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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Bunnie D'Coolette.

Bein' a Freedom Fighter is mah life! It means everything t' me!

— Bunnie D'Coolette, Sonic the Hedgehog #232

Bunnie D'Coolette (born 3219), birth name Bunnie Rabbot (rah-BOH, pronounced RAH-bot by her own choice),[3][4] is one of the main characters in the in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a mobian rabbit and the wife of Antoine D'Coolette. Bunnie was among the many mobians subjected to Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Roboticizer after being captured by his SWATbots, though the process was interrupted by Freedom Fighter agents Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus, thus only a portion of her body was roboticized. Bunnie accompanied them to Knothole where she joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters, remaining with the group through having her robotic limbs replaced and eventually having them briefly restored to a fully organic form.


Frontal view of Bunnie, from Sonic the Hedgehog #133.

Bunnie is a golden mobian rabbit with light orange-brown/blonde hair and vibrant emerald-green eyes. Her left ear is often flopped, though this is not a constant feature. Her eyelids (as well as around the eyes themselves) are generally violet or pink. She wears a pink-purple leotard with a black belt that covers the parts of her torso that are not robotic, leaving the upper chest and shoulders exposed. She was also partially roboticized: both legs, her left arm, and shoulder are all robotic. In early issues of the comic, her robot parts were primitive-looking. It has been confirmed that her lower torso is also roboticized.

As with many characters, her eyes were initially colored pale blue but were later established as green. Depending on the artist, her tail is either depicted as a metal ball, a white cottontail puff, or a general short tuft.

Bunnie's "Daisy Duke" look, from Sonic the Hedgehog #95.

Eventually her robotic parts were replaced with sleeker, more modern versions. Her hair, starting off as a tuft of bangs, grew to shoulder-length, and then down to her waist; more recently she ties it back in a single, long braid or ponytail. Her general attire consists of a pink sleeveless shirt. She has occasionally been depicted in a pink summer dress, and for a few issues sported a red, sleeveless shirt with white polka dots, a white collar, and a knot tied in the front revealing her midriff, paired with cutoff jean short shorts, reminiscent of the character Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard. In addition to the pink leotard, she began wearing a brown jacket, pistol belt with twin revolvers (though she never uses the revolvers, relying on her cybernetics instead), a brown cowboy hat, and fingerless gloves, though she does not always wear them all together. For her wedding, she wore a beautiful white wedding gown with silver trim and lacing up the back with a single white glove; her hair was done in an updo and accented with a tiara. Affected by crystalline magic, her clothing and robotic parts became green crystal. Other outfit variations include a purple backpack and a pink sunhat adorned with a bow, a purple jacket, a green swimsuit top, a flower-print shirt and straw hat, and a pink robe. On occasion she is depicted with whiskers. While not always remembered by the artists, her wedding ring is sometimes visible.

Since being restored to a fully organic form, Bunnie still wore her pink top with a brown jacket and matching cowboy hat, as well as her belt. She also began wearing denim shorts.


Early life

Bunnie was born in the Southern Baronies just before the Great War. Her parents died in the war, leaving her to be cared for by her Uncle Beauregard and Aunt Lulumae. Bunnie lived with them happily for many years, however she ran away from home after her uncle claimed her parents had died serving the Overland due to tensions between the Baronies and the Kingdom of Acorn. Unwilling to accept that her parents were traitors, Bunnie then worked to start her own farm near the kingdom's borders.[3]

Becoming a Rab-"Bot"

During the early days of the war with Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a young Bunnie was about to be captured by a SWATbot. However, Antoine D'Coolette witnessed this, and pushed a rock down a hill, destroying the SWATbot and saving Bunnie.[5]

Bunnie being rescued from the roboticizer, from Sonic the Hedgehog #3.

As Robotnik began to expand his influence into the southern regions of Mobius, a group of SWATbots located and captured Bunnie, who was tending to a crop of carrots. After she was thrown into one of Robotnik's mobile roboticizers, Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor rescued Bunnie by shutting it down mid-way through the process. As a result, Bunnie's left arm and everything from the hips down were roboticized. In gratitude for them saving her life, along with wanting to serve her idol Sally Acorn, Bunnie put her new super-strength to work by joining the Knothole Freedom Fighters.[6] Quickly becoming comfortable with her new form, she even made a pun of her maiden name to describe her new identity.[3]

Freedom Fighter

At one point, Robotnik attempted to use a machine called the Magnabot to capture Bunnie via her robotic parts and use her as bait to trap the other Freedom Fighters. Sonic was able to avert this threat, and Rotor applied a non-magnetic coating to Bunnie's cybernetic limbs to prevent future attempts of the sort.[7] Bunnie briefly achieved her dream of becoming a hairdresser when she opened a salon in Knothole called "Bunnie's", her first customer being none other than Sally. The only catch was she was only able to offer one kind of hairstyle to her clients; a mild electrical zap caused by her cybernetic foot coming into contact with a puddle of water which made the customer's hair stand on end.[8]

Bunnie and the rest of the Freedom Fighters were forced to defend themselves when Sonic, having been brainwashed by Robotnik into thinking they were his enemies, launched a full-out assault on Knothole. Bunnie almost succeeded in subduing Sonic using her 'Tight Leg Crush' (a leg scissor hold augmented by her cyber-strength), but Sonic ultimately managed to get free; he was able to knock her and almost all the other Freedom Fighters unconscious, before he too was finally knocked out by a sneak attack from one of Sally's trainees.[9][10]

Some time later, Robotnik capitalized on her fears of becoming fully roboticized; using a hologram device, she convinced herself and others that a microdot in her roboticized body had activated, and was slowly finishing the job. As the circuitry crawled through her body like a virus, Bunnie started exhibiting violent behavior and realized she was losing her free will to Robotnik. Believing herself too much of a threat to remain in Knothole, a tearful (and fully-roboticized) Bunnie left a farewell note to her loved ones and fled into the night. However, it eventually turned out to be a bad dream, much to Bunnie's relief.[11]

Mecha Madness

Bunnie fighting Mecha Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #39.

