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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Oh, my stars!

— Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit who has been partially roboticized. As such, she possesses mechanical body parts that provide her with superhuman strength and telescopic limbs. She is a good friend to Sally and Sonic, and a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Concept and creation

In an early prototype design made during the early development of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series, Bunny was drawn with a Disney-esque stylization and was organic from the waist up.[2] She was later drawn so that only her head was organic, with all the other parts of her body being replaced with a robotic suit.[3] These prototype designs were ultimately scrapped, however.

In the earlier scripts, Bunnie was in love with Rotor.[4] This is not directly referenced in the final show, though Bunnie is seen dancing with Rotor during the show's intro sequence.


Bunnie is an anthropomorphic rabbit. She has mainly light orange-blonde fur with brighter fur around her muzzle. She also has jungle green eyes and purple eyelids. For attire, Bunnie wears a purple leotard and a black belt. Bunnie's most characteristic features however, are her mechanical limbs, with her both left arm and legs being mechanical due to roboticization.


TV series


Little is known about Bunnie's past, except that she was friends with Sonic and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters during childhood. In 3224, however, together with the other children, Bunnie was taken to Knothole Village after Dr. Robotnik came to power in Mobotropolis.[5][6] Under unspecified circumstances later on, Bunnie was partially roboticized.

Season one

While in Knothole Village, Bunnie helped Sally and Rotor build some catapults. Later at night, Bunnie tried to sleep. At the same time though, she attempt to comfort Sally, who was worrying about Sonic, who had gone to Robotropolis. Later, Bunnie helped fend off a Buzz-Bomber attack on Knothole.[7]

Bunnie eventually took part in an attack on a Swat-Bot factory in Robotropolis, together with Sonic and Sally. During the mission, Bunnie turned off the factory's power, allowing Sonic to plant explosives inside of it. Bunnie retreated afterward to Knothole, only to discover after Sonic returned that Sally was missing. Sonic thus ran off to save her and eventually came back with her. The next day, Bunnie noticed that the carrots in her garden were dying. Later, she learned from Sonic that the Swat-Bot factory was still functioning. As such, Bunnie returned to Robotropolis with Sonic, Rotor and Sally to re-launch their attack on the factory. They noticed, however, that their opponents were anticipating their every move as they snuck through the city. Bunnie and co. soon after discovered that the Sally who Sonic saved was in fact a Sallybot, a robotic agent serving Robotnik, who promptly ran away once her cover had been blown. After Sonic ran after Sallybot, Bunnie would catch up to them and save Sonic from Sallybot when she immobilized him with some Mega Muck. Later, after neutralizing Sallybot, Bunnie and Rotor intercepted a Hover Unit and used it to destroy the Swat-Bot factory while Sonic rescued the real Sally.[8]

Bunnie forcing the Dinobot's mouth open.

Later, Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor met up with Sonic and Sally in the subway in Robotropolis after the trio failed to find old parts from the Roboticizer at the junkyard. There, Bunnie and her group learned that Sonic and Sally had seen the roboticized Chuck head for the Crystal Mine. Deciding to follow Chuck, Bunnie and her group headed towards the Crystal Mine in a trolley just as they came under attack by Swat-Bots. After later finding and capturing Chuck, the group gave him a Power Ring that restored his mind and free will. Upon regaining his senses however, Chuck took Bunnie and her group into the Crystal Mine to stop Robotnik's forces from extracting a giant Energy Crystal; if that crystal was removed, Mobius's ecosystem would be destroyed. Bunnie thus joined Sonic and Chuck on a mission to help them take over the Dinobot leading the excavation. With the aid of her mechanical arm, Bunnie managed to get the Dinobot's mouth open, thus allowing her and Sonic to get inside the Dinobot. After Bunnie, Sonic and Chuck took control of the Dinobot together, they managed to destroy the Energy Crystal with it. Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters subsequently fled the Crystal Mine onboard a train. However, they had to leave Chuck behind, as he soon reverted back to an aggressive Worker-Bot once more and could thus hurt their escape from the Swat-Bots.[9]

