr. Eggman's EggBot Racers to beat Sonic in a racing competition. Receiving Eggman's new Ragnium fuel and other upgrades, Burnbot gained a massive speed boost and new abilities. When its turn came to race Sonic, however, Burnbot proved no match for him.

TV series

Season one

Burnbot was first summoned by Dr. Eggman to fight Sonic. Once Sonic had finished noting the misleading nature of its name, Burnbot chased him until Tails showed up in the Tornado and helped counterattack with the Speeding Swing Surprise. Getting back up, Burnbot pierced the Tornado's wing, causing Tails to crash; Sonic retaliated by loosening a boulder, which crushed Burnbot. Burnbot was then picked up by Eggman with his Eggmobile and flown away. Later, when Eggman raced Tails in their aircraft in an attempt to eliminate both him and Sonic, he picked up Burnbot, who made Tails crash into a frozen lake, where it faced both Sonic and Tails. Using its new flamethrowers, Burnbot made the duo fall into the lake, but they quickly got out and knocked Burnbot into the lake.[4]

Burnbot posing as "Judge Bot."

Burnbot later reappeared in Dr. Eggman's lair where it was used by Sonic, who had switched bodies with Eggman, to battle Eggman until they could switch back.[5] Infiltrating the local courthouse, Burnbot posed as "Judge Bot" when Eggman sued Sonic to ensure Eggman's victory in the following trial. Serving as the judge, Burnbot almost declared Sonic guilty, but was stopped by Amy who exposed Eggman's scam.[1] Later on, Burnbot was taken over by the virus Nominatus when he infected Eggman's systems for the purpose of destroying all life forms. By a fluke, Burnbot was deployed to battle Team Sonic by Orbot and Cubot when they entered cyberspace to stop Nominatus. As the heroes held it off, Burnbot shut down once Nominatus was destroyed.[6]

Burnbot later came with Eggman to the Valley of the Cubots to destroy the Cubot prototypes where it fought Sonic and Tails. Due to Cubot messing up Eggman's controls, Burnbot went rampant, allowing Sonic to tie it up with its own arms. When Eggman retreated, Burnbot was left behind.[7] Another time, Burnbot joined a mission Eggman sponsored to remove Knuckles as the host of the Comedy Chimp Show, as a part of a sponsor deal with Comedy Chimp (during which Burnbot advertised Eggman Industries). There, it briefly fought Sonic, but soon retreated with its master.[8] To later avoid being evicted for housing robots, Burnbot was disguised as a lamp by Eggman during the Archipelago Homeowners Association's visit in his lair.[9]

Season two

Burnbot trying to do housework.

After getting scolded by Eggman for trying to clean up the doctor's mess, Burnbot joined Orbot and Cubot's strike action while also scorning Eggman's replacement lackeys. As it was about to give up though, Eggman cracked and agreed to treat it better (but still without respect).[3] Burnbot later came with Eggman to attack Hedgehog Village. There, it helped Eggman's Badniks corner Sonic when he showed up alone, as Eggman had hoped. However, Burnbot got taken out by Knuckles in no time when Sonic's team came to his aid.[10]

When Burnbot got infected by malware from Hypnobot, it was compelled to join other infected robots in an attack on the Village. There, it wound up fighting Knuckles and Sticks.[11] Once Hypnobot's control was broken however, Burnbot was freed and returned to Eggman.[12] Burnbot fell under Hypnobot's command again though when he and Eggman made an alliance. Joining the villains' army for an invasion of Morristown, Burnbot ended up facing the combined forces of Team Sonic and Team Cybonic within the city where it got destroyed by Sticks and Cyborg Sticks.[13] Eventually rebuilt, Burnbot would help Eggman attack what appeared to be Sonic, which was revealed to be a decoy doll in the aftermath.[14] Burnbot soon after became the property of T.W. Barker when the conman tricked Eggman into signing all his properties over to him. Burnbot would thus, upon Barker's orders, help remove Eggman when the doctor confronted Barker over his deceit. However, it later became Eggman's property again.[15]

When Eggman had to keep Sonic from delivering the doctor's order from Meh Burger to his lair within three minutes, in an attempt to humiliate Sonic for his incompetence at delivering his order on time, Burnbot would act as an obstacle at Eggman's lair. However, it could not keep Sonic from arriving on time.[16]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

Burnbot, from Sonic Boom #1.

Burnbot was called into action by Dr. Eggman to attack the villagers at the Eggtoberfest when Eggman could not earn their trust. After wrecking havoc, it assaulted Knuckles, only to be beaten by the echidna with one punch.[17]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Burnbot makes a small appearance on the High Score menu, holding the ninth place with a score of 150,000 points.


Burnbot is normally silent, single-minded, and ruthless in combat. Despite this, it does possess an AI that grants it a degree of free will and emotional capabilities.[1][3] As such, Burnbot is able to make its own choices and express itself.[3] It is also capable of speech when it has to. In terms of personality, it displays an aversion to cockroaches, impatience, and an interest in dance parties.[1]

Burnbot usually remains unquestioningly dedicated to its master's orders,[1] although this does not mean it takes kindly to poor treatment of it.[3] Regardless of the individuality it shows though, Burnbot is weak-willed and depends on Eggman to avoid being sent to the scrapheap, meaning it cannot act independently for long before coming groveling back to the doctor.[3]

As per its programming, Burnbot will only obey orders after being threatened.[5]

Powers and abilities

Burnbot charging the flamethrowers on its chest.

Burnbot is one of Eggman's most versatile creations. It can move at super speeds comparable to Sonic's with perfect mobility when he causes a sonic boom[4][7] and is capable of rocket-powered flight.[6] It also has a high degree of enhanced strength, enough to send Eggman flying through the air for several hundred meters with a single throw.[15] It is also equipped with a pair of large claws for hands, which are powerful enough to pierce metal and can transform into sawblades. It is also able to extend its arms over long distances for long-ranged attack and then reel them back in.[4]

Burnbot later developed the ability to fire small laser beams from numerous spots on its body, including its hands, the two cannons on its chest, and its eyes.[4][5][6][7] Following its first battle, Eggman also equipped Burnbot with flamethrowers on its chest, allowing it to shoot flames hot enough to instantly crack a large area of a frozen lake.[4] Despite not having a mouth, Burnbot can also breathe fire.[3] As an Eggman robot, it is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[18]


Due to being designed for destruction, Burnbot's claws are not suited for handling small and delicate objects, like shattered mugs.[3] Also, being an Eggman robot, Burnbot relies on Eggman's lair to provide it with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then it will too.[18]


  • Power source: Lithium-ion[1]


Dr. Eggman

As per its programming, Burnbot holds absolute loyalty toward Dr. Eggman. As a result, it favors him above all others and considers him a great man for creating it.[1] Conversely, Burnbot will treat Eggman like any other outsider in case the scientist is no longer designated as its master.[15]

While Burnbot does have its limits for much of Eggman's abuse it will stand for (which once made it take strike actions against Eggman in order to make him treat it better), it will ultimately return to Eggman's service no matter how much it has to demean itself. This is because without Eggman to serve, Burnbot is bound to get scrapped.[3]




  • Burnbot is the first of Dr. Eggman's robots to debut in the Sonic Boom television series.
  • Burnbot spoke for the first, and only, time in the series in "Don't Judge Me".
  • Before Sonic and Burnbot fought against each other, Sonic suggested other names for it, such as "Clawbot," "The Lacerator", and "Pinch-a-tron 9000."[4]
  • A variant of Burnbot was originally going to be in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric as a training enemy, but was scrapped in the end.[19]


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