Not long after this, Sonic proposed that he let himself get roboticized while wearing a Neuro-Overrider device, so he would retain his free will and be able to decimate Robotnik's empire from the inside. Most of the Freedom Fighters strongly vetoed the plan, Bunnie included, due to her experience with roboticization. However, before Sonic could make another appeal for his plan, Nack the Weasel abducted him, and Robotnik roboticized Sonic without the neural overload device on him. Being the only Freedom Fighter who could match Mecha Sonic's robotic might, Bunnie took on her friend in a battle at Knothole, using some enhancements provided by Rotor, including rocket-powered flight as well as a blaster and a miniature shield generator in her arm.[12] Although Bunnie gave her all to protect Knothole, she was no match for Mecha Sonic and was badly beaten. Fortunately, Bunnie's assault wore Mecha Sonic down enough that the roboticized version of Knuckles the Echidna managed to defeat him once and for all.[13]

Following Sonic's return to his organic self, the hedgehog was put on trial for the crimes as a Robian. A vengeful Bunnie served as his bailiff during his court-martial (the Freedom Fighters believed Sonic had disobeyed orders and gone through with the plan without permission). Bunnie's arm was fitted with a 'Hedgehog Hunter' missile designed to seek out Sonic's unique aura, though she thankfully did not need to use it.[14]

Working With Antoine

While out in the woods one night, the Freedom Fighters encountered the Wolf Pack, and the two groups discussed recent occurrences in the battle against Robotnik. Soon, suspicions began to arise and tempers flared; after accusations and even punches were thrown, Antoine walked off, upset. Bunnie decided to try to comfort him, telling him that she thought he was brave, and surprised him by giving him a kiss.[5] Despite various suspicions and misgivings, the Freedom Fighters, with support from the Wolf Pack, attempted an assault on Robotropolis. While Sonic and Sally lead the main assault, Bunnie and the others watched from a nearby rooftop; when Sally came under fire while attempting to climb up the side of a building, Bunnie set out to assist her. However, Sally's support line was cut, and she fell to the ground. Bunnie was the first to reach her, crying over the princess; after Doctor Quack announced that they needed to get Sally back to Knothole immediately, Bunnie picked the princess up and carried her back to the Freedom Fighters' plane. She was distraught when Sally was pronounced dead and Sonic accused of her death; her pragmatic nature didn't allow her to immediately dismiss the accusations, even though the situation upset her.[5] Later, during Operation: EndGame, Bunnie and Antoine were among the first to discover that Sally's supposed death and Sonic's imprisonment were part of a secret plot; however, before they could tell anyone else what they had learned, they were secretly captured by SWATbot under Drago Wolf's command. The two were sent to Downunda, where Robotnik's Sub-Boss Crocbot placed them in prison with the Downunda Freedom Fighters.[15][16]

Fortunately, Crocbot's precautions (which included restraints that would kill Antoine if Bunnie broke free using her robotic limbs) were not applied to her organic arm, allowing her to break free and also liberate the other captives. Following this, Bunnie and Antoine made their way aboard an airbus carrying irradiated ore for Robotnik's Ultimate Annihilator weapon. Once on board the ship, the two discovered Dr. Robotnik's plans to use the weapon. Arriving in Robotropolis via the airbus, Antoine lured the Combot leader (armed with a thermo-nuclear device provided by Crocbot) into a trap, allowing Bunnie to destroy it. They then stole the thermo-nuclear device and made their way through the city, hoping to use the bomb to destroy the Ultimate Annihilator before it was fired. Bumping into Sonic along the way, Bunnie and Antoine explained their plans to him before Sonic went to face off against Robotnik. Bunnie then took out a SWATbot guarding the weapon, allowing Antoine access to it. Before he could plant the thermo-nuclear bomb however, the Ultimate Annihilator fired and presumably destroyed Knothole (however, due to Snively's tampering, the blast actually displaced Knothole, shifting it within a pocket zone three hours in the future). Following this Antoine planted the bomb to destroy the weapon, and both he and Bunnie fled from Robotropolis. Following Robotnik's death and Sally's return, they then celebrated along with the other Freedom Fighters, revealing the story of their adventures over a campfire.[17][18]


Bunnie's cybernetics after being upgraded by Nate Morgan, from Sonic Super Special #11.

Eventually it was discovered that Bunnie's robotic limbs were unable to continue working in harmony with her central nervous system, and that something had to be done. Bunnie was given the choice between having all of her parts disconnected, chancing de-roboticization at the risk of her life, or having her parts replaced with new ones but foregoing any chance to ever be de-roboticized since she would in essence be having her "real" limbs amputated. After talking it over with Antoine, she decided to have her robotic parts replaced. Nate Morgan performed the upgrade, which provided Bunnie with superior cybernetic parts and saved her life.[19] Bunnie's first real test of her new limbs did not occur until the Freedom Fighters' first mission to the Hidden City of the Ancients where she put them to good use by rescuing numerous citizens from Perfect Chaos' wrath.[20]

Once she returned to Knothole, Bunnie then went with Antoine to Mercia to look for his father, along with Amy Rose.[21] With help from Rob O' the Hedge and Knuckles, they were able to recover Antoine's father from Albion and Bunnie kept him under guard as they flew home.[22][23][24] Some time afterward, Bunnie (in a change of attire) began attending Knothole Highschool with the other former Freedom Fighters.[25] She later accompanied Sonic when he sneaked out at night to Robotropolis to try saving the Overlanders that Robotnik had tricked into going there, only to find them living comfortably in the city, much to Sonic and Bunnie's puzzlement. She and Sonic then come upon a maddened Warlord Kodos fighting Uma Arachnis in the Great Forest. Sonic forced Bunnie to return to Knothole, fearing she might get hurt if the two of them got caught up in the battle.[26]

Later, Sonic and Bunnie were sent to stop Dr. Eggman from building a new body for himself in Old Megaopolis, Bunnie took on the role of discovering what became of G.U.N. agent Rouge the Bat. Although a fight started when Rouge mistook Bunnie for a SWATbot, the fight became personal as the two duked it out. Eventually Sonic stepped in and broke it up.[27]

Bunnie flying off as Robians chase the Sand-Blasters, from Sonic the Hedgehog #119.