Bunnie and Tails later stopped Sonic during his running trip through the Great Forest in order to show him the airplane that they had been helping the Knothole Freedom Fighters built: the Freedom Stormer. With the Freedom Stormer, Bunnie and her friends planned to fly to Maga and find the Secret Scrolls. When they took off in the Freedom Stormer however, Bunnie and her friends almost crashed, but Rotor managed to stabilize the airplane. When Bunnie and co. later landed near Maga, Sonic kept them from slipping off a cliff. While in Maga, Bunnie and her group managed to find the Secret Scrolls, but then Dr. Robotnik, Snively and their Swat-Bots appeared to take the scrolls from them. Sonic, however, managed to turned the villains' attention away, giving Bunnie and her friends a chance to escape. Later, Sonic managed to blow Robotnik and his lackeys off a cliff using the Breath of Mobius which was located in Maga. With a successful mission under their belt, Bunnie and her friends returned to the Freedom Stormer and flew back home in it.[10]

Bunnie soon after helped Rotor built a new waterwheel by bringing parts to it. Later, she and Sally would help Rotor construct the watermill. At the same time, Bunnie comforted Sally when she expressed worry about Sonic, who had gone to the Forbidden Zone. However, after Robotnik got Lazaar's Computer, he used it to teleported Bunnie to Robotropolis. Upon arriving, Bunnie saw that Sally, who had been teleported to Robotnik as well, was in danger. As such, she attacked the Swat-Bots and tried to release Sally from her shackles. However, she got stunned when she was shot by a Laser Rifle. With both Bunnie and Sally imprisoned, Robotnik casted a hypnosis spell on them using Lazaar's computer, thus turning them into his slaves. When the doctor then teleported Sonic to him, Bunnie and Sally tried to take him to the Roboticizer. Sonic, however, escaped them. While Sally and Bunnie tried to catch him, Sonic regained Lazaar's computer and canceled the spells cast by Robotnik. With Sally and Bunnie now free, they fled with Sonic to the Forbidden Zone. There, they returned the computer to Lazaar and said goodbye to him before he departed. Bunnie and her friends then returned to Knothole, where Rotor showed them that their new waterwheel was now operational.[1]

Bunnie on a mission with Sally and Antoine.

Bunnie, Sonic and Sally later attacked the power generator in Robotropolis. Although they managed to destroy it, Robotnik soon revealed that he had a backup generator ready. Bunnie soon after decided to join Sally on an attack on the backup generator. Meanwhile, Sonic decided tn enter a racing competition Robotnik had organized, which was to take place in Robotropolis, in order to distract Robotnik and his forces. On the night before the mission, Sally was worried about how Sonic would fare on his own, but Bunnie eased her worries while reading a bedtime story to Tails. The next day, Bunnie went to Robotropolis with Antoine and Sally. When they reached the backup generator, Antoine tried to destroy it. Instead, though, he ended up on a conveyor belt that was taking him towards some gears to get crushed. In an effort Antoine, Bunnie and Sally tried to slow down the conveyor belt. Fortunately, Sonic soon arrived and helped them save Antoine while destroying the generator by inserting a Power Ring in-between its gears.[11]

Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters later watched Sonic destroy the Shredder when it began cutting down the Great Forest. Later, after returning to Knothole, Bunnie congratulated Sonic for his feat. However, Bunnie later discovered that Antoine had disappeared with a Power Ring. Rotor then explained that he, in an attempt to help Antoine think of ways to impress Sally, jokingly suggested that he should capture Robotnik. Ultimately, Antoine was rescued by Sonic, and the two returned to Knothole, but Bunnie did not want to hear Antoine's story about how he saved Sonic.[12] Later, Bunnie and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters were woken up I the middle of the night by a rocket booster that crashed near Knothole. Afterward, Bunnie helped Antoine set up the repaired rocket booster so that it had the right angle for take off, all so Sonic and Rotor could use the rocket booster to fly up to Robotnik's Sky Spy and destroy it before it could locate Knothole. After the duo returned from successfully ensuring the Sky Spy's destruction, Bunnie congratulated Sonic and Rotor for a job well done.[13]

