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|Sonic and Dr. Robotnik
|Sonic and Dr. Robotnik
|Tails and a [[Hover Unit]]
|Tails and a [[Hover Unit#Swat-Bot.2FHover_Unit_model|Hover Unit]]
|Knuckles and [[Cluck (SatAM)|Cluck]]
|Knuckles and [[Cluck (SatAM)|Cluck]]
|Sonic game
|Sonic game

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Burger King is a fast-food franchise founded in 1953. They produced Sonic the Hedgehog Toys in the United Kingdom as a part of their kid's meals in the 1990's, and were the first fast-food franchise to do so.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)


In the UK in 1993, Burger King did a promotion for their kid's meals of toys of the Sonic series.[1] The toys included were two Sonics, a Tails and a Dr. Robotnik. Each toy had a unique action feature.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1998)

The full set of toys.

In the UK in 1998, Burger King did a promotion for their Burger King Kid's Club, of toys of the Sonic series again. The promotion had five toys this time, being Sonic and Dr. Robotnik, Tails, Knuckles (with a Cluck target), a Sonic game and a Dr. Robotnik Game. The four figurine toys were similar to the ones available during McDonald's' Sonic the Hedgehog 3 promotion four years prior.

Also available during the promotion was a Sonic R-themed kids meal box and cup, to publicize the release of the game on PC.[2]

BK 1998 UK Sonic Robotnik.jpg BK 1998 UK Tails.jpg BK 1998 UK Knuckles.jpg BK 1998 UK Sonic.png BK 1998 UK Robotnik.jpg
Sonic and Dr. Robotnik Tails and a Hover Unit Knuckles and Cluck Sonic game Dr. Robotnik game

Sonic Adventure (1999, canceled)

Promotional artwork for the Burger King toys.

The franchise had, at one point, owned the rights of fast-food toys for their Burger King Kid's Club based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series when Sonic Adventure was released in 1999 in the United States. However, it was cancelled. At least ten toys were going to be produced for the Burger King Kid's Club, but were never made. However, auctions on eBay revealed concept artwork of each figure.[3]


The following figures were originally meant to be produced as toys for the Burger King Kid's Club.

Rip Roaring Robotnik

Rip Roaring Robotnik is a figure consisting of Dr. Eggman (then known as "Dr. Robotnik," despite the name being changed to "Dr. Eggman" during the course of Sonic Adventure) in his Egg Mobile and a Sonic the Hedgehog figure. According to the concept artwork, the Eggman figure would have been spinnable, and a light-up gimmick would have been used for the figure. The user could have spin the figure fast enough to hit the Sonic figure. The concept artwork shows that the figures had no articulation besides Eggman's arms, which can be debatable if so.


Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic

Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic is a figure consisting of Sonic the Hedgehog on a skateboard (it should be noted that this figure is based off of concept artwork of Sonic on a skateboard released during the release of Sonic Adventure, seen here). The figure would have been bendable and would have been able to move thanks to the wheels on the skateboard. Despite being a skateboard, the name of the figure implies it was based on the snowboard scene from the IceCap level.


Go Gamma Go!

Go Gamma Go! is a figure consisting of E-102 Gamma. His pistol and arm would have been moveable, as his pistol would have had a stand where it could stay in place. Its scope would have been lightable and his pistol would have been metallic.


Knuckles Goes for a Spin

Knuckles Goes for a Spin is a figure that would have Knuckles the Echidna attached to an object with Dr. Eggman on the opposite side, also attached by the object. Knuckles appears to be gliding by his posture, which was an ability Knuckles could do during the gameplay of Sonic Adventure. The object appeared to look like it could have spun around, hence its name. According to the figure, it states that it "defies gravity." The concept artwork shown below shows that Dr. Eggman has the pointy head from his Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog design.


Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails

Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails is a figure that would have been Miles "Tails" Prower while flying. The figure would have had Tails being moveable thanks to wheels underneath his stomach, and his tails would have articulated via spinning them. Note that Tails is colored in a rather darker-yellow, almost orange, fur, which indicates that the figures would have been released during or after the release of Sonic Adventure.


Frog-Catchin’ Cat

Frog-Catchin’ Cat is a figure that would have been Big the Cat fishing with his Fishing Rod, with Froggy attached to the rod. Oddly enough, Big's name is not shown on the concept artwork, indicating that Big's name was possibly not finalized during the production of these figures. The figure would have been rockable, as Big's feet would stay in place while the actual body itself will rock back and forth. The rod and Froggy would have been lightable.


Noisy Amy

Noisy Amy is a figure that would have been Amy Rose sitting down with a hammer (which is perhaps her Piko Piko Hammer colored lazily) in one hand and a pin of Sonic on the other hand. Much of what the figure does is unknown, but it appears that Amy could have moved her arms. It would have been a "large" figure and would have had a unique fabric for Amy's dress.


Super Sonic Sled

Super Sonic Sled is a figure that would have contained Sonic the Hedgehog, despite its name suggesting it involves Super Sonic, on a sled. The sled would have sparkled if moved. It could have rolled thanks to barely visible wheels beneath the figure. Much of this figure is mostly unknown other than said information above.


Turbo Prop Tails

Turbo Prop Tails is a figure that would have consisted of Tails in his Tornado 2 bi-plane. The bi-plane would have had a rotatable propeller and it would have had a wrench-like object on the end of the bi-plane. It should be noted that the concept artwork of Turbo Prop Tails shows the figure using the wrench for a Sonic figure to fit onto, suggesting that this figure would have contained a Sonic accessory.


Walk 'Em Sock 'Em Knuckles

Walk 'Em Sock 'Em Knuckles is a figure that would have been Knuckles in his gliding position, much like the previous Knuckles figure above. The main gimmick of this figure would have been Knuckles' arms rotatable, in which his arm joint would have three arms, as if he was hitting fast enough to cause an optical illusion. Much about this figure that what has been previously stated in currently unknown.



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