Bunnie was later attacked and imprisoned by Jack Rabbit after responding to a fake transmission asking for help. The message was intended to lure Sonic, but Jack decided to use Bunnie to bait Sonic instead and locked her up in an impenetrable cell with the savage Robians that had overrun Sand Blast City after its shield was destroyed. Despite the odds against her, Bunnie single-handedly fought off the Robians and managed to break free from her cell, leaving the Robians to attack Jack and his Freedom Fighters once again while Bunnie escaped.[28]

Due to her nature as a cyborg rather than a full Robian, Bunnie, along with Jules Hedgehog, was left unaffected by the worldwide de-roboticization caused by Ceneca 9009; as a result, the two were the only members of the Mobian population to retain their Roboticized bodies (though Bunnie's limbs had by this point been replaced and upgraded).[29]

Bunnie, along with every other able-bodied Mobian, was also involved in the battle against the Xorda, though they were unable to breech the defenses of the Quantum Dial. She was later seen mourning along with her comrades when Sonic appeared to have died destroying the doomsday weapon.[30]

After the Xorda

Bunnie destroys Eggman's battleship, thus stopping the nuclear missiles from launching, from Sonic the Hedgehog #133.

Like the other Freedom Fighters, Bunnie went through a number of changes during Sonic's absence, including a harsh breakup with "Antoine" for unknown reasons which left her emotionally scarred.[31] Her efforts to make up with him through a letter met with failure;[32] regardless, she was among the many who greeted Sonic warmly upon his return.[33]

Bunnie and the other Freedom Fighters later traveled to Old Megaopolis to back up Sonic in preventing Dr. Eggman from launching nuclear missiles targeted at Station Square and Knothole from his aircraft carrier anchored in the harbor.[34] After saving a wounded Sonic from Mecha, Bunnie proceeded to single-handedly destroy Eggman's carrier, punching so many holes in the ship that it sank and exploded, taking the nuclear threat along with it.[35][36] Some time later, she and her other teammates worked together to stop Robotnik from unleashing a force of Auto Automatons, with Bunnie engaging and defeating an automaton copy of Sally.[37][38] She and the others would then officially welcome Amy Rose into the group,[39] though her continued sorrow over breaking up with Antoine led her to send in a letter to the Knothole News column "Dear Aly."[40] Bunnie then joined her teammates in investigating a bunker predating the Days of Fury, suffering through electrocution before being rescued by Tommy Turtle and fleeing the dangerous location.[41][42][43][44] She also took part in a rather dubiously cast play put on for the Knothole children, playing Geoffrey St. John while her own character was notably absent.

When Evil Sonic impersonated his Mobius Prime counterpart, Bunnie was one of many women in Knothole whom he approached. Though Bunnie did spend quite some time with him, it would alter be revealed that it was all an attempt to stir up "Antoine's" jealousy.[45][46][47] Her efforts continued for a brief time after Sonic reclaimed his identity,[46] such as when several of the female Freedom Fighters - including Bunnie - accompanied Sonic on a mission to investigate and neutralize a swarm of nanites unleashed by A.D.A.M. that were overrunning everything in their path.[48] During the investigation, Bunnie was captured by the nanites, which intended to absorb her into the 'contiguity', the nanites' collective consciousness. She was saved when Sonic arrived and convinced the nanites that she could not be absorbed since she's a fusion of both organic and cybernetic material and therefore incompatible with the contiguity, thus prompting the nanites to release Bunnie unharmed.[48] Later, after training with the other Chaotix and Freedom Fighters, Bunnie would attend a concert put on by Mina Mongoose, only to have to put out a fire caused by a failed attempt on Mina's life.[49] She and the other Freedom Fighters then worked together to protect Mina from the latest versions of Heavy and Bomb.[50]

Bunnie would later go to Sonic with the news that Antoine and Sally were due to be married, and later attended the wedding with uncontrollable sobbing.[51] Fortunately, Sonic was able to determine the truth behind Antoine's exchanging places with his alternate self, and brought the real Antoine home to an overjoyed Bunnie.[52] The reunited couple and their teammates were then forced to defend Knothole from the threat of the Metal Sonic Troopers, and succeeded with the help of Shadow the Hedgehog.[53][54][55] They then gathered at Freedom HQ to celebrate Sonic's birthday, only to be forced into a battle with first Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite and then Scourge the Hedgehog.[56][57] Unbeknownst to Bunnie, she was also among several inhabitants of Knothole to be infected with A.D.A.M.'s nanites, which he was able to control after they were taken by the Freedom Fighters.[58] Worse, they were then forced to contend with the return of several major villains, first fighting off the Destructix to protect Merlin Prower.[59] Almost immediately afterwards, Mammoth Mogul escaped from the Chaos Emerald in Merlin's charge, defeating the Freedom Fighters before freeing the Destructix. Bunnie then joined her teammates, the Chaotix, Elias Acorn, Merlin, and Sir Connery in battling Mogul, the Destructix, the recently freed Ixis Naugus, and the Arachne Clan, the two supervillains clashing briefly with each other before teaming up.[60] Fortunately, Sir Connery was able to destroy the Source of All artifacts each villain had claimed, though at the cost of his life, and the Freedom Fighters were saved by Dr. Eggman as his Egg Fleet teleported the villains to his Egg Grape Chamber.[61]