Later, Bunnie, Antoine, and Sally met up with Rotor to receive Swat-Bot disguises. Thanks to them, they were able to get close to the Cloud Burster, which Robotnik planned to spray chemicals into the atmosphere with in order to create toxic rain. During the mission though, Antoine was trembling in fear, forcing Bunnie to calm him down. Infiltrating the Cloud Burster's staff, Bunnie and Antoine stood guard outside while Sally went inside the Cloud Burster to hack its computer. However, Antoine eventually dropped his helmet in front of a Swat-Bot. Bunnie tried to destroy the Swat-bot who noticed him, but she was surrounded quickly surrounded by other Swat-Bots and had to give up. With their cover blown, Bunnie, Sally and Antoine were arrested and brought to Snively. Snively subsequently took Bunnie, Antoine and Sally to the Island of Nimbus, where they would stand before Robotnik. For a plan to lure Sonic into a trap, the doctor locked the trio up in a cage. When Sonic later arrived to save Bunnie and the others though, the Cloud Burster had already begun spraying chemicals into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Sonic, who had recently suffered a horrific nightmare, was too scared to do anything. Sonic, however, managed to snap out of his nightmare daze and destroy the Cloud Burster. Afterward, he gave Sally a Power Ring to break the energy bars of their cage with. As Sally pushed the Power Ring against the bars, Bunnie and Antoine helped Sally hold the Power Ring in place. Once the trio was free, Sonic grabbed them and escaped the Island of Nimbus with them, just before the island sank into the river.[14]

Bunnie helping Sonic free Momma T.

Rotor, Sally and Sonic would later work on Bunnie's leg-ladders, but they encountered some trouble while adjusting them. After they were ready, Bunnie helped her friends pick apples from the orchard. Eventually though, she found out from Tails that he had taken a baby Terapod, known as Baby T, into Knothole Village. When the group decided that it was best for Baby T to return to his herd, said herd would run past Knothole. Noticing that the Terapods, who were on their annual migration to Boulder Bay, were migrating in the wrong direction, Bunnie and her friends decided to follow the herd. Eventually, the group reached the Great Jungle, where they noticed that some Stealthbots and Robotnik's hovercraft were approaching. In order to escape the villains, Bunnie and her friends fled into the Great Jungle with the Terapods. Along the way, Sonic was caught around the leg by a vine that pulled him over a mud pool. Bunnie, Sally and Rotor tried to give Sonic some solid footing to land on by trying to push a tree trunk into the mud pool, but they moved away so that Momma T could do it for them, which in turn saved Sonic in time. During their subsequent journey however, the heroes were attacked by Stealthbots. Bunnie and her friends thus fled on the back of Momma T and Baby T, only for Robotnik to trap them inside a force-field. Robotnik then tried to kidnap Momma T with a cage attached to his hovercraft. After Robotnik caught Momma T in his cage and began to reel her in though, Sonic found his way up to the cage and tried to unhook it. Using her leg-ladders, Bunnie was able to help Sonic. When the cage began to fall down towards her, however, Bunnie tried to get away, only for her leg to lock up. Fortunately, the cage stopped right before it hit Bunnie, whose leg was then unlocked by Rotor with a remote control. Afterward, Bunnie managed to get away from under the cage while Momma T escaped from said cage. Bunnie and her friends then managed to escape after Sonic made a hole in the force-field with a Power Ring-empowered Super Spin. After they lost Robotnik, Bunnie and her friends escorted the herd of the Terapods to Boulder Bay and it turned out that the Terapods were going in the right direction all along.[15]

Season two

Bunnie after having been de-roboticized.

Eventually, Bunnie tended to Dulcy after she collided with a tree.[16] Later, Sally, Rotor and Sonic used Bunnie as a test subject for their De-Roboticizer, which managed to restore Bunnie's organic body parts, much to Bunnie's joy. After the heroes de-roboticized Uncle Chuck as well, Bunnie began discussing with Sally about the latter's plans to de-roboticize more Worker-Bots. While they talked however, Bunnie's limbs became mechanical again. After she was consoled by Sally, Bunnie went with her and Dulcy to stop Chuck, who had become a Worker-Bot again and kidnapped Antoine and Tails. Eventually though, they returned to Knothole to get Sonic's help. Later, Bunnie, Dulcy and Sally found Sonic stuck in a pool of Mega Muck, which they managed to drag him out of. Later, after returning to Knothole, Bunnie helped clean up from the De-Roboticizer, which Chuck had destroyed.[17]