When A.D.A.M. finally implemented his own master plan, Bunnie and the others infected with nanites became pawns. She was forced to smash a computer terminal from which NICOLE was attempting to analyze the situation and purge the nanites, and then throw Tails outside where Jules Hedgehog, also under control, was waiting to take him to the 'city' the nanites had constructed during their initial rampage. During it all, she begged the others to stop her, and Knuckles the Echidna, the Crocodile, and Mighty the Armadillo were forced to hold her down while Rotor took her cybernetic limbs offline; however, the damage had already been done.[58] Fortunately, A.D.A.M. was subsequently destroyed, and Bunnie was soon returned to normal.[62] At about this time, she approached Antoine as he struggled to piece things back together after Patch's destruction of virtually everything important to him. She offered to let him move in with her, but he refused to do so unless they were married, and the two were then called to his father's deathbed. The dying General wished the two happiness, forgiving Bunnie completely for her attempts to provoke Antoine by getting involved with Sonic.[47] Subsequently, Antoine proposed to Bunnie, which she accepted after overcoming her initial shock. The two then took part in a sting operation to capture villains lured in by the prospect of an auction of the Master Emerald held by Rouge the Bat, the mission resulting in the capture of Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, Bean the Dynamite, Naugus, and Mogul. While lying in wait for the latter mission, she spoke with Sally, as the two hadn't worked together in the field in a long time. Sally had been having emotional problems in the past year, and admitted as much, which Bunnie was glad to hear as she'd been long worried for her friend. Their conversation was cut short as the villains arrived; Bunnie and Sally took down Nack the Weasel, and Bunnie later subdued Naugus with a single punch. With all the villains captured, the happy couple then asked Sonic and Sally to take part in their wedding as best man and maid of honor.[63]

Marital Challenges

The Wedding of Bunnie and Antoine, from Sonic the Hedgehog #174.

Bunnie and Antoine were married without incident by Elias Acorn, Bunnie enjoying the wonderful event and the opportunity to spend quality time with her friends, teasing Sally over her own wedding prospects.[64] Shortly afterwards, however, Bunnie and Antoine were both captured by Eggman during the destruction of Knothole, but both were freed quickly in a rescue mission devised by NICOLE and transported to a new home in New Mobotropolis.[65][66] Bunnie soon did Sally a favor by cutting her hair back to its original length, representing Sally's hopes of returning to the good old days of the Freedom Fighters, and realizing her dream of becoming Sally's hairdresser. She then joined the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix in battle under Sally's command, using the laser cannon in her arm to help obliterate Eggman's Egg Beater power armor.[67] She was also one of several Freedom Fighters who were part of a mass attack launched at the new Enerjak, but like most of her allies was unable to even land a blow on him due to his immense powers.[68]

The Suppression Squad, led by King Scourge the Hedgehog and Queen Fiona Fox, launched a surprise attack on Freedom HQ, performing a daring invasion of the base.[69] Though the others were initially surprised and quickly over-whelmed, Bunnie and Antoine, already present on the base in an failed attempt to re-arrest Nack the Weasel, successfully fought back, and soon a pitched battle ensued. Bunnie, despite wanting to settle the score with Patch along with Antoine, was concerned he was becoming obsessed with revenge on Patch for killing his father. Antoine, however, assuaged her fears by explaining his insistence to duel Patch was to ensure he would not kill her, as Bunnie was now the only reason Antoine had to keep on living. Patch, Miles Prower and Boomer overheard this and, while Boomer disarmed and restrained Antoine, Patch himself restrained and held his sword to Bunnie's throat, interested in the idea to kill Antoine's wife in a further attempt to hurt him. Before Patch could slit Bunnie's throat, however, Sonic knocked all three to the ground and freed them. When the base became dangerously close to collapse due to the crossfire, the Freedom Fighters were forced to retreat, with Bunnie covering them with her forcefield generator, but was overpowered and injured by Boomer as they fled.[70]

Bunnie brushes out a flame on her hat, from Sonic the Hedgehog #198.

Bunnie later joined the other Freedom Fighters-minus Sonic and Amy, who traveled to Moebius seeking aid against the Suppression Squad-in meeting with Miles, who proposed an alliance between them to defeat Scourge.[71] The Freedom Fighters then returned to Freedom HQ and teamed up with their counterparts to battle Scourge and his lone remaining ally, Fiona Fox. Sonic then arrived from Moebius to help, only for the Suppression Squad to attempt to trap both Hedgehogs on the alternate world.[72] The Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad then followed them there, only to end up battling Super Scourge, though he was eventually defeated and both groups returned to their respective zones.[73][74] With that task accomplished, Bunnie was dispatched as part of the team to make the final push against Eggman, and assisted in capturing a piece of land outside the Eggdome for the Freedom Fighters to use a camp by using her force field to protect the others, and later helping Sonic get higher and higher into the air until Eggman's new Egg Phoenix stalled out.[75][76]

The next day, she and Mighty helped break into the Eggdome by using their super strength to smash through the wall to let Sonic in and then assisted in fending off the Dark Egg Legion. Eventually, they found that the Legion had stopped fighting back, and the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix made their way further into the base; however, they soon found a barricade made of junk stopping them from going any further, save for a small hole perfect for Sonic to spin-dash through. Reasoning that this is a trap and that they would be too tired to fight Eggman if they tore it down, Sonic went through the barrier alone.[77] On the other side, Sonic managed to defeat Eggman, who, due to his many defeats, unexpectedly went insane. After Bunnie and Mighty tore down the barricade, she and the others walked in to find Eggman defeated and incapacitated; they had won the war. They then returned home to celebrate, leaving Eggman in the care of Snively, who, unbeknown to them, was going to take control of the Eggman Empire alongside the Iron Queen.[78]

Facing the Iron Dominion

Bunnie being manipulated by the Iron Queen, from Sonic the Hedgehog #203.

Later, Bunnie, along with almost the entire population of New Mobotropolis, attended Mina Mongoose's victory concert; however, it was cut short by the arrival of Monkey Khan who announced that despite the defeat of Robotnik, a new threat had taken his place in the form of the Iron Dominion.[79] When the Freedom Fighters tried to repel an assault from the Iron Queen, she used her powers of Magitek to take control of Bunnie's robotic limbs. Powerless to stop herself, Bunnie nevertheless struggled with all her might to keep herself from hurting her friends too badly, especially as she came close to running Antoine through with her robotic arm. Sonic attempted to help her by steering her into a cell NICOLE constructed of Nanites; she had only a brief moment of relief before realizing the Iron Queen had activated her arm cannon, blasting her from the cell. Noticing that Bunnie was beginning to tire, Regina realized that Bunnie's weapons and operation power were connected to her life-force and that overexertion would kill her; she tried to force Bunnie to fire another large cannon shot. However, Bunnie was saved by Monkey Khan at the last moment; upon losing consciousness, Sonic rushed her to Freedom HQ to get her away from the Queen's influence.[80] Later, Bunnie was relocated to the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital to undergo treatment and recover.[81]

While there, she was visited by a guilt-ridden Monkey Khan, who apologized for what happened to her, with Bunnie being quick to forgive him.[82] Later, he escorted her to the border of New Mobotropolis after the other Freedom Fighters had thwarted an attempt by the Iron Dominion to recapture an escaped Dr. Eggman, and the two taunted their former manipulator.[83] After returning home (though still taking it easy and under Antoine's care), Bunnie was visited by Sally, who was beginning to question her relationship with Monkey Khan and had come seeking advice. Bunnie encouraged Sally to move forward, as she and Sonic had made amends.[84]

Bunnie in hiding with Antoine, from Sonic the Hedgehog #210.

Later, as the Iron Dominion invaded New Mobotropolis after NICOLE fell to the influence of Magitek, Bunnie was warned to flee the city to prevent her from being controlled again. Antoine in particular encouraged her to leave with Vector the Crocodile and Mighty with other civilians (who were being evacuated via Warp Ring), and Bunnie remarked how funny it was that he was staying behind when he would once have been the first to flee. Despite her husband's insistence, Bunnie remained behind and stood with him against the forces of the Dominion. Unfortunately, the two were then captured by Iron NICOLE, who used the city's nanites to subdue them.[85] Later, when NICOLE's true self was restored by Sally, the AI became a double agent, constructing a secret bunker within the captured city; it was here Bunnie was forced to hide, feeling herself a liability in the fight against the Iron Queen despite wanting to be on the front-lines.[86]

An Overdue Honeymoon (Or Not)

Bunnie and Antoine on their honeymoon, from Sonic Universe #17.

With the Iron Queen imprisoned in the Dragon Kingdom, Tails offered Bunnie and Antoine a chance to finally celebrate their wedding- with a well-deserved honeymoon.[87] As a result, the trio were not present to join Sonic and Sally in becoming members of the newly formed Wolf Pack Nation.[88] With additional passenger compartments installed onto a rebuilt Sea Fox, Tails brought the two of them out to the remote atoll of Cocoa Island where he kept his workshop. Bunnie was slightly concerned when Tails noticed a third sister island not on his map, but put it out of her mind once they beached on the shoreline. As Bunnie and Antoine went their own way on the beach, they lightly joked about Tails' fears that they would be bored, and spent the day exploring the beach and ocean, enjoying the beautiful scenery in each other's company. After a heart-to-heart about the thought that they might have rushed into their marriage, the two agreed that it had been the right decision.[87]

Unfortunately, they then came under attack from the Battle Bird Armada, who set the jungle on fire and ambushed them in a raid. Forced into battle, Bunnie proved that the technology of her cyborg limbs was superior to that of their attackers' weaponry, but both she and Antoine were then subdued and captured by the Armada's Mole Mech.[87] The next day, Bunnie was taken from her cell to meet Battlekukku XV who mistook her for a Dark Egg Legion member. Deciding to use the mistake to her advantage, Bunnie gained useful intel on the Armada's history, and their ties to the Eggman Empire & the Babylon Rogues. She and the Battle Lord were then alerted by Speedy, the Battle Lord's son, about Antoine escaping from his cell, which forced Bunnie to pursue. As she argued with Speedy over who had authority in the situation, the unfortunate Antoine became convinced that Bunnie's deception was reality. Bunnie's efforts to make him come along quietly were met with the reminder of Silver's mention of a Freedom Fighter traitor & her suggesting a honeymoon, and she watched in horror as he threw himself out of an escape hatch and plummeted to the sea below.[89]

Bunnie was then stopped by Speedy, questioning her emotional reaction. She angrily told him how she now had to do "damage control", berated him about not being able to keep their prisoners captive, and then left to report to the Battle Lord. She was later dispatched to deal with intruders in the Armada's invasion conduit, but saved Tails and Antoine during their assault against a unit of Armada guards. Thanking Tails for saving her husband, Bunnie gave the base schematics to his T-Pup and then presented Antoine with a sabre she took from the Armada's armory. The trio then proceeded into the base's storage bay, where Dr. Fukurokov confronted them and (after a failed attempt by Bunnie and the others to pronounce his name) sent his Mole Mech to attack them.[90] During the battle, Bunnie implemented part of Tails' plan by breaking through the upper walls of the bay to weaken the structure's integrity. With the Mole Mech destroyed, the trio made for the lower tunnels to escape the base, only to find that it was really a flying fortress as it left the island's vicinity. After their escape, Bunnie, along with Tails and Antoine, enjoyed some hot cocoa in the young fox's cabin and toasted each other to their vacation.[91]

The Great Desert Reunion

Bunnie is reunited with her uncle Beauregard, from Sonic the Hedgehog #217.