Bunnie, Sally and Dulcy later waited for Sonic, who was supposed to bring them a letter from Chuck, in Robotropolis. When Sonic finally arrived with the message, Bunnie and her group learned that the Roboticizer had been moved somewhere else, which meant that they had to abort their mission. Bunnie, Sally and Dulcy thus returned to Knothole Village while Sonic went to get a chili dog. When Sonic did not return, however, Bunnie, Sally and Dulcy went to Robotropolis, where Sally went with Chuck to look for Sonic. It was soon after discovered that Sonic had been hit by a Memory Scrambler and that Snively was now using the amnesiac Sonic to locate Knothole. Bunnie, Sally and Dulcy thus returned to Knothole and warned everyone about the incoming threat. When Snively later approached Knothole while Sonic tried to gather all the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Bunnie and her friends hid in an underground shelter, with Chuck joining them in the shelter. There, Chuck revealed that they could restore Sonic's memory if they gave him a Power Ring. Bunnie and the others thus stayed in the shelter while Sally, Chuck and Tails went to get a Power Ring. Eventually though, Snively found Bunnie and co. and treated them to the Memory Scrambler. Fortunately, Snively was stopped by Sonic.[18]

Bunnie's history was later slightly altered when Sonic and Sally went back in time to stop Dr. Robotnik before he rose to power in Mobotropolis. In the past, young Bunnie was left in the care of Rosie together with young Antoine, young Rotor, young Sally and young Sonic when Chuck had to go meet the King with the time-traveling versions of Sonic and Sally. However, young Sonic would later ignore their order to stay put in favor of checking out what was happening at the palace. Young Bunnie and the other children subsequently followed young Sonic to the palace, only for them to get caught by Swat-Bots.[5] Locked in jail, young Bunnie and the other children were set to be roboticized. Young Bunnie was supposed to be the first to be roboticized, but the time-traveling versions of Sonic and Sally managed to save young Bunnie by turning the Roboticizer off for a few hours. By the time the Roboticizer started functioning again, Sonic and Sally managed to rescue young Bunnie and the other children, and help them evacuate to Knothole with Rosie.[6]

Bunnie hearing that Antoine wants to learn martial arts.

Later on, Bunnie would teach Tails martial arts. During her lesson though, Antoine came and asked her to train him as well, although Bunnie thought he was a lost case. After Antoine showed little progress after exesnive training with Bunnie, he disappeared into the Great Forest. As such, Bunnie and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters went looking for him. When they found him however, they discovered that he had become the king of the Nasty Hyenas. The group tried to convince Antoine to return home with them, only for Antoine to resign from the Freedom Fighters as a result. Despite this, Bunnie and her friends would save Antoine when the Nasty Hyenas tried to eat him. After returning to Knothole, Bunnie listened to Antoine's story about how he fought the hyenas.[19] Later, Bunnie tried to help Dulcy land safely, but to no avail. Afterward, she listened Sonic's story about how Dulcy saved him in Robotropolis. Immediately after however, Bunnie saw Dulcy having strange twitches in her wings, and suggested that she slept it off. Later, at night, Bunnie would watch NIcole's holographic display of Dulcy's dream with Sonic and Sally. Soon afterwards, though, Dulcy flew off. Immediately after, Bunnie, Sonic and Sally learned from Chuck that Robotnik sought to catch Ducly at Dragon's Nest, prompting Sonic and Sally to head out to rescue Dulcy. After returning, Sally and Dulcy left Bunnie to take care of a dragon egg from which a baby dragon would soon be hatching. Although Bunnie could barely keep an eye on the lively egg, the Mother Dragon would arrive in Knothole just as a healthy baby dragon hatched from the egg. Afterward, Bunnie said goodbye to the Mother Dragon and her child when they left to find a place where Robotnik could never find them.[20]

Bunnie was later helping Sally research the Mandaras when Sonic brought them a mysterious artifact that Sally believed had ties to the Mandaras. After Sonic rushed to Robotropolis to meet with Chuck however, the artifact released a red energy field that kidnapped Bunnie and Sally. The pair later woke up in the Void, where they were interrogated by the sorcerer Naugus. It turned out that he needed Sonic to escape from the Void, which Robotnik had imprisoned him in years ago. To lure Sonic to him, Naugus promptly froze Bunnie and Sally in crystals. He later unfroze them when Sonic arrived. Sonic did not want to help Naugus however, so he took Bunnie and Sally with him, fleeing towards the portal leading out of the Void. However, Naugus cut them off by imprisoning them inside a tunnel. In response, Sonic used his Super Spin to dig them out of the tunnel to a place that resembled the King's palace. Inside this palace, Bunnie, Sally and Sonic found the King, who seemed very ill. Upon seeing them, the King asked Sonic to take him out of the Void. The hedgehog agreed and together with the King, Sonic found the portal out of the Void and took the King through it. Soon after, however, Bunnie and Sally met Ari and the real King. As it turned out, the person whom Sonic took out of the Void was actually Naugus impersonating the King. Soon after, Sonic came back and took Bunnie, the King, Sally and Ari out of the Void. Outside the Void however, Bunnie learned that Naugus and the King had to return to the Void, or they would turn into dead crystal statues. Bunnie then saw Naugus and the King return to the Void with the aid of Naugus' magic.[21] Later, during the winter, Bunnie, Sally and Tails escaped from their huts after they saw Dulcy come crashing towards them. Ultimately, Dulcy destroyed the huts. Later, Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters gathered around Antoine's hut after hearing Antoine's deranged screams and yells coming out of it. Shortly thereafter, the heroes saw a huge tree collapse on top of Antoine's hut.[22]

Bunnie and Sally on a mission to the Doomsday Machine.

Bunnie later took part in Sally's operation to keep Robotnik's Fuel Tankers from delivering fuel to the Doomsday Machine. While Sonic distracted the guards around the Fuel Tanker convoy, Bunnie, Antoine and Sally used magnets to attach themselves to the bottom of the Fuel Tankers' chassis while they poured water into their tanks. However, the Swat-Bots eventually detected the heroes and surrounded them. Luckily, Sonic came to the rescue and managed to get Bunnie and the others away from the site by leading them into the sewer. Later, Rotor showed Bunnie and Sally a Hover Unit, which he had found in the Great Swamp and had both repaired and supped up. He also showed them a mechanical postal pigeon and a security transponder, the latter of which would grant Bunnie and Sally access to all of Robotnik's buildings. Using both the Hover Unit and the transponder, Sally and Bunnie went to the Doomsday Machine and got its schematics. They also managed to decrypt Robotnik's top secret daily operation files, which revealed that Robotnik was onto Chuck's spy work in Robotropolis, which meant that Chuck was in danger. After sending a robo-pigeon to Knothole with that piece of information, Bunnie and Sally flew to Robotropolis. There, they met Dulcy and Sonic, the latter who had brought in Antoine as well. After dropping off Antoine, Sonic hurried back to Chuck's hideout, only to discover that Chuck was gone. After Sonic later saved Chuck from interrogation in Robotnik's headquarters, Bunnie and Sally met up with them in their Hover Unit and flew them to safety. Afterward, Chuck took Bunnie and co. to his new hideout where he was going to continue his spy work. Bunnie and Sally also promised Chuck that they would take care of Sonic, who was sad because his uncle refused to return to Knothole with him for now.[23]

Eventually, Robotnik started the Doomsday Project, whose goal was to destroy all life on the planet. Shortly after its activation though, Bunnie took part in an attack on Doomsday Machine with Antoine, Sally and Sonic. Getting into the Doomsday Machine while their allies created a distraction, Bunnie would hush Antoine so that he did not attract the attention of the local Tech-Bots. Eventually, the heroes reached the machine's Doomsday Pod assembly line. There, after discovering that their allies had all been captured, Sonic convinced his friends to evacuate to safety in one of the Doomsday Pods while he took care of the Doomsday Machine. After the Doomsday Machine was destroyed and Robotnik disappeared along with it, Bunnie returned to Knothole to celebrate their victory with the Freedom Fighters.[24]

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

In Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, Bunnie made a brief cameo in the first and third Bonus Stage. Among other Freedom Fighters and Animals, Sonic can free Bunnie from capsules. Once freed, Bunnie flies away.