After Bunnie arrived back in New Mobotropolis, Sally sent her and Sonic on a mission into the Great Desert to respond to a call for aid sent from Sand Blast City.[4][92] Like Sonic, Bunnie was less than pleased at the notion of encountering them again, though she agreed they knew what to expect better than anyone else. While flying over the desert alongside Sonic, Bunnie flew off ahead of him to the city, only to find her robotic limbs suddenly shorting out and plummeted from the sky.[4]

When she later awoke, she found herself on a cot with two Legionnaires seated nearby. Assuming she was a prisoner of the Dark Egg Legion's local chapter, she grabbed one while the other went off yelling for "the Baron." Before she could make another move, Bunnie was shocked to find her Uncle Beauregard Rabbot, whom she hadn't seen for years, and they warmly embraced. Bunnie was confused to find her uncle to be the chapter's Grandmaster, but explained her partial roboticization to him nonetheless, as well as her time as a Freedom Fighter and her recent marriage, leaving him proud and astonished. When Beau brought up some disdain for the family she married into though, Bunnie pointedly defended her husband and asked him to not "start" what was apparently an old debate between them, to which Beauregard relented. Bunnie then listened as Beauregard explained his chapter's situation of the Sand-Blasters turning on them after they were de-roboticized and then being forced to run Eggman's Oil Ocean Refinery in exchange for protection from them, to which she told her uncle she understood, promising to help.[4]

Bunnie left for the refinery as part of a caravan of Legion saucers the next day, trying to reassure Beau she had no qualms fighting the Sand Blasters. She received an abrupt shock then, when Sonic jumped onto the saucer and struck her uncle as he believed Bunnie was the Legion's prisoner and came with the Sand Blasters to "rescue" her. He was thus caught by surprise when Bunnie flung him away and into the refinery's oil pits. She flew after Sonic, telling him that she couldn't allow the Sand Blasters to take over the refinery and the two began to fight.[4] As they grappled, Bunnie and Sonic each made their point that they neither group could control the refinery as it would end badly for the other, and resumed their fight - using the battle as a pretense to destroy as much of the refinery as possible and leave it useless to both sides. Eventually, both factions realized the ruse and moved in, starting a large battle. Eager to still waste the refinery without being overwhelmed, Sonic and Bunnie jumped into the fray, with Bunnie taking out Tex and ruining an ambush from Shift E. Wolf. However, neither saw Jack Rabbit and Avery about to strike until the Baron foiled their sneak attack. Bunnie noticed her uncle dealing with Jack and ran over to him, but was accused of putting his chapter's lives at risk, only for her to reply that had happened when he sided with Eggman.[93]

With the refinery destroyed by a wayward rocket of Avery's, Beauregard claimed Bunnie had doomed them all, but she insisted they instead kept the Sand Blasters from taking over, struck a blow to Eggman's plans, and diverted the blame from the Legion by getting Sonic involved. Realizing she would some day have to face him as a Freedom Fighter, Bunnie still didn't want their time together to end in "another fight" as they sadly bid each other good-bye, no longer recognizing each other as family. With Sonic's encouragement that they did the right thing by technically stopping the "bad guys" and helping a group of people in a bad situation, Bunnie agreed and suggested they head home.[93]

Naugus uprising and the Death Egg

With leftover tension from the city's occupation mounting, Bunnie joined the other Freedom Fighters while staking out Mina's free concert when Geoffrey St. John and Ixis Naugus showed up, preaching to be able to protect the citizens against NICOLE. When Sally gave the order to attack Geoffrey, he managed to dodge her attacks and briefly took her out with a chop to her jaw. After hearing that Hershey was dead, Bunnie resumed her attack with the others and tried to ensnare St. John in her extending arm, but could not to stop him. Sally eventually convinced Geoffrey to stand down and let justice takes its course, and had Antoine and Bunnie keep him under watch.[94][95] Bunnie then witnessed the Death Egg Mark 2 arrive over the city and co-piloted the Freedom Fighter Special with Antoine once Sally ordered a hasty counterattack. Bunnie was unable to do much after that though, due to the aerial weapon's laser defenses, and flew around dodging them while Sonic and Sally, aboard the Tornado, managed to enter the Death Egg.[96]

Genesis and Aftermath

In the alternate reality created by Operation: Clean Sweep, Bunnie found herself held captive in a Prison Egg with a group of Mobinis. Fearing the return of Snively, and trying to be strong for her fellow prisoners, she contemplated fearfully the state of her cousin Cream the Rabbit. As she wondered if help would arrive, a white light flooded the world, and Bunnie chose to take it as a good sign.[1]

Returned to the proper reality, Bunnie briefly thought that her robotic limbs were fully flesh and blood again, but they were mechanical as always. Despite feeling remorse, she quickly reminded herself that she had come to terms with her transformation some time ago. After making sure that her fellow Freedom Fighters Antoine and Amy were all right, and agreeing that something strange had taken place but was now past them all, they returned to attacking the Death Egg. When the giant battle station ceased firing, the group radioed the Tornado, asking what had happened. Tails replied that he had not had word from Sonic and Sally, but the group's fears were put aside as an explosion rocked the Death Egg. Happy over their friends' success, Bunnie's only lament was that she might not get the opportunity to take part in the battle further.[1] Unbeknownst to her, she had been saved from personal danger: Robotnik's World Roboticizer had been about to fire, and its energies would have short-circuited Bunnie's cybernetics, causing them to explode with fatal results.[97]

Bunnie lies unconscious, affected by crystalline magic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #231.

Thanks to Sally and Sonic's actions aboard the Death Egg, its main weapon was prevented from firing and the Death Egg sustained heavy damage. However, before it retreated it released the massive Titan Metal Sonic upon New Mobotropolis as a distraction. Seeing it from the Freedom Fighter Special, Bunnie elected to jump from the plane and attempt to stop the giant robot. Much to her displeasure she was joined by Ixis Naugus, who didn't want to see the city he wished to control destroyed. Bunnie attacked the giant robot with her arm cannon; however, when Naugus was swatted aside by the robot, he retaliated with a massive blast from his Chaos Emerald wand. Due to the carelessness of this attack, Bunnie was caught in the blast along with the robot. The entire robot was transformed into magical crystal; likewise, Bunnie's robotic limbs and clothing were also transformed. Naugus then used the now-crystallized robot to block the Death Egg' final attack, a massive laser blast. The crystal robot took the hit and exploded, raining destruction upon the area. Fortunately, Cream the Rabbit had seen where Bunnie had fallen and dragged her to safety, saving her life. Bunnie, now unconscious, was brought to Dr. Quack by Big the Cat. Due to the magical nature of the problem, Quack could only determine that she was at least stable for the time being and had Big take her to the hospital.[98]

"Rabbot" No More

Bunnie rendered completely organic by Naugus' magic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #232.