Bunnie is a very warm and friendly person who always is ready to help others. She is always there to offer a shoulder to lean on, namely when she helps calm or comfort Sally whenever she has problematic topics on her mind.[1][7][11] She also has a maternal side to her, as seen by how she takes care of the young Tails by reading him bedtime stories and teaching him martial arts.[11][19]

Bunnie is very emotional when it comes to her mechanical body. She evidently misses being a fully organic being, as she was very happy about regaining her organic body parts when she was temporarily de-roboticized and would cry when her mechanical parts came back.[18]

Bunnie is usually patient and tolerant. However, she does have a limit for much she can take, as she often get irritated by Antoine's clumsiness and pompous behavior when they have to do something together.[7]

Powers and abilities

Bunnie using her strength.

Bunnie is an expert in martial arts. She mainly uses her legs in combat, often to deliver powerful flying kicks that can topple her opponents.[1][8][19] Her mechanical limbs also provide her with tremendous strength. With one mechanical arm, Bunnie can pick up items that are much larger and heavier than herself.[9] In addition, her robotic limbs are telescopic, allowing her to lengthen both her arm and legs.[15]


Although Bunnie's robotic parts work flawlessly, for the most part, they are prone to malfunction, leaving them beyond her control; her telescopic legs has caused her several problems in the past, and she usually needs help from someone to fix her bolts.[15] Additionally, Antoine was once able to pull her robotic arm off her shoulder.[8]




In other media

Archie Comics

Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Bunnie was born in the Southern Baronies just before the Great War. Her parents died during the conflict. Bunnie was raised by her Uncle Beauregard and Aunt Lulumae happily for many years. However, things soured when her uncle claimed her parents died in service of the Overlanders due to long-standing tensions between the Southern Baronies and the Kingdom of Acorn.

Rejecting that her parents were traitors, Bunnie ran away from home, cobbling together a small farm on the edge of the kingdom's borders. She was soon found and captured by SWATbots and put in a portable Roboticizer. Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus came to her rescue a moment too late; Bunnie was half-roboticized. However, Bunnie took it rather well. Bunnie bonded with Sally Acorn and quickly became one of the Freedom Fighters, providing many facets of aid to her team. While she put on a brave face, she hoped she would one day be returned to normal. But then her body began rejecting her robotic parts. She would accept an upgraded design from Dr. Quack and Nate Morgan, though she could never be deroboticized. With Antoine's love and support, she committed to her cyborg life and eventually married Antoine after many heartaches. When Ixis Naugus attempted to fix Bunnie's cybernetics with magic when he crystallized them, she was miraculously reverted back to flesh and blood. Shortly after, however, Antoine was nearly killed on a mission. Blaming her own powerlessness, Bunnie turned to the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion until the second Genesis Wave.

In the timeline created by the Super Genesis Wave, Bunnie was an orphan who was injured during Dr. Eggman's uprising and was partially roboticized to save her life. Adjusting to her new body, Bunnie joined the Freedom Fighters in the fight against the Eggman Empire, eventually committing to her life as a cyborg, and later marring Antoine.

Sonic the Hedgehog soundbook

Bunnie makes two appearances in the Sonic the Hedgehog Play-a-Sound soundbook, serving as a spectator for the scavenger hunt/race.


  • The TV series does not detail how or when Bunnie became partially roboticized although an unused storyboard from the series indicates that such an origin was originally in the works. In a sketched out but unfinished opening for the show, there is a miniature origin tale where Sally disables the roboticizer whilst Bunny is in it, but the machine malfunctions and half roboticizes her anyway before being rescued (sketch seen in the 2007 DVD release bonus features).
  • Bunnie was intended to be a playable character in the planned Sonic Mars video game, which would incorporate characters and elements from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series. In one of the scripts, it was stated Bunnie's gameplay would focus on using her extending arm to grab various objects and a victory animation with Sonic was drawn. However, when the project was changed to Sonic X-treme (which was later cancelled), Bunnie, along with the other TV show elements, was dropped from the game.

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