After hearing about Bunnie's condition, Ixis Naugus claimed that hitting her with his magic had been an error from the heat of battle, and asked where she was. Once the crowd was directed to her location at the hospital, Naugus analyzed Bunnie while Antoine refused to allow him near her. As Nicole opened the wall for everyone to see, Naugus reassured a doubtful Bunnie that she would not feel a thing. After a flash of light, Bunnie and all present were shocked to see her robotic limbs had been turned back into flesh and blood. Although this result was totally unintentional, King Naugus quickly claimed it to be a reward from him for her heroics.[99]

Later on that day, Bunnie was in a room alone, staring out a window. Antoine went to see what was wrong and she explained that, although she had dreamed of returning to normal for a long time, she now missed having all of the powers that came with being partly roboticized and feared that she would no longer be of any help to the Freedom Fighters. Antoine dismissed her worry by explaining how he had become a valuable member of the Freedom Fighters despite having no powers, and reassured her that her strength came not from her robotic parts, but from her heart. Now feeling confident in herself, she became determined to continue helping out as a Freedom Fighter as best as she could.[100]

Before Bunnie could do anything with her new resolve though, the Battle Bird Armada was sighted on a direct course for New Mobotropolis. A city-wide evacuation was ordered and though Bunnie insisted she could make it fine on her own, Antoine carried her out under the pretense of not being accustomed enough to her body's changes yet to put it under heightened stress. Without her cybernetics Bunnie could only wait with Antoine and the rest of the populace in the safety of the nearby woods, and watched as the Armada attacked and its Battle Fortress blew up their home.[101] Once the Battle Birds were defeated and the city began rebuilding, Bunnie attended Geoffrey St. John's court martial, admiring her husband while he acted as the prosecutor. Though Antoine was able to convict Geoffrey of treason, a pardon from Naugus got him off the hook, and Bunnie tried to remind Antoine how well he did, hoping to calm him.[102]

Bunnie then asked to be in the escort for protecting Elias and his family while they relocated to Feral Forest and took an Extreme Gear board to keep up. As they came under attack, Bunnie found she still had not adjusted to being normal again, and was unable to do much in battle against Metal Sonic or Mecha Sally without her cybernetics. Her helplessness hit home when Bunnie saw Antoine get caught in the blast of Metal Sonic's self-destruct, and she broke down in grief clutching her husband's body until Sonic saw he was still alive and she begged him to get Antoine to Dr. Quack.[103]

Back at the hospital, Bunnie learned Antoine was in a coma, but denied using the device that healed King Max for fear it would make him worse soon after. Feeling she had no other options, Bunnie decided to leave the city to find the means necessary for her to protect her loved ones. As Bunnie tearfully wished Antoine to wait for her return, she left a note in his room for their friends, hoping they could somehow forgive her for her actions.[104] It is likely that some of her grief came from the fact that her return to a fully organic form had opened up the possibility of her and Antoine starting a family, only for him to be cruelly cut down in the line of duty.[105]

Bunnie rejoins her Uncle Beauregard, from Sonic Universe #49.

Bunnie eventually made her way back to the Great Desert, where she took up residence in the camp of her uncle's Legion chapter. She looked in on her uncle twice, once as he met with Mighty the Armadillo, and again as he comforted Mighty's little sister Matilda, who was forced to remain at the camp due to injuries.[106][107] Very soon after these events, Bunnie was caught up with the rest of Mobius in the second Genesis Wave, and the subsequent Super Genesis Wave, which caused major changes to the Prime Zones history.[108]

Note: From this point, Bunnie's history continues from her new life in the altered timeline.


Bunnie running a hair salon in Knothole, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

Sweet, beautiful, gentle and maternal, Bunnie always looks for the brighter side of life and tries not to let the "lil' thangs" get to her. She's an optimist by nature and has a soft feminine charm and speaks in a heavy southern accent. She's somewhat pragmatic and down to earth, though she's also a good-natured flirt. Despite her girly ways, she has a tomboyish streak in her, especially when it comes to her love of sports (martial arts in particular). She's no pushover from either a physical or a mental standpoint, having a strong sense of courage and determination, and she enjoys competition, though she's never a sore loser. She holds deep love for her friends and family and while she's not afraid to speak her mind, she has their best interests in mind and is always willing to offer her support.

Since being Roboticized, Bunnie has had mixed feelings about the experience. Though she has struggled with being a cyborg, she appreciated the abilities her mechanical limbs provided and their usefulness in the fight against Robotnik. One of her most difficult moments came when she learned that her body was rejecting her Roboticized parts. Faced with either a potentially lethal De-Roboticization attempt, having her parts disconnected from her, or receiving an upgrade that would make it impossible for her to ever be De-Roboticized, she was overcome with turmoil. However, her desire to help defend Mobius won out, and with Antoine's support, she chose to be upgraded. Much later, after Ixis Naugus has crystallized her limbs, he undid the process and inadvertently returned Bunnie to a fully organic state.. Though excited to be normal, she soon began to feel insecure after realizing all of her newly founded abilities that came with her former metallic parts were gone. But thanks to Antoine, who had helped her through both life-changing experiences, she was able to regain her composure and carry on her life as a Freedom Fighter. Unfortunately, she soon recognized her diminished abilities in battle, and after Antoine was badly injured and left comatose, she blamed herself.

Powers and abilities

Partly-robotocized Bunnie had tremendous strength in her mechanical limbs and could extend them several times their length to improve her reach. She had good reflexes and sharp hearing as well, though she wasn't much a swimmer. She had rocket boosters in her feet for flight and her arm was equipped with a laser cannon and force-field generator. In addition she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, specifically judo,[3] which was only enhanced by her robotics. She even stalemated Rouge the Bat during their first encounter.[27]

The abilities of the fully flesh-and-blood Bunnie were never fully seen. Presumably she retained her hand-to-hand combat skills and the various skills/traits unrelated to her former cyborg status, though she struggled to get used to fighting without her robotic limbs.


Bunnie's cybernetic nature would at times prove to be a liability. Magnets could be used to restrain her and EMP (electro magnetic pulse) blasts could disable her limbs, which would render her helpless. Furthermore, she is susceptible to forces that can take control of technology, such as A.D.A.M.'s nanites[58] or the Iron Queen's Magitek. The magnetic weakness is known to have been somewhat addressed by Rotor, who created an anti-magnetic coating for Bunnie's limbs.[7] Having been only half-roboticized, her robotic limbs lacked an actual battery; as such, overuse of her more powerful abilities, such as her laser cannon and shield generator, could greatly tire her out, and extreme overexertion had the potential to kill her.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Bunnie kissing Sonic as thanks for saving her.

Bunnie showed her gratitude to Sonic for saving her life when they first met with mild flirting, stating "You're fast, and cute! What's your name, sugah?". Bunnie's quick to notice that Sally had her eyes on Sonic first, though, and quickly shoves this aside.[6]

Her attraction to Sonic did not cool completely even after being in a relationship with Antoine for months. After Antoine (who was actually replaced by his Anti Mobius double, Patch) and Bunnie broke up due to the personality change in the former, her feelings for Sonic slightly resurfaced.[45] When Sonic rescued her from A.D.A.M. and the Nanites, she passionately kissed him.[note 2] Some time later, she permitted Sonic (who is actually the lecherous Scourge in disguise) to make advances on her, going so far as kissing him in an attempt to make Antoine jealous. Sonic later discovered the swap and brought the real Antoine back, leading to a happy reunion, as Bunnie had never truly given up her feelings for him. Following this, her advances towards Sonic ceased.[45][48][51]

Antoine D'Coolette

The unexpected happened when Bunnie gradually ended up falling in love with Antoine D'Coolette. After rescuing Antoine from several near-death situations in Robotropolis, Antoine planted a kiss on Bunnie's cheek.[6][109]

When the normally foppish Antoine showed his vulnerable side during a suspicion-laced conference among various Freedom Fighter groups, Bunnie tried to comfort him with a kiss. Their relationship began quietly, just before Operation: EndGame, and went on rather peacefully.[5][17]

Antoine proposing to Bunnie.

During Sonic's exodus in space as a result of the Xorda Attack on Mobius, Antoine seemingly dumped Bunnie, but their breakup was later revealed to be a ruse perpetrated by his "Anti Mobius" counterpart Patch. Not knowing what was going on, Bunnie believed that Antoine no longer loved her. This resulted in Bunnie becoming more reckless and emotional, even attempting to get involved with Sonic-who at the time had been replaced by Scourge the Hedgehog-in order to make Antoine jealous.[46][47][48] Fortunately, Sonic himself discovered the truth, and reunited Bunnie with Antoine to the joy of both.[52] When Antoine's home was trashed by Patch, Bunnie offered to let him move in with her, but he refused as they were not yet married.[47]

She later accompanied Antoine when he bid farewell to his father, Armand D'Coolette, whom was dying from Patch's poisoning. The General voices his approval of Bunnie's relationship with his son, and beseeches them to cherish their bond.[47] Afterward, Antoine proposed to Bunnie, and she accepted, while being watched by Sonic and Amy Rose who Antoine asked to be there for support. Bunnie also helped him maintain his confidence, though he occasionally looks back on his old behavior with shame.[63] The two were finally wed later on in a large ceremony, with Sonic and Sally serving as best man and maid of honor, respectively.[64]


  • For a considerable amount of time, Bunnie was the only Freedom Fighter whose parentage had not yet been explored. In a scrapped plotline by the Archie staff, Bunnie would have made a trip to her home town, where her real name, Scarlett O'Hare (a spoof of Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind), would have been revealed. Because this plot will not come to pass, it is not considered canon, though the first name may have been adapted for her alternate counterpart Scarlette Rabbot. The fate of her parents was later revealed in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.
  • Issue 2 of the original 4-issue mini-series featured a splash page artwork of the Freedom Fighters battling Robotnik's robots, with Bunnie already included in their ranks. But her coloring scheme and overall design was different from both her SatAM counterpart and her future appearance in the comic. This page (along with every other filler page: most of them non-canonical gag panels) was not reproduced in the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Beginning trade paperback.
  • While originally believed by fans to be unable to bear children due to being roboticized-and later fitted with cybernetic limbs-from the waist down, various alternate future storylines such as Light Mobius and Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy have shown her as having children and distant future descendants, suggesting this may not be true. According to Wikianswers it is stated by Ian Flynn that Bunnie's robian parts work like their organic counterparts, but in a different way, though what different way is unknown. In the case of Light Mobius, it is also possible that Bunnie was restored to a fully organic form, just as her Mobius Prime self was.
  • Bunnie's original last name of "Rabbot" was generally accepted as a portmanteau of "rabbit" and "robot." However, according to Sonic the Hedgehog #217, the name was actually "Rah-BOH" (with a silent T), and the characters-starting with Bunnie herself-pronounced it "rah-bot" after the roboticization.
  • Had original plans for the comics original post-Super Genesis Wave continuity gone forward, Bunnie would have returned with new cybernetic limbs gained via Legionization. Bunnie's silhouetted cameo at the end of Sonic Universe #49 hinted towards this new design, but it was revealed she was wearing a poncho to obscure her not-yet-finalized design. Several elements of her new organic body were later adapted for her design in the rebooted post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.[110]
  • Cream the Rabbit was mentioned as Bunnie's cousin in Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2012, but writer Ian Flynn confirmed on the BumbleKing Comics Forum that this was exclusive to the reset world of the Genesis arc only.[2]


Concept artwork




  1. Bunnie's age was stated to be 14 in the Sonic Grams page in Sonic the Hedgehog #46, but was later retconned in the letters page of Sonic the Hedgehog #90, where her age was stated as 17. Given that the issue took place in 3236, her current age would be 18.
  2. According to Ken Penders, the shown panel was an artist misconception: Sonic was supposed to have acted in surprise, not returned the kiss in kind